A Simple Ordinary Sunday…Or Was It?

Last week at our porch party, my husband and I talked about Rick Bragg’s article in January of Southern Living Magazine, “The Fine Art of Piddling.”

Piddling is Southern slang for doing nearly nothing…slowly.  I want to learn to piddle. My husband and our yellow Lab Clyde know how.

Sunday morning I walked in the kitchen and found my husband drinking orange juice and chopping potatoes and onions for breakfast. He wasn’t hurrying or watching the clock to figure out when to start the bacon. Maybe he was piddling.

There’s something here, God seemed to say. Slow downDon’t miss the joy in little things.

You mean this? Cooking breakfast?

Everything. Stay in the moment.

I glanced out the window at the predawn light and considered throwing in a load of wash before I cracked the eggs.

 Be still.  Don’t rush.

I looked out the window again. Really looked.

I see it now. Thank You. The first light of dawn. It’s gorgeous.

After we ate, we left the dirty dishes and took Clyde on a walk through the woods–not the cardiac workout-type pace I usually do…

But a walk to notice beauty.

The way the sun plays off the trees.

The crunch of January leaves.

The red flash of a cardinal.

A walk of praise.


After our walk, I started soaking beans for supper. You can’t hurry beans. They know how to piddle. 🙂

We went to church.

Worship Me well.

As we began to sing, I  slipped my cold fingers into Rick’s warm hand.

Thank You. For someone to sit with in church. For today. This very day.

Sunday was so utterly simple.

But absolutely nothing about it was ordinary.

Slowing down, learning to rest, brings me to Praise.

I will bless the Lord at all times…” Psalms 68:19 (KJ)