Three Marriage Secrets I Wish I’d Known Years Ago

I love putting words together. My husband loves putting nuts and bolts together. Because we’re so different, it took me years to appreciate his mechanical giftedness. He communicates through tools. He can fix anything. The washing machine, the dishwasher, the air conditioner, whatever. He doesn’t have to read directions and has fearless creativity for new projects.

The other day, I showed him my friend Robin’s blog post about making a jewelry hanger. “I’d really like to have one.”

He grinned. “I’ve got an idea.”

I knew you would. That’s why I love you!

Pretty soon, I heard him sawing in the back yard. Fascinating sounds for someone like me.

He used a table saw and a chop saw in case you’re making one too. 🙂

He’d found a tree branch in the woods, split it, and used thin plywood for backing.

After painting the backing green (with suede textured paint), he used dowel rods for pegs, and drilled holes in the plywood.

“I’m making a separate hanger for your bracelets,” he said.

“That’s okay. I can put everything on this one.”

“That’s too crowded. I want it to look right.”

And then he, himself, hung my jewelry for me. 🙂

“This might be my favorite gift you’ve ever given me.”

“Two pieces of wood?”

“It’s not just wood. You put your heart in it. That’s the best kind of gift.”

Three marriage secrets that took me years to learn:

1. Appreciate the differences in each other.

2. Focus on the good qualities and the other stuff fades away.

3. Say thank-you. Out loud. A lot.

Are you and your spouse opposites too?

P.S. This bracelet and a lot of my other jewelry was handmade by a friend. If you want to contact her, let me know. 🙂