Lo and Behold Standing in My Backyard…

As a second grader, I prayed to wake up and find a horse in the backyard.

I wanted to be just like my friend Jody. She had horses. She was always sketching them on notebook paper and galloping around in circles at recess.

One morning a few weeks ago, my childhood prayer was answered. I glanced out the kitchen window and there they were. Not one but three gorgeous horses grazing in my backyard!

Surely this can’t be happening. I’m dreaming or I’ve gone to heaven.

It was as though they were unicorns or dinosaurs.

What to do?

Try to lasso them?

Sweet talk them?

Give them apples?

I don’t know anything about horses so I called my son’s girlfriend Brittany. She’s a horse-girl like Jody. Brittany and her mom rushed over with a barrel of food, leads, and harnesses. (I’m not sure if they’re called harnesses. Bridles?)

Awestruck, mostly I just had fun watching.

And I was right. You do sweet talk horses. 🙂

(I didn’t try to feed them apples, peanut butter crackers, or Fanta grape . The snacks I’m holding are for Brittany. :-))

We discovered they’d escaped through my neighbor’s fence. I got to lead the way back to their pasture.

Such an unexpected adventure I had to share it with you!

Just when we’re about to give up hope and abandon our deepest desires, that’s the moment God rushes in and surprises us.

Hang on to hope.

The thrill of His timing is worth the wait.