Message in the Morning Light

Early one morning last week, I began writing in my prayer journal. I’ve been praying about several requests for years. Sometimes I’ll just list the first names of people on my heart. Or one word of a situation. That morning I wrote out my list in a long line and whispered, “You know, God. Same things I always pray.”

My mind began to drift. And doubt.

I don’t understand Yours ways. Looks like all You’d have to do is….

I made a few suggestions as though maybe He’d gotten confused. Or forgetful.

Leaning back in my recliner, a long rectangular beam of morning sunlight fell across my journal.

We’d had rain for several days–first day of morning sunshine in a while.

Studying the of light on my journal, my heart felt warm–you know, that gentle way God gets your attention.

What are You saying? I’m listening.

With only a flicker of faith, I snapped a picture hoping if I captured the light, I’d understand His message.

Deep in my heart, it seemed He spoke something like this:

If I revealed the answers to your prayers right now, you couldn’t handle the glory.

It would be too much for you. Too bright.

I know what’s best. I haven’t forgotten.

Trust Me, My child. I’m Your Father.

I noticed the Scripture at the bottom of the page, and the way the little girl is skipping.

Full of expectancy and joy.

“Okay, Lord. I get it. Thank You. Back to dancing in slivers of Light and trusting.”

Do you have a prayer request? I’d love to pray for you.



P.S. Thank you, Roberta,  for this prayer journal. See how much I love it! XO