To Love Again

Since our daughter Jamie’s been a little girl, she’s been a cat person. But for the past few months, she’s been thinking about getting a dog. Maybe a German shepherd or a Siberian husky, she said.

Peel back a layer of Jamie’s heart and soul…

She’s been hurt. She’s afraid to love again.

Maybe you’ve been there too.

Jamie and I don’t talk about it a lot. It’s one of those things a mother ponders in her heart.

Back to the story.

Last week, Jamie went to an animal shelter with Brittany, our son’s girlfriend. Remember, Brittany took those amazing pictures of Kitty Thelma?

When Jamie saw Jax sitting in his cage, something happened. An electric shock zapped her heart.



Jamie fell in love.


She called me from the shelter. “Mom, there’s something about this dog. I can’t forget his eyes.”

They volunteers said Jax didn’t bark nonstop like the other dogs. He was quiet. Gentle. Submissive.

Maybe he’d given up hope.

Jax didn’t have many days left…

He wasn’t a purebred.

Others had overlooked him.

But Jamie knew Jax was her dog.

Friday morning, Jamie and Brittany got him out of jail and took him to Petsmart. Bought him a leash and collar–everything a fine dog needs.

Guess what else? Brittany trains dogs. She kept him over the weekend and worked with him. Saturday night, my husband and I met our granddog.

Brittany, Jax, and me…

I have a feeling Jax wasn’t the only one rescued.

When God nudges you to take the risk and love again, two hearts are set free.

Jamie and Jax.