The Secret to Becoming a Lean Mean Cleaning Machine

I’m fascinated with people who have immaculate houses. Smudge-free windows. Dustless furniture. My husband Rick grew up that way. Then he married me. Saturday, he started the tedious process of dusting our log walls.


He didn’t complain. Or fuss. He put on a dust mask and got busy.

His patience stirred my heart.

Could I become a lean, mean cleaning machine too? And actually enjoy it?

A friend I’ve met through my blog came to mind. She cleans houses. A couple of weeks ago, I sent her a picture of my kitchen floor and asked how to clean it.

She suggested an O’ Cedar Light and Thirsty Mop and Mr. Clean. She said if she lived closer, she’d love to come mop my floor for me. We’ve never met in person.

Have you ever heard of such kindness?

 Here are more cleaning tips she gave me… along with a life lesson:

1. Streak-less wiping cloths from Yoders Crafts and Gifts in Punxsutawney, PA.

2. Dawn dishwashing soap for all-around cleaning.

3. Mr. Clean in a spray bottle for counters and sinks. Also great for toilets.

4. Mr. Clean Magic Sponges.

5. Swiffer cloths for furniture.

6. Soft Scrub for spots on walls and sinks.

7. Clorox Clean-up if surface is bleach-safe.

8. Sheila Shine for stainless appliances.

9. Scouring Stick from Ace Hardware for hard water stains in toilets.

I’d always been bored while cleaning. I had to know her big secret. “What do you think about while you clean?”

Her answer melted me.

Sometimes she sings at work. 🙂 And she always prays for her clients while she cleans. 🙂

Aha! That’s it! She sings and prays while cleaning! I love it!

I just mopped my floor (again!) with Mr. Clean. INCREDIBLE STUFF! I smiled the whole time. 🙂

Any cleaning or life secrets to share?