So Much More Than a Pair of Shoes

Have you ever opened a present and had a deep understanding pass through you? This is about so much more than the gift. That happened to me Saturday. Mother gave me a pair of beautiful sandals for my birthday. “Buying you these shoes is one of the scariest things I’ve ever done,” she said. “You know how I feel about blue.”

She hates blue.

“I tried on dozens of pairs to make sure they’d fit you.”

We both have long, skinny, hard to fit feet. I imagined her surrounded by an ocean of blue shoes, running the saleslady ragged.

“I can’t believe you bought them. They’re the prettiest shoes I’ve ever had. Like Cinderella’s slippers.”

“Actually, they’re azure blue. This color’s in this year.”

My daughter Katie was with us. Remember how she knows fashion? “Nanny’s right.” Katie paused. “Mom, um, you probably don’t know how nice these sandals are. They’re MICHAEL KORS.”

I had no clue what that meant.

“It means they’re nice,” Mother said. “Reminds me of when I was thirteen. I found the most wonderful shoes. Black leather, but not shiny leather. They were so expensive I knew I could never have any, but your grandmother bought them for me. They were magical shoes–ballerinas with a thin strap across my foot. My feet didn’t look like hotdogs in them. I loved them so much, I slept in them. I never forgot those shoes.”

An understanding passed between us–quick as hummingbird wings.

Listen intently to those you love.

Give with your heart. 

A lifetime passes so fast–long before we’re ready.

Have you ever received a gift like my Cinderella slippers?

If you’d like to donate to the RED CROSS  or SALVATION ARMY  to help Oklahoma tornado victims, our love gifts might become Cinderella slippers for those with no shoes.