Nudges from God and My Word for 2019

Sometimes I feel God talking to me when I’m reading. Sometimes it happens when I’m having a conversation with a close friend. Sometimes I sense His Presence when I’m doing normal, everyday things.

Like last week.

December 26th.

I hadn’t found my word for 2019.

I decided to go wordless and began taking down Christmas decorations. I’d considered Praise, Home, and Abide–all great words–but none of them curled up in my heart and settled down.

After I took the wreath off the front door, I stood on the porch, studying the blank door. I didn’t like the way it looked–it reminded me of how I felt–but it was too soon for my spring wreath. Probably too soon for my Valentine’s wreath, but I hung it anyway.

Sounds odd, but the red heart seemed to smile at me.

Okay, maybe this works~~

Now, if I can just find my word. 

This past November my mother gave me a stack of old paperbacks. I almost tossed them. They were from the 1970’s!

A couple of weeks later, I began reading the one on top, The Highroad to Surrender, by Frances J. Roberts.

Frances drew me in on the first page.

On December 27th, I read a devotional from his book called, “A Heart Fixed on Me.”

I highlighted these sentences:

From page 104~~

“As I have told you so often, KEEP YOUR HEART FIXED ON ME.” Frances’s caps, not mine. 🙂

Lord, are You talking to me?

That afternoon, I added more hearts around the house.

For some reason, decorating with hearts felt right.

They satisfied me~~

Surprised me with joy.

Decorating for Valentine’s Day in December, I prayed,

“Lord, please reveal my word for 2019–if You want to give me one.” 

On December 28th, I highlighted another quote by Frances J. Roberts:

“Only prayer furnishes the soul with nourishment, but prayer must be born of singleness of heart.” (page 106)

The next paragraph:

“There is no peace in the heart of the transgressor and no joy in his spirit.” (page 107)

A few sentences down:

“Search your heart in the light of My word. Let the Holy Spirit give insight.” from John 16:13-15 (page 107)

Lord, I’m listening. You want my whole heart. Every day. All of me. My thoughts. My mind. My word for 2019 is HEART. Help me. I can’t do this without You.

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~~Two questions for you, my blog friends~~

  1. If you’ve chosen a word, a verse, or a theme–even if you just want to–please share!
  2. Does God speak to your heart in unique ways like while you’re doing everyday things? Tell us!

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The book I’m quoting, On the Highroad of Surrender, by Frances J. Roberts, was published by King’s Farspan, Inc, copyright 1973.

Written from my heart,





  1. Monica Henson says:


  2. Glory-Be, I love Glorify!


  3. Ginger says:

    Love this!! And I love your heart(s)!

  4. Anna Haney says:

    Oh, Julie. God knew I needed some get back to work inspiration and I find your blog. I’ve missed it. My word this year is gratitude. Last year there were so many losses and I let the enemy put doubt and worry in my head. I need to be reminded to have a heart of gratitude

    • Gratitude. Anna, I don’t think we can survive spiritually without out. Who knows? It’s probably good for our physical selves too.

      I adore your word. Excellent choice, my friend!

      Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂 I’m not sure of how often I’ll blog in 2019, but I felt a nudge in my HEART to share my word.

  5. Carm Russell says:

    When I visited the Precious Moments Chapel in Missouri a couple of weeks ago on vacation I was blown away by the talent, beauty, and dedication of this one man’s life. His work is one long praise to God through life’s precious moments…the happy and sad. In the extremely large gift shop mostly of figurines were just a couple of choices for wearable items both said the same thing, “I am a child of God”. It spoke to me in many ways but mostly, “why do I let myself get hurt, down, disappointed especially if I am a child of God?” That’s when my word came to me….self-confidence!!! If I believe that I’m a child of God (and I Do) then my self-confidence should keep those negative times and moments at Bay. So I’m already repeating the phrase “I am a child of God” to help build my self-confidence. When I said/say those words from the time in the gift shop and now I feel a sense of empowerment (not a word I always like) but it’s what I felt/feel and very fitting of what it gives me…self-confidence!

    Blessings for 2019,

    • Oh, so powerful, Carm! I didn’t know about the Precious Moments Chapel!

