Christmas Comfort

Christmas Eve morning, I called Mother. Remember last year, she almost didn’t put up their Christmas tree? I was so relieved when she changed her mind. Well, this year,  she said she kept thinking maybe tomorrow, and then decided not to have one.

My husband and I offered to help her, but she said no.

“Tell me how it feels in your house,” I said, praying she was really okay without a tree.

“You know how I love, love, love Christmas trees.”

“I know.” That’s what makes this so hard.

“My energy is limited and after the Newtown tragedy, it just never felt right.”

I didn’t detect any regret in her voice. More like…a deep peace. Unshakable hope.

“We rearranged the furniture and it feels cozier,” she said. “And we have a huge candle on the fireplace. All around it there’s a frozen Christmas scene with Victorian china dolls ice skating. They’re dressed in the 1800’s. A friend made it.”

“It sounds beautiful.”

“Oh, it is. We love to sit and look at it at night. And on rainy days.”

“That reminds me of this little tree we have. On sunny days, it’s not all that special.”

“But at night, and on dark, dreary days, the lights shine so much brighter.”

“That’s exactly how it feels in my house this year. Our decorations aren’t elegant  like they’ve been in the past.” She paused. “It feels more like…like a stable. When we’re sitting on the sofa looking at the candle, the rest of the room fades away.”

“Mmmm. Sounds so…comforting.”

“It is. And He, of course, is our Comforter,” she said.

Christmas Comfort to you all.

P.S. I posted this on Tuesday instead of Wednesday thinking someone might need it today.

So much love,