Just When You Think You Know Someone…

Thursday night, my husband Rick and I were coming home listening to The Eagles Greatest Hits CD. Back in the 70’s during the eight-track era, we loved Jackson Browne, James Taylor, and The Eagles.

We still do.

“Hole in the World” came on. Oh, those voices! “Sing for me,” I said in the middle of the song.

“Nah, not tonight.”

I didn’t think he would. I’d only heard my husband sing beside me in church–always quietly, but I had a feeling he could carry a tune.

And then all of a sudden he belted it out with Don Henley. “…until we learn to love one another, we will never reach the promised land...”

Rick’s voice intertwined with Don’s so beautifully, I couldn’t tell them apart.

Holy cow.

He looked at me and grinned. “Sing with me.”

“Are you kidding me? No way. I can’t. Not like that.” I remembered church choir as a teenager. I wasn’t a soprano or an alto, so I moved my lips and mumbled a lot.

“Sing Glen Frey’s part,” Rick said. “He’s back-up. It’s a chorus.”

“No, thanks. You and Don are doing just fine.”

Two days later, Saturday night rolled around. I gathered my courage. I’d been practicing. My heart pounded as we got in the car. “Okay, I’ll sing with you this time.”

Rick found song number sixteen on the CD.

I started out softly, “There’s a hole in the world tonight…” practically whispering.

“You got it! Now sing like you mean it.”

I took a deep breath and let loose. Wow! We were singing together–the two of us with Don and Glenn!  After 33 years of marriage, a duet, and we weren’t too shabby. 🙂

Felt like the night we danced at our daughter’s wedding. 🙂

It’s never too late to encourage someone you love.

To believe in them. 

To say, “You can do it.”

“…encourage each other, and build one another up…” 1 Thessalonians 5:11 ESV

Has anyone encouraged you like that? It matters, doesn’t it!

P.S. # 710 in my gratitude journal…”Singing a duet with my husband!”