He Loves Me…Even When I Mess Up

A couple of Saturday ago, I was grocery shopping, my mind wandering through Worry Land.

I was stressing and obsessing about a decision in life…

What if I decide yes and it’s the wrong thing? What if I pick no and it’s wrong? Ahhhh! What to do?

Back and forth, back and forth.

And then I realized I’d abandoned my one word for this year, SURRENDER.

I was trying to take control–the opposite of letting go. And it wasn’t the first time.

Then the guilt came.

You’re doing it again, you know. You’ll never get it right.

In my head, I knew God loved me, but for a few minutes, my heart forgot.

Driving home, I flipped on the radio. My favorite song was playing. Ohhh, how I love this song!

I knocked my worries out of the way and listened to the powerful words. They always move me.

I asked for forgiveness and let His love sink in.

God loves me. He really loves me.

Even when I mess up. Even when I doubt Him. Even when I struggle to surrender.

After the song, I prayed with a tiny amount  of faith. Barely a blip of a prayer.

God, I sure wish we could sing this song in church tomorrow.

Guess what? We did!

Hope you love it too. 🙂

P.S. How are you doing with your one word for 2012? If you’ve messed up too, it’s okay. God still loves us. 🙂 Big time!