      I keep whispering, “I am a child of God.” Aren’t these words freeing?!

      And self-confidence–we know Who gives us our confidence. Love, love, love your thoughts and your word.

      Thanks for sharing.

  6. Marjorie Hill says:

    Thanks, Julie. As I am in my second year of being an octogenarian, my word from The Lord Jesus is “Trust Me!” Easy to say, impossible to live without Him! Happy New Year!

    • Trust Me!
      Trust Me!
      Trust Me!

      I just needed to type it three times for my own good! I absolutely love that you chose a phrase, Margie.

      Just beautiful.

      Every morning when I write in my journal, I start by writing my word for the year. I think it’ such a good reminder….imagine seeing Trust Me! every day this year.

  7. sandy Coffey says:

    Love it. Follow your Heart. Hearts look fantastic and too with valentines in the stores already why not. So follow your heart and sing to your hearts content. I am going to look for mine. I think I will use the word Heartfelt this year giving with all my heart and to the voice I hear none other has ever known.

    • Oooooooooh, what you said is just beautiful, Sandy.

      Thanks so much for the encouragement and for sharing your Heartfelt word!

  8. Love your HEART! I wish I could make the symbol that comes out as a red heart like on facebook…but you know you’ve got all of my heart for your word: heart.

    Mine is a word that’s been nudging me for days now too. I’m afraid of the future with my novel, afraid of putting myself out there. I must take risks to bring this novel to my agent and then to possibly a new agent. And that’s scary. Little doubts say “Is your work good enough? Are you good enough?”

    Today I became bold as I read your word HEART. And I knew I’d found mine: COURAGE.

    • Courage! Our courage comes from God. No other way, is there?!

      I’m so utterly proud of you. I’m praying for you. Right now, my heart is full of prayers for you.

      No turning back, B.J.

      Thank you for being you and for loving me and my tender heart for many years.

      I love you.

  9. Oh, Julie, how MY heart sang when I saw the post on FB about your blog post today! I, too, have missed your blog. (Sorry this is so long!)

    My own blog, though fun for a time, left me feeling discouraged. I enjoyed comments from Leafy, getting to know her more through the connection. But the stress of weekly blogs made me take a break when it was only about 6 months along. I thought today about restarting it, but the immediate heavy breathing and anxiety told me not yet.

    However, that break and anxiety brought on my word-of-the-year. As with you, I tried out several. Last year’s word, NOW!, made itself known in it being the year of several things happening with my writing. Besides finally launching the blog, I also had two articles accepted for publication (one with no pay, one which has yet to be published) and I was asked to be on the SoCal Christian Writers Conference faculty for June 2019 (excited but terrorized by the thought of flying!). Still, all thoughts of writing left me stressed and anxious.

    I felt certain HOPE would be my word – hope for new beginnings, hope for an end to this anxiety and depression (started working with a therapist with whom I have a great connection through the Holy Spirit as well as professionally), hope for courage to try new things, and so forth. But it didn’t click, you know? Next, I thought BLESSING would be it because it’s my mother’s for this year, and I loved how she talked about it and the plans she had to see the blessing in each day and try to pass it on somehow. But God didn’t agree.

    During the week before Christmas, LIGHT came out – light in this darkness as I continue to learn techniques to deal with it. Nope. Then GRACE, then TRUST, the FAITH. Nope. Nope. Nope.

    Finally, one word nudged its way out from between the others, one I’d focused on in December to stop the busy feeling from threatening me tiny hold on a future of freedom. REST. December’s focus was physical-related, needing to rest from the complications with my eye surgeries to give myself more time to heal. My heart, though, kept thinking about something my therapist said about my needing time to heal from the past.

    So, I asked God’s blessing on the word REST as my word for 2019 – rest physically for my eyes and the strain on my body from this past year, rest mentally from the constant pushing of my brain to think and plan and figure things out, rest emotionally from the need to fix everything for everyone and worrying when I can’t, rest spiritually from feeling I need to please everyone including God. And God blessed it.

