My Mother’s Remarkable Revelation on Aging

A recent phone call from Mother… “Julie, I’ve decided to embrace aging.”


“I suspect you’ve been praying I would.”

“I did get tired of hearing you complain about missing your 24-inch waist.”

Mother--June 1956


“Embrace isn’t the right word,” she said. “Embrace reminds me of that old song I love, ‘Embraceable You.'”



“Okay, so what’s the right word?”

“I’m not fretting about my age anymore. I’m not going to be shocked by it.”

(She’ll be 77 on Monday.) “What’s aging like?”

“You have to experience it for yourself. Like having a baby. Nobody can explain it.”

“How’s your thinking changed?”

“As you get older, whatever happens, you just deal with it. Because so much has already happened. You don’t panic anymore.”

“That’s a relief.”

“And if you want to talk to your pets like they’re real people, you do it.”

I smiled. You’ve been doing that for years, Mother.

“Are you content?” I said.

“If I don’t look in the mirror I am. My behind is gone.”

Please don’t ever lose your sense of humor. “Lots of women would love to have theirs gone. What are the perks of getting older?”

“I bought two books last week and read them in two days. I didn’t have to stop to drive carpool or cook supper.”

“What else?”

“I enjoy naps now,” she said brightly.

“That’s good.”

“Another thing. I enjoy saying no when asked to take on a responsibility. When you get older, you just say, ‘No.’ Also, when I’m going somewhere, I don’t call around to see what the other gals are wearing. I wear what I want to. Even if it’s inappropriate.”

“Sounds pretty fun.”

“Yesterday it was cold in the house, so on top of my pedal-pushers and T-shirt, I put on a long-sleeve pajama shirt, which didn’t match–with white socks and bedroom shoes. Four inches of skin showed on my legs. I knew it was tacky, but I thought, who cares. I went to the mailbox and waved to my neighbors anyway.”


“I’m proud of you.”

“Another thing. My mouth turns down now. I don’t want to look sad when I’m not, so I go around smiling no matter how I feel … or what’s happening in my world.”



“I love that. Sounds like you’re living The Serenity Prayer.”

“Maybe I am,” she said softly.                             *photo credit



P.S. I’ll be out of town next week so no blog post. Back with you on the 17th! XOXO