A Father’s Love…So Wide…So Deep

This is one of my all-time favorite pictures of Jamie, our oldest child, and her daddy.

I distinctly remember the sparkly feeling 25 years ago–our summer vacation before she started kindergarten. I glanced behind me and there they were, holding hands. Just the two of them.

Take a picture. There’s more here than you can possibly understand.

The photo sits framed on her daddy’s dresser. So many times, I’ve looked at it and prayed for her, like we mamas do.

We’re leaving for the beach soon, a family vacation, so maybe that’s why I’m thinking so much.

What is it about this picture, Lord? Why does it move me?

I thought about Jamie’s dad holding her hand. He’s an amazing father.  Honest. Protective. A good provider. He’s been tough when that’s what real love required of him.

Today he’s at Jamie’s apartment helping her move to her first house. Last week, he hung blinds for her and carried lots of heavy boxes.

But there’s more, God seemed to say.

I kept  looking at the picture and imagined Jamie’s Heavenly Father standing tall beside her during the ocean of life–hard times, trouble, disappointments, struggles. When waves have knocked her down, God’s picked her up. And He can use everything for His glory.

In my mind, He’s whispering, “Jamie, I love you with an Everlasting Love. You’re my Daughter. I will never, no not ever, leave you. You are Mine.”

Love, Julie (Mom :-)) And congratulations on your new home, Jamie! We’re so proud of you. XOXO XOXO

P.S. Something happened with WordPress. You may be receiving this twice. Sorry! This was scheduled to run on July 4th, but I understand it went live–so happy early Fourth of July!