I’m a Traveling Nerd


Most people won’t understand this, but I’m a traveling nerd. Whenever I fly, I feel like I’m seven years old going to Girl Scout camp. Back then, days before I left, I packed my handbook, forest green socks, collapsible cup, toothbrush, red Lifebuoy soap, and pre-addressed postcards to write home.

This morning, I’m seven again.

Here I go. I’m leaving for the American Christian Fiction Writers conference in St. Louis. A week ago, I opened my suitcase and imagined how everything would possibly fit. Then there were the questions:

What’s to come? What’ll I say? What’ll I wear? How long will the security line be? Carry on or check my luggage?

I had to work through the shoe dilemma. Boots or flats? I wanted to wear boots, but they’re hard to take off in the security line.

Will I get stuck by a Chatty Cathy on the plane?

Should I bring extra snacks? Jacket  or sweater? Umbrella ? I checked the weather over and over.

I know my problem. It’s not one bit attractive and goes beyond being prepared. I’m trying to control.

Just now, I opened my hands as a symbol of letting go.

“God, forgive me. I can’t pack Peace in my suitcase because You are my Peace. You’ll go with me, before me, behind me. You’ll sit beside me on the plane. You’ll be with me when I approach editors. You’ll help me find my luggage and ground transportation. You alone are my Peace. I love You.”

“For He Himself if our peace…” Eph 2:14 NIV