    In fact, just this morning as I gathered 2019 calendars and planners to take my time filling in (a necessary evil/privilege), I came across some writing projects I’d started last year and was over-the-top excited about. The thoughts of my letting God and myself down by not continuing with them when I was sure He had given them began stressing me, and the Lord whispered, “Just rest.”

    Oh, how freeing! I don’t need to worry about when … or even IF … I ever get back to them or to the blog. I can just REST, knowing God is in control and will bring it all about in His time. I won’t be too late or too early that way, and the projects will be the best I can do because God will be writing them with me. In fact, I think I may start a new blog, one to go along with my home-based business in creative curriculum consulting for homeschoolers which I’m hoping to start this spring. And I’m having some fun, early morning writing times, just writing 10 minutes each day on a fiction idea I had – just for myself!

    REST. It’s hope, blessing, light, grace, trust, and faith in a peace-filled bundle. And REST I will.

    • Cathy,

      I’m so moved by your thoughts. Your heart. How you are following His leadership. And nothing (nothing!) we do (or write) is wasted. You reached out and connected with people and made new friends. Plus, I’m sure you learned the technical end of blogging….a major feat. This will help you so much if you blog with your home-based business…which sounds like a great idea!

      I’m cheering for you. You pursued God until He gave you peace and a new word. REST. Rest is so important. So many times, I’ve run ahead of God, trying to do things my way. Rest equals trust. Peace. Joy.

      Thrilled for you. You’re in a new season.

  10. Pat Garczynski says:

    Your Blog, Julie ……..and then Daily Guideposts for today with “commit my HEART” by Erika Bensen. Heart is a beautiful and centered Word ♥️
    I love the vibrant color red at Christmas & don’t like taking it down, especially on a grey Michigan winter day! It’s “ Nooooo!”
    Though early, the Valentines red of hearts is a welcome & uplifting replacement & visual!
    I’m still pondering the Word I wrote down yesterday: EXPECT
    Always in friendship,

    • EXPECT. Now, there’s a word full of hope and anticipation. Pat, I believe we’re supposed to live this way–always expecting and believing God is working things out for our good.

      Thanks for sharing how DGP connected with your HEART yesterday. 🙂

      This sounds weird, but I really do love winter. Of course, I’ve never experienced a Michagan winter. Only mild GA ones.

      Much love to you!

  11. Missy Tippens says:

    What a beautiful way to find your word! Thanks for sharing. I’m still thinking and praying on mine. But I love the idea of God showing me the word like He showed you yours. 🙂

    • Oh, I can’t wait to hear!!! Let me know, Missy. Honored you were touched by this post. We do love words, don’t we?!

      • Missy Tippens says:

        I have my word! It’s JOY. I want to learn to find joy (or to find joy again) in all areas of my life this year. 🙂

  12. Lynn Davidson says:

    Hi, Julie. As my life is changing a little at a time, and it’s been very difficult with parent-care and depression (mine), I have set aside writing which I love. I now am pursuing another creative outlet I’ve wanted to do for decades – painting. I’m learning to paint from a wonderful artist, and I’m loving it!
    Having said all that, I realized when I saw your email in my inbox that I hadn’t my word for this year yet. It came to me instantly. FLOURISH.
    It’s a positive, creative, releasing word, I think.
    God bless you in 2019.

    • Flourish. How utterly creative, Lynn. I can tell, in your spirit is flourishing in your painting. I’m so happy for you. I’ve experienced 2 major depressions–not sure if you knew that. One in 1994 and one in 2012. It was next to impossible to write–at least write something to share with others. I kept journaling.

      I’m saying a prayer right now for you. Keep painting–staying in the Light. Don’t look back too much right now.

      With so much love,
      Julie–and thank you for sharing honestly. You touched my heart. And I have a feeling, you touched others too.

      P.S. I’m finding so much peace through crocheting. I did it years ago and picked it up again last year. So glad you’re painting!

  13. Mine for this year is pursue. Pursue learning pursue wisdom pursue God. Thanks for sharing your heart and your hearts!

    • Pursue. That’s such a good word, Barbara. Pursue is active. It’s action with a purpose. And you’re pursing the most important Person.

