I Knew if I Could Just Get Close Enough…

“You probably shouldn’t tell anybody you asked me that question,” my husband said one night last week. We were standing in the backyard looking at the moon. Fascinated, I snapped pictures with my phone like a private investigator. I wanted to understand the mystery of outer space.

If I can only get close enough to see…

I ran inside for the good camera.




Here the part I’m not supposed to tell you.

“Which one moves?” I said. “The earth, the moon, or the sun.”

Rick stared at me. “Surely you know the answer.”

I’m excellent at gauging the emotional atmosphere in a room, but math, directions, the laws of science…

Rotating his arms in huge circles, my husband explained the solar system.

I nodded, pretending to understand. (If you’re like me, this site has good pictures to help us get it.)

But what keeps us from falling into outer space? What about nights when I can’t see the moon? Where does it go?

The next morning, I told God I’d never figure it all out.

You don’t have to, He seemed to say. I’ll never ask you to re-hang the moon or make the sun come up.

I sensed Him smiling.

I smiled back.

I only ask you to trust Me with childlike faith.

I can do that, I told him.

I don’t have to know all the answers in life.

I don’t have to get close to the moon to figure out how it works.

I only need to stay close to my Father. He understands.

*picture from http://kevingriggs.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/childlike-faith.jpg

Love Julie, who is no longer puzzled by the moon. I’m just glad it’s there.









Getting Over My Proud Self

Friday night, God seemed to gently nudge me. I want to show you something special. My husband and I were driving up the driveway in the dark. The only thing I saw was the moon.

Probably wasn’t God talking to me.

Look at the moon.

“This is gonna sound crazy, but I think God wants me to pay attention to the moon tonight.”

“Why?” Rick said.

“I’m not sure.”

Then the moon disappeared behind the trees. Guess it was just my imagination.

Keep looking.

“There it is,” Rick said.

“Oh, yeah. Looks like it’s right over the center of the driveway.” I took a couple of pictures through the windshield. Too fuzzy.

It wasn’t God.

Rick opened the sunroof. “Try it from up there.”

I stared through the opening into the patch of night sky.

And hesitated.

I bet I can’t take a picture of the moon from this far away. In the dark.

“Here,” Rick said. “I’ll hold your phone while you crawl through.”

I wanted to say never mind. Dumb idea. Just keep driving.

I didn’t want to look like a fool.

But what if God was talking to me? Calling me to an adventure? To something new?

Could I trust Him…even though I didn’t know the outcome?

Balancing on the console, I poked my head and arms through the sunroof–up to my waist.

“Oh. Wow.” Surrounded by the cool air, it felt as though I viewed the night from a balcony.  The stars were so pretty they took my breath away. And the moon! Look at the moon! Centered above our driveway…just for me.


Thank You, God. I snapped a picture and eased back into the car.


“There’s a whole ‘nother world out there,” I said breathlessly.

Listen up, proud self. You’ve knocked me out of a lot of blessings, but no more!

How do you sense God talking to you? Has He called you to a new adventure?

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