9 Secrets about Friends of the Heart

The older I get, the easier I cry, especially when I’m with my friends. It’s the sweet kind of happy tears. Last week, my birthday week, I got teary-eyed a bunch of times.

I had lunch with my mom, sis, niece, and daughters at La Madeleine. We didn’t talk about anything too important. We just laughed a lot. And I teared-up twice, naturally. 🙂

My daughters and me.

My mom and niece.

My sissy and me. I learned you’re actually supposed to look at the camera, not the person taking pictures. 🙂

My writing group, The Seedwriters, had a surprise party for me at Chick-fil-A. I cried some more happy tears over this card from Ane Mulligan.

See how she named each one of us? We women LOVE to do that, don’t we?

Here we are in real life below (minus Barbara Davidson, who couldn’t make it). There’s Ane Mulligan with Novel Rocket, me, Anita Mellott, Jim Hall, Barbara King, Patty Hall Smith, and Nora St. Laurent with Book Club.

I thought about why a heart-friend is so special….

1. When you talk to her, she starts nodding her head almost immediately. (My husband is my very best friend–no one takes his place, but he doesn’t nod while I’m talking. It’s a woman-thing, I guess.)

2. You can go a decade without seeing her, and when you finally get together, you both start talking in the middle of a sentence, and that’s fine. You understand each other.

3. You laugh at the same things without saying a word.

4. If you say, “Remember when….” she remembers. Always.

5. If the worst possible thing in life happens, you know if you can just tell her about it, you’ll feel 50 to 60 percent better.

6. She keeps your secrets.

7. You don’t ever have to actually meet face-to-face . 🙂 I’ve become heart-friends with lots of my blog readers!

8. Some friendships end abruptly, and the only thing you can do is let her go…with love. You’ll never forget her. Ever.

9. There’s always room in my heart (and maybe yours too?) for one more friend. And lots more happy tears.

Tell me about your heart-friends. What makes them special?



(*Birthday card used with permission from Sunrise Greetings, photography from Underwood Photo Achives/Superstock Inc.)