      I love it! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Kimberly Smith says:

    Beautiful post for today Julie. My word for last year was INTENTIONAL. I feel as though I did a fairly good job keeping that word in my thoughts each day and tried to be intentional toward one person each day. This year, my word is BLESSING. I am asking the Lord to show me at least one blessing a day for which I need to stop and be thankful. I will make a list of these each day. Maybe put them in a jar and review all of His blessings at Thanksgiving. This morning, while driving to work, I noticed a crazy mess of tiny hand prints on the inside of my car window. My first thought was to clean them off as soon as I got home, but then the Lord reminded me…BLESSING. I almost missed an opportunity to thank Him for the wonderful blessing of the tiny hand prints on the window. The tiny hand pints made my the most precious little red headed two year old I know. I have now decided I am going to try to snap photos of my daily blessings also.

    • Kim, I can see how you’re spiritually connecting the two words! You’re intentionally seeking out His blessings. Look! You’re already doing it so early in January! Way to go!

      Thanks so much for sharing your word–and your HEART.

  15. Tonya says:

    So happy to see your blog post in my inbox! My word for this year is PEACE. And, yes, He whispers to me so often in the everyday, still moments.

    • Tonya, I’m praying right now for His Peace to fill you daily this year. Peace–even the word is beautiful, isn’t it?

      Thank you so much for sharing, and for your sweet thoughts on seeing the email. I felt one of those gentle nudges inside my HEART to share my word. I’m not sure what my blogging will look like in 2019, but I’m thanking Him for giving me this word, and then the prompt to share it.

  16. Caren Ramon says:

    So good to hear from you, Julie-I’ve missed you! Yesterday, as I was thumbing through my new Daily Guideposts, I wondered what your new word would be, and here it is! Haven’t had mine revealed yet, but I’m listening!

    • Hey Carmen! I can’t wait to hear your word. Please let us all know–if God reveals it to you. Or even a prayer. A verse of Scripture. A theme.

      Thanks for your welcome. xoxoxoxo I told my blog-friend above….I’m not sure what my blogging schedule will be in 2019, but I did sense God nudging me to share my HEART-word.


  17. Janice Garvin says:

    I was so excited to see your blog pop up in my email this morning ❤️ My word for 2019 is “courage.” I need courage to get out of my comfort zone! Please pray for me.

    • I’m saying a prayer for you right now, Janice–that the Lord will reveal, moment-by-moment, those areas where He longs to provide Courage. I’m so proud of you for picking Courage. I know you’ll have a Might and Courageous year!

  18. I love you, Julie. I don’t usually do a word for the year. But God does speak to me thru every day simple things, my reading, my tasks.

    • I love you too, Shelli. And you know what? God speaks to me through your love for your family and your incredible photography! Sounds like you’re listening to Him intently.

      Hugging you from rainy Georgia~~all the way to Texas!

  19. Nancy Lusignan says:

    Hi Julie! Great blog! I actually have 3 words. I have many signs that hang around my house. But my all time favorite says, “Grateful, Thankful, Blessed” This has become my mantra since the day I bought it. Looks great in my log home, which you know, is quite similar to yours. Still miss my hubby very much. I know he is at peace. I have loving friends and family and I truly am “Grateful, Thankful. Blessed.” Happy New Year to you and yours!

    • Nancy, I sense so much spiritual depth in your comment. So much.

      Just think, if we can live each day and whisper those 3 words——-WOW. Life-changing! Life-giving!

      Giving you a hug–praying for you–in my Heart.

      Surely the Lord is glorified by your gratitude, my friend.

  20. Julie Gilleand says:

    Love your word for the year and love seeing a blog post from you. Really miss you! God-wink, indeed! Sometimes there really is the writing on the wall, isn’t there?!

