Two Unexpected Gifts from Gratitude

When I bought my GRATITUDE JOURNAL  a couple of years ago, I wondered if I’d ever fill it up. Would keeping a journal like this really make a difference?


 A few of my entries…


# 416. Thomas doesn’t have CELIAC. (My son Thomas and his girlfriend Brittany below.)



# 585. Katie’s perseverance. (My daughter Katie doesn’t give up.)



# 787. The way You blend the colors of the sky.



# 95. Laughing with Jamie. (My daughter Jamie isn’t afraid of anything or anyone!)



# 136. The sunrise–oh, the sunrise!



# 400. Laughing with B.J. last night.


# 211. Talking to Lynne and Kellie.



# 345. I’m not afraid! You’re with me wherever I go.



#1545. Lisa and me … praying for each other.



#667. Going to Lisa’s cabin today! (Friends Leigh Anne, Dayna, and another Lisa.)



# 1544. Robin. She understands.


# 503. Sweet talks with my sissy (Jennifer) and Mother.



# 580. DiAnn’s honesty. (She’s just as kind as she is honest.)



# 1165. Roses from Mother’s yard.



# 1190. The tiny sound of  Kitty Thelma drinking water.



# 1466. Still being in love after all these years. (35 in December!)



# 1331. My blog readers and their precious responses. This means you! Each one of you! I’ve written about you so many times, I started my second journal. 🙂


Writing down things I’m grateful for like Ann Voskamp does in ONE THOUSAND GIFTS changed my life in two unexpected ways: 

1. Re-reading my thoughts brought a second wave of gratitude even bigger than the first.

2. Whatever I choose to focus on–good or bad–seems to grow.

If you have a gratitude journal, share some of your entries. I’d love to hear about them.

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My Friend Lisa’s Journey to Joy

I’d like to introduce you to my friend Lisa Buffaloe. Her journey to joy fascinates me.

Lisa says, “I’m not a perfect wife, perfect mother, or perfect at anything. I keep a fairly clean house, cook semi-decent meals, and love to write. I’m a real life mom with real life problems.”

Because of chronic illness, for almost eleven years, Lisa rarely left her home except to attend Bible study and church. She attended occasional writers’ conferences, but came home exhausted. Lisa wouldn’t want to relive her dark, lonely years, but she wouldn’t trade them for anything. During this difficult time, Lisa discovered day-by-day dependence of God.

In 1999, Lisa and her husband were living in Illinois and went hiking in the woods where they observed a deer. Later, Lisa found a tick. “It was so tiny,” she said. “Nothing compared to the ticks we’ve seen in Texas.”

While gardening in October of 2000, Lisa felt as though she’d been hit by a sledgehammer. Unable to see or walk, her husband rushed her to the emergency room. She was misdiagnosed with labrynthitis, meaning an inflammation of the inner ear.

“Over the years, I was poked, prodded, and diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, swollen jugular vein, autoimmune inner ear disease, kidney infections, kidney stones, and hearing problems. One doctor thought I had a brain tumor. Another considered multiple sclerosis or lupus. I’ve had constant use of steroids to try to stop the unending dizziness, tumors, cysts, numbness, headaches, bleeding problems, eye problems, nerve damage, and the list goes on and on.”

Finally in January of 2006, a neurologist made an accurate diagnosis.

Lisa tested positive for Lyme’s disease. After being referred to an infectious disease specialist, she began thirty days of IV antibiotics. She soon felt better and hoped she was well. Two months later, she met someone with Lyme’s who asked her a few health-related questions. Her new friend suggested she might still have active Lyme’s. Lisa traveled to a Lyme literate doctor and began taking antibiotics again, but this didn’t cure her illness. Soon she battled a blood infection that nearly took her life.

Lisa wouldn’t have made it without her Bible, God’s love, and her husband and son. Her family gave her a reason to get up each morning.

Lisa’s struggles extended beyond Lyme’s disease. She discovered by putting her experiences on paper, God brought light to the darkness of her past. By writing honestly, Lisa was set free from memories of sexual abuse. Wanting to help other women, in February of 2007, Lisa started a personal blog. Daily, she writes from her heart. She considers her blog a filling station where readers come, fill up, and gather strength.

Lisa Buffaloe’s story to wholeness gets even better. In August of 2011, after suffering from a three-day long horrific migraine, she prayed for healing. Deep in her soul she heard God say, “You are healed. Be healed little one.”

Instantly she felt a rush of heat go through her body. Her headache vanished and she knew, without a doubt, she’d been healed of Lyme’s disease.

Recently, Lisa experienced another surprise. A childhood desire she’d all but forgotten has come to pass. Growing up, her family moved often. Though blessed with a few friends, she was a loner. Lisa remembers going to bed at night as a child with a tiny plastic radio-shaped pillow. More than anything, she wanted to be a deejay. Following eleven years of isolation and after much healing, Lisa’s dream came true.

Lisa Buffaloe now hosts her own radio show called, “Living Joyfully Free.” Every Monday morning, she airs a new interview. Her program is about finding freedom, hope, and joy in the journey.

Lisa wondered after being quiet for so long, if she’d know how to talk to people. The Lord seemed to say, “You’re a host. You’ll be listening.” This thrills Lisa. She’s all about listening to people and loving on them.

God is faithful. Often, He brings about our hearts’ desires–even those unspoken childhood dreams.

To find out more about Lisa, visit her website and blogs, Fliterary and . Be sure to visit her radio show too!

Lisa Buffaloe lives in Idaho with her husband and son. She’s an author, speaker, blogger, and radio host. Her favorite quote is, “In my deepest wound, I saw your glory and it dazzled me.” St Augustine