Suddenly Spring?

“Time changes tomorrow,” my husband said at our porch party Saturday morning. “I need to take down the white Christmas lights.”

Sometimes I resist change.

Hearing his announcement about daylight savings time, I felt a little unsettled. Out of sorts. It seemed I was late for something important and needed to hurry and catch up.

Weird, I know. And irrational.

Maybe it’s because we’re racing toward spring, and I’m not ready to say goodbye to winter.

And the lights were so beautiful.

I remembered how they looked when it snowed a few days earlier.

Almost magical.

I felt caught between winter and spring–like having children at home and then adapting to an empty next. “Why don’t we just leave them up all year?”

“Because time’s changing. More daylight hours. And if we never took them down, pretty soon, we wouldn’t even notice them.”

Later that day, I walked around the porch and spotted signs of spring.

The wreath tied with pink ribbon.

My rain boots.

The dwindling stack of firewood.

The rabbit under my grandmother’s old table.

Something occurred to me–

A few days ago, I’d noticed a thin layer of ice in the bird bath. The same day, daffodils on the side of the road waved.

Ice and daffodils. 

Like a van Gogh painting, the last hint of gray winter softly blended with the pastels of spring.

Maybe this transition helps us surrender the past and anticipate the future. 

And maybe God, in His mercy, often eases us into the next season of life.

Have you ever felt this way about time changing? Life changes? Family changes?

What season are you in right now?





Hope Rushes in at Just the Right Moment

My husband and I always start our day out rocking on the front porch together. One morning last week during our Porch Party, I tucked the red fleece blanket around me and glanced at a particular tree near our house.

The scraggly tree looked like how I felt. Its bare limbs desperately reached toward heaven.

Kind of like me.

I’d been praying about several situations and nothing seemed to be changing.

Where are you God? Hello? Do you see me down here?

Two days later, we were driving down a street near our house. To my left and right, I spotted the first sweet promise of spring–new life blooming in our neighbor’s Bradford pear trees!

Right now, I’m staring out my loft window.

The same tree in my front yard still looks pretty hopeless.

From where I sit.

But when I look closely at the picture of it, through eyes of faith, I can barely see the faint outline of tiny buds beginning to form.

I guess they were there even in January. Sitting tight. Waiting on just the right time.

Maybe it’s a good thing some trees bloom a little earlier than others.

And some trees surprise us and dress in their finest later in the season.

A few of you have asked for prayer.

I’m praying.

May His answers arrive in His perfect timing, and bring Him glory.