    I haven’t yet discovered my word for the year, but yes God most definitely does speak to me through those everyday things and I love when it happens. Best example is 23 years ago. Everywhere I went I kept running into a picture of a beautiful mountain spot. The same 3 mountain peaks. They were gorgeous and I was powerfully drawn to them. The pictures made me cry and I didn’t know why. I felt that God was drawing me there — wherever “there” was! No google back then. I searched the old fashioned way — at the library. Looked through books upon books about Colorado because my best guess was that that was where these mountains were. For all I knew it could have been in Switzerland! But I had a feeling. Sure enough I finally found a picture of them in one of those books — the Maroon Bells near Aspen, Colorado! I didn’t know how I’d ever get there or why I was supposed to, but less than a year later, there I was, standing right in front of them. All these years later, they are special to me not because of their beauty or that I got to see them, but because God orchestrated the whole thing. I think He wanted to show me what He’d made and bless my heart, and show me how to listen for his leading in that special way.

    Blessings to you this new year, Julie ♥

    — Leafy

    • Leafy….I’m nearly speechless…..

      When I read the words Maroon Bell, I remembered your email address. I’m not sure if that’s still correct, but when you and I first connected, that was your email address. I just didn’t know the story of faith behind the words.

      I can’t wait to find out if God reveals a word to you. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were OWL. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      I admire you rugged faith, my friend.

      L.M. K.!!! 🙂

  21. God is so good! I love the way He speaks to us.

    • I know! I read your amazing post earlier today. We are so much alike! Wish we could meet face-to-face.

      Much HEART-love,

  22. Kim says:

    Hey Julie, it’s great to hear from you. I love your word and your Heart(s).

    On Dec 29th my 2019 word dropped into my thoughts rather powerfully. I was pondering if there had been any particular words that had made frequent appearances in my life lately and suddenly it was there. But the word did not fit that criteria. It was just a word seemingly out of the blue. I was almost certain, but wanted confirmation. So, I asked God to show me if that was to be my word. And boy did he. It began showing up Everywhere! My 2019 word is Treasure.

    I want to Treasure God’s word in my Heart, I want to treasure my immediate family (changes abound for both of my children this year), I want to treasure my parents and my 96 yr old grandfather (I already do, but more deliberately), I want to treasure my friends (several will become long distant friendships soon), I want to treasure my health…

    • Treasure—-doesn’t it just bring up the most beautiful images, Kim?

      I love Treasure. And how special that you admit you’re already treasuring people, but you want to do deliberately this year. I have no doubt He’s leading you.

      Treasure on!

  23. Pat Garczynski says:

    Julie, here’s a PS: I play Words With Friends almost every night on my IPad with a widowed friend like me that I’ve had since high school! We’re 75! She lives in Florida; I live in Michigan. It occurs to me as I reread your Blog & all the wonderful Words that are being received for 2019, that this is the highest form of Words With Friends! ♥️

    • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Pat!!!!!! How sweet!!!! My son and MIL play all the time. 🙂 And you’re right. We ARE playing Word with Friends.

      Thank you!

  24. Rebecca Powell says:

    Julie thank you for sharing this!! I love your journey of listening. I was also asking the Lord for a word. This year it was almost instant. I was praying (and folding laundry) ,”Lord how do you want me to pray towards 2019? “ and then started praying for myself. A few seconds in I prayed “enlarge my heart, expand my capacity to love you need others. Enlarge my spiritual territory and Speer of influence. Expand me where I need to break out of old “stuck” habits and mindsets…”
    Holy Spirit cut in and said “that’s it!”
    Expand. Enlarge.
    I have two e words this year.
    I can’t wait to dig in and see what they really mean and how Jesus will breath life on them this year!

    • Rebecca Powell says:

      Please ignore my typos friend. I’m typing in bed.

    • Becca, I LOVE your words!! Love, love, love them!!! Jumping up and down inside my heart. MY HEART. 🙂

      Thank you so much for reading and sharing. Sounds like you and I hear from God while we’re doing such normal, everyday things!

      My eyes didn’t spot typos. Only your heart.


  25. Jan says:

    So good and HEARTening to see you have a new blog post!! I have missed you too! It is a gray day here, or maybe a grey day–raining and blowing too, sort of Scottish weather? (have never been there, but . . .) I am slow slow slow to get up on mornings like this–most every morning if the truth be told–bed is so warm and snug and the house rather cool, and it takes me long times to come back to the land of the living. You make me glad I am up and awake right now.
    REST sounds like a great word to me–I don’t know that I have ever discovered a word that is to be mine for a year from God. While I have definitely slowed down, I can’t say I am too good at attentiveness to Him. But when I become anxious about my torpor and lack of ambition, God does seem to encourage me to rest in his love and care–and sometimes sooner rather than later I find myself up and getting into the day, and accomplishing some needful things.
    Good to hear from you again!

