Three Marriage Secrets…after 34 Years

I knew it was odd to put the old rug from the den on the front porch, but I did it anyway. When I was a little girl, I loved making the neighborhood tree house feel cozy, so for our 34th anniversary porch party, part of me wanted to recreate the wonder of childhood. I snapped these pictures before our party.


Anniversary morning.

“Did you notice the rug?”

“Um-hmm. Looks nice.”

“You think it’ll rain on it?”

“Not unless we get a bad storm.”

We were quiet for a few minutes. I thought about our oldest child’s hand print from kindergarten. She’s 31.

 …the tiny antique tub my grandmother passed down to me. It’s hanging beside the tree in the kitchen. I bathed our babies in it.

“Remember the night you surprised us and brought home Santa and Mrs. Clause?” I said. “How long ago was that?”

“Probably 25 years or so.”

I studied Santa and the Mrs–their kind faces and soft white curls. “You know, you’re even cuter now than when we married.”

“Nah. Your eyes are just getting older,” he said.

“Really. You are.” The glow of the Christmas lights illuminated our grown-up tree house. “What’s the secret to our marriage?”

“It’s give and take. Lots of give.” He grinned at me.

“You mean, living with a wife who drags an old rug outside?”

“Yeah, something like that. The rug’s all right. You gotta keep laughing. Having fun matters.”

I thought of one more marriage secret. “And hang on to God and each other. No matter what.”


He nodded. Sipped his coffee. “Um-hmm. That’s good.”

And today is good. Very good. A new morning, an old rug, and two young hearts still crazy in love.

P.S. This morning, it was 36 degrees at our party! 🙂

 What marriage secrets have you discovered?