Life (and Writing) are Like My Gardenia Bushes

I have a confession. On Tuesdays before my blog posts went live, I used to wake  up during the middle of the night in a total panic. What if nobody understands? What if I’m the only person who feels this way?

On Wednesday afternoons, I wondered…

What if that’s it? What if my creativity is all used up? What if I don’t have any more ideas? Then what?

Being a type-A person, I decided to write tons of blogs in advance, so I’d be ready.

So I’d be in control.

Ha! I tried, but I couldn’t do it. My mind went blank.

Life (and writing) involve trust.

Ideas (and answers) come gently, like manna from heaven, and usually not until the very last minute.

For instance…

This morning at our PORCH PARTY, I said, “Can you believe the gardenias? Last week there were only a few blooms.”

(Every morning, my husband and I start our day together on the front porch, talking and drinking coffee.)

“Remember the bad snow storm?” I said. “Ice slid off the roof and smashed the bushes flat. I thought they were goners, but look at all the itty-bitty buds! So many, I can’t count them.”

“Guess they’ll bloom when it’s time, won’t they?” my husband said.

I smiled. Simple words. Huge lesson for me.

Sometimes SURRENDER means waiting expectantly on the gardenias to bloom.

“…My ways are higher than yours and my thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:9 NIV

What are you trusting and waiting for today?