    • Hey Jan!
      I’m so glad my blog met you on a Scottish-feeling kind of day! I do love rain, though–and inclement weather. 🙂 I’m weird that way.

      REST. You know, when I whispered that word right now, “Rest,” I felt a little dose of peace come over me. REST. Only 4 letters, but oh, what a beautiful word.

      REST in Him today, Dear Jan.

      So much love,

      • Jan says:

        Rainy days are “stay snug in the house and clean out a drawer” days. I like them too. My mom would close the picture window drapes on them though if we had had too many in a row. I’m not that way at all–let in what light there is! We’ve had some VERY cold days recently, in the 20s below zero at night, with gloriously white piles of snow, blue-est skies and brightest sunshine. Winter at it’s finest and the car started faithfully every time. Schools closed for at least two days and no mail for two also. In 24-36 hours it turned to misty and warmish–40 degrees–and after 3 days of this the snow is melting away, bare patches are appearing in the yard and on the fields, and the driveway is rather sloppy. But winter is not over yet (before the snow and cold some of us had happily allowed ourselves to be lulled into believing it would never really begin). Enjoy your winter!

        • Sounds utterly gorgeous, Jan! We’re almost at record warmth today–going up to 77 on Thursday! Feels like April or May. 🙂

  26. Hullo, Julie,
    I, too, struggled this year, and didn’t actually realize my word until last week – the 1st or the 2nd. It’s actually running an encore to last year – RESTORATION. I went through a few words that Holy Spirit spoke to me, but as true as they rang, I knew none were THE word for 2019. (All are, in fact, “companion” words.)
    I blogged about it – and even that didn’t get written til Saturday to post on Sunday (rather than New Year’s Day as I typically do)

    Appreciate you sharing your sweet moments with Father, and how He speaks to your >>> HEART <<<<<

    • Hey Robin,

      First, I love the idea of companion words! Like, little help words. 🙂

      RESTORATION. It just doesn’t get any better, does it? What a beautiful, powerful, willing for God to work in our lives, word.

      I’m going to read your blog now!

      Love from my Heart,

  27. I’ve been searching to find a word, and this morning Isaiah 41:10 was the verse in two of my devotional readings. Then later today I had news of more family members and their ‘struggles’, so I have chosen the word STRENGTH, because I think that is what I am going to need as I try to offer advice, support and help. It will be the Lord who strengthens me and sees me through. xx

    • Lynda, there’s so much Power in your word choice. And His Strength is how we handle our struggles.

      I love your word! I especially like it in all caps 🙂


  28. I’m back! Yeah, thankfully wedding preps and other stuff are out of the way I can focus more on blogging again. Thanks for your prayers and well wishes, Julie. I truly appreciate it.

    Love this Heart-full blog. I’ve been asking myself what’s the good work for me this 2019. I remember “More” was my word years ago and what an eventful and productive year it was.

    I believe this year my word is Abundance. I’m dreaming big and now dreaming with someone and we’re both praying for abundance every day.

    Hope you have a wonderful year and on December 2019, I believe your heart will be super filled with joy.

    • So good to “hear your voice” Lux. ABUNDANCE. May the Lord bless you with an abundance of joy and peace this first year of marriage! So grateful God answered our prayers.

  29. Jan says:

    Hi Julie,
    Just reread this post, after a long time. It speaks to me more now than at first. My heart is softer, maybe. It has been stirred by seeing the first season of The Chosen with a smallish group from my church in our school gym on a series of Sunday evenings, and some of the episodes I missed I saw on my Christmas gift iPad (used, but still!)(it has sound! which this computer does not). I feel like a Thomas who has finally seen and begun to believe.

    • Hey, Jan. It’s it just so amazing how God can use such seemingly small things to soften our hearts. Sending you a big hug–from your friend who understands the doubting Thomas feelings. 🙂


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