With the tagline, “Southern Stories of Grit and Grace,” hope and humor shine through Julie Garmon’s writing. She’s been a regular contributor to Daily Guideposts since 2003 and writes on assignment for Guideposts magazine. Julie won a coveted spot to the Guideposts’ writers contest in 2004 and is invited to annual workshops. She’s published with Sweet 16, PLUS, Angels on Earth, Homelife, Today’s Christian, Today’s Christian Woman, Sober24,, and She blogs from her website,

Her mission statement is to bless, encourage, and restore hope to ladies–especially those who feel forsaken.

Julie’s been married to her high school sweetheart for 39 years. They have three grown children, a yellow Lab, a morkie, and a calico cat. Her husband raises chickens in the backyard and has outdoor atrium full of parakeets.

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