Ever Feel Like Giving Up?

I have.

For me, it’s been about writing, but it could be about anything near and dear to your heart. Anything you struggle with. Relationships, a career, maybe a dream.

Giving up starts with a single negative thought. I entertain a flicker of doubt.

Who am I to think I can write?

Thoughts gather. Circle like buzzards.

Why in the heck would anyone want to read this?

It’s an awful lotta work. With no guarantees.

Discouragement settles over me like a summer cold.

What if it’s all for nothing?

What if I missed God?

I should probably quit.

Before I make a fool of myself.

Before I fail.


Saturday morning, Rick and I watched our son Thomas, his girlfriend Brittany, and her brother Shooter run a Chick-fil-A 5K. Brittany and Shooter’s mama watched too. 🙂

It was Thomas’s and Shooter’s first race.

We cheered them on at the starting line and were waiting at the finish line. One by one, as they came into view to run the final yards, we clapped, whistled, screamed, “You can do it! Come on! Almost there!”

Holy chills ran down my neck as I witnessed what happened next–the kind where God seems to say, Pay attention.

Rounding the corner toward the homestretch, each one of them did the very same thing.

They kicked it into high gear.

Turned it on big time.

Gave it all they had.

(Thomas above, Shooter below)


(Brittany above)

As I saw their determination– jaws set, legs pumping harder, faster, eyes fixed on the goal, I felt the glorious fire ignite inside my heart again.

I can’t quit.

Because the Sovereign Lord helps me, I will not be disgraced. Therefore I have set my face like flint, and I know I will not be put to shame. Isaiah 50:7 NIV

Stay the course, my friends! Keep running!

If you feel like giving up, let me know. I’ll pray.