Not Your Everyday Sunset

Of course, I expect to encounter God at church, but in a shopping center parking lot?

After I went to the YMCA last Thursday night, I followed the same routine as always. I got into my car to head home. Flipped on the radio. Drank some water. Turned right at the light.

And then I saw the sunset. I’m telling you, there was something different about this sunset.

I tried to look away–even drove past it. After all, I needed to get home. I had supper to cook, dishes to wash.

But my car had a mind of its own that night. It turned around and circled back to the Goody’s parking lot. I got out and stood there, staring.

This is crazy. I look like an idiot.

But the sunset.

I almost forgot to breathe. I took pictures.

People stared. I decided I didn’t care.

The heavenly glow appeared to hover above my everyday world.

WOW.  What are you saying to me, God? Why couldn’t I ignore this sunset?

I’m here with you, He seemed to say. Closer than you think.

Here? In the parking lot? I glanced at a chewing gum wrapper in the street.

Especially here.

I’m in the nitty-gritty of your everyday life. Believe Me. Look for Me.

But sunsets don’t last. I can’t even see the whole thing.

Worship Me anyway. Now. Always. Forever.

So, standing beside my car in the Goody’s parking lot, worshipped Him at sunset. “Thank You. I love You,” I whispered.

What a moment. I almost missed it.

Has anyone felt compelled to stop your everyday routine (even your car!) and worship?

“Lift up your eyes and look to the heavens…” Is.40:26 NIV



Delight at the Dairy Queen–More on Marriage

It took me about thirty years to discover two things:
1. Getting along is much more fun than nitpicking.
2. Little things matter. A lot.
Good things happen when you stop nagging–like going to the Dairy Queen. After supper once or twice a week one of us says, “Want to go to the DQ?”
A DQ date night costs about $5, but it’s worth gold. For a few minutes, we’re teenagers again. We jump in the truck and head past the square to the DQ drive-through. I order a small chocolate shake or a hot fudge sundae with peanuts. Rick gets a mini Reece’s blizzard. We sit in the parking lot and eat and watch the cars go by. Sometimes we hold hands.

The other night, the sun set as we were waiting in line at the drive-through window–the most beautiful combination of popsicle purple and orange–colors that take your breath.

Heaven came down.

Glory filled the sky.

And the truck.


The girl handed us our ice cream and smiled. “Have a blessed night.”

It is a blessed night. So very, very blessed.

From the rising of the sun to its setting the name of the Lord is to be praised. Ps. 113:3 NAS