Finding Faith in a Tiny Bathroom

The other day I was cleaning our teeny-tiny master bathroom and praying about a relationship problem. Doubt took over and my faith shrank.

Spiritually and physically, I felt claustrophobic.

My prayer changed to worry.

Lord, I don’t see how You can possibly work in this situation. It’s like our tiny bathroom. There are no options. 

There’s only enough room for a single sink, my claw-foot bathtub, and my grandmother’s antique table.

The dark-stained log walls make the bathroom feel even smaller.

More closed in.

Especially on rainy days.

And it was raining.

No extra space.

No room for God to work. 

A few days later my husband and I watched the DIY Network show, Fixer Upper, and talked about how some day, maybe we’d remodel our bathroom. Just daydreaming, really.

The next Saturday, he found twin mirrors in Kirkland’s.

Barn wood. Rustic. Our style.

“These would make our bathroom seem a lot bigger.”

I didn’t believe him. How could mirrors make a difference?

But they were on sale. Only $24 each. “Guess it wouldn’t hurt to try.”

“Pick out a shelf. That’ll give you more room.”

When we got home, he hung everything. “Well, what do you think?”

Peeking inside the doorway, I couldn’t believe it.

It was as if Chip and Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper had totally transformed it(Here’s a great article about them in Country Living magazine.)

I entered our brand new bathroom and stretched my arms out wide and marveled like Alice in Wonderland.  

For less than a hundred dollars, we’d enlarged our tiny bathroom!

But God wanted more.

He wanted to enlarge my faith.

Doesn’t He always? 🙂

While I decorated my new shelf, He worked on my heart. 

“Lord,  when the bathroom miraculously grew, so did my faith. Nothing–absolutely NOTHING is impossible with You.(from Luke 1:37)

Is there a tiny, cramped area in your life–a certain situation that seems impossible? 

Tell me. I’d love to pray.














What I’m Really Thankful For…and 2 GF Recipes

“What are you thankful for in our marriage?” I said at Saturday morning’s porch party.  I didn’t really expect an answer. I mean, what husband loves relationship questions, especially first thing in the morning? And this December, we celebrate our 34th anniversary–maybe too many years spent together to answer my question.

Rick rocked and drank his coffee. Stared toward the November trees.

“Camaraderie, I guess.”

“Really? Even though I don’t get into sports?”

“Yeah, we do life together.”

“I love that! Tonight will you cook with me? I have two new recipes, but they’re not your kind of food. Harvest Pumpkin Soup and Gluten Free Carrot Cake.”

“No problem. I’ll make some nachos too.”

We’ve started cooking together on the weekends–so much fun! Wish you could have seen him Saturday night. He was just like Snoopy fixing Thanksgiving dinner.

He grated a big pile of carrots (which is a labor of love!) and chopped pecans for the cake. That’s our pumpkin soup in the blender.

Here’s the cake before I frosted it with homemade cream cheese icing–which is simple to make. Who knew? Note the Betty Crocker GF yellow cake mix, but I added special ingredients. 🙂

The finished dishes….

We couldn’t tell the cake was GF! I’m serious. And we ate every bite of our GF Harvest Pumpkin Soup.

All these years and I had no idea I was married to a pumpkin soup and carrot cake lovin’ man. 🙂

Recipe for Harvest Pumpkin Soup from Country Living Magazine, November 2012.

Recipe for Gluten Free Carrot Cake from Betty Crocker. (I was diagnosed with Celiac disease 5 years ago.)

I’m REALLY thankful for doing life together. And I’m REALLY thankful to connect with each one of you~~

What are you REALLY thankful for?

P.S. Have you ever made carrot cake? Sorta like marriage.  Some work required but so worth it!