Mom and Me and Ministry

Saturday morning, 6:50, Mother called. “I’m on your driveway,” she said. “I’m early. I’ll sit in my car ’til you’re ready.”

Years ago, I didn’t plan to be speaking, teaching, and writing like my mother Marion Bond West. We were co-teaching at East Metro Atlanta Christian Writers Conference.

“Look at these terrible hose,” she said, hopping into my car.

“What’s wrong with them?”

“Last night, I laid everything out–my clothes, my shoes, and my wonderful toeless nude hose. I put on my hose this morning and they had a run. So I had to wear this ridiculous pair. I look like Carol Burnett.”

I tried my best not to laugh. Her hose were fine, but Eunice and Mama.



She stretched out her legs on the dash to show me. “I planned to wear heels with toeless hose, but I had to wear flats. And these stupid hose.”

“Mother, stop. You look cute.”

(Her shoes–I have a pair just like them.)

“You’re just being nice,” she said. “I look like ‘Marion the Librarian.'”

“Hush. You do not.”

“That’s real sweet of you to say, but–”

“Want me to stop by Walmart?”

Her face blanched. “Are they that bad?”

“No, Mother.” I sighed.

Later on…

After we finished teaching, she whispered, “You have a sticker stuck to your shirt.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t want to embarrass you.”

“So you let me teach with a sticker stuck to my shirt?”


“If I’d told you while you were teaching, you’d have blushed.”


On the way home…

“Today was nice,” I said. “Nobody noticed your hose.”

“I forgot all about them. I had fun. We laughed and they laughed with us.”

“I guess it’s not about hose or stickers, is it?”

“Nope. It’s about being real and giving yourself away,” she said.

Mother in her Carol Burnett hose, and me with a sticker stuck to my shirt shared a little bit about honest writing.

Maybe a little bit about honest living, too.

Have you stumbled onto this Truth?

It’s not about me.


Julie (and Marion/Eunice) 🙂