How Do I Love Thee?

The other night I couldn’t sleep. Thinking about life (I do that a lot) I remembered my mother’s one piece of advice before my husband Rick and I married almost 33 years ago.

“Julie, men and women are different. Women need to be cherished. Men need to be admired.”

I decided to mentally list the reasons I admire my husband:

1. He doesn’t worry. He trusts God for everything.

2. He makes me laugh. Every single day.

3. When he comes home at night, no matter how tired he is, if something is broken, he fixes it–the washing machine, dishwasher, kitchen faucet–whatever. And he doesn’t have to read the directions.

4. My new clothesline. With our youngest child turning 20 this year, I began missing the things I did when our three children were little, like hanging out clothes. On Mother’s Day weekend, Rick built me a clothesline (even though our dryer was working).

5. Porch parties. We spend the first few minutes of the day sitting on the front porch drinking coffee. Just the two of us. His idea.

6. He works long hours and doesn’t take many vacation days. He’s turned a lot of wrenches so I can write.

7. He listens to me. Really listens.

Filled with fresh gratitude, I prayed and fell asleep.

Thank you, Lord. The things I admire most about Rick make me feel cherished.

I can’t wait to show him this post!