From Across a Crowded Room

I knew better.

When I started writing, I pretended I’d never have to speak. In 2006, I was invited to teach at the North Texas Christian Writers Conference. It wasn’t what I had to teach that scared me. It was standing in front of people–all eyes on me–and not knowing for┬ásure if words would actually come out of my mouth.

To be honest, I’m shy. I prefer talking one-on-one to being in a big group.

That Friday night, we had a staff meeting. Me staff? I’d rather be serving on the kitchen committee or cleaning bathrooms. There we stood, fifteen or so of us, introducing ourselves. Everyone smiled as I said, “Hi, I’m Julie Garmon.” After we closed in prayer, a pretty redheaded lady with electric-blue eyes darted across the room.

“I’m DiAnn Mills . You look a little shy. Could you use a friend?”

Have you ever heard more beautiful words?

We hit it off immediately. This past weekend, we roomed together at the ACFW conference . Here we are checking out a new feature on DiAnn’s computer.

Julie and DiAnn ACFW 2011

Once again, she’s leading the way with grace, gentleness, and confidence. Meeting DiAnn┬áreminds me of that scripture when Jesus talks to Nathanael.

I saw you while you were still under the fig tree….” John 1:48 NIV

Has there been someone who’s noticed you right where you were? Who reached out in love? Rekindled your faith? Lifted you out of your fear?

Thank you, DiAnn. I’m forever grateful.