You Were Right–I Was Wrong

I spend a lot of time arguing with God. I’ve debated Him about so many things–including almost every blog post I’ve ever written. This one’s no exception.

But He has a way of talking to me. It’s a warm feeling in my heart. I’m free to ignore Him if I want to.

And I have.

Plenty of times.

His suggestions are almost always the opposite of what I want to do. 

Monday morning, He seemed to whisper, Write about what Toni taught you

There’s nothing to it. She taught me something about my cell phone. End of story. 

It’s bigger than that. Think about it. 

Nobody cares about a conversation on how to use a cell phone. 

Be quiet. Settle down. Listen to Me. 

I don’t want to.

Why not?

Because…writing about Toni makes me look stupid. 

That’s when I knew it was a pride issue.

It always is. 

My friend Toni came over a couple of weeks ago. She told me she’d found special highlighters that don’t bleed through the pages of her Bible. She pulled out her cell phone and showed them to me. “I found them online.”

“Great idea. I’m going to order some,” I said. “Toni, it’s the craziest thing, but we still have a landline. When we’re at home, we can search the Internet and text on our cell phones, but we can’t talk unless we go outside and hang our heads over the porch railing. We get service in one tiny spot on the back porch.”

She looked at me and smiled. “Let me see your phone.” Toni clicked through several settings, her long, lavender fingernails moving deftly over the icons as she explained some mumbo-jumbo technical stuff.

I tuned her out.

Because she was wrong.

Toni was wasting her time. She didn’t realize we’d lived in our house for fourteen years, and if it were possible, I’d have figured it out by now. 

“You can talk on your cell phone through your Wi-Fi.”

I didn’t believe her. I fake-smiled and changed the subject.

After she left, I ordered the Bible highlighters.

She was right–at least about the markers. They’re gel, they’re fun to use, and they don’t bleed through the pages.

What if she’s right about the cell phones too? No way.

Just to prove I was right, I called our cell phone company. Explained the situation.

“I’ll be glad to help you,” Cindy said.

“You mean, it’s possible?”


“Is it expensive?”

“It’s free. You already have Wi-Fi in your house.”

Cindy walked me through the process. Probably took less than 60 seconds.

Then she called me on my cell phone.

“Move from room to room while we’re talking,” she said. “Go ahead. Check it out for yourself.”

It was too good to be true! I felt like Doubting Thomas. For the first time ever, I had clear communication. Inside my house. Though my cell phone.

“It’s a miracle! I can’t believe you did this!”

“You’ve always had the capability, Mrs. Garmon. You just didn’t realize it.”


God’s Sweet Spirit stirred my heart.

This was about more than just the cell phone. 

Over the years, I’d thought I knew best and argued with Him about so many things.

Relationships. Money. Marriage. Writing. 

Each time I reacted the same way–

I shut Him out. Like I did Toni.

I closed my mind.

Refused to listen. 

Thought I knew everything. 

Oh, Lord.

You’re right. You’re always right. I’m sorry. Help me keep my heart soft so I can hear You.

When we lay down our pride and admit we don’t know everything, we’re able to hear the Truth. click to tweet

There’s something powerful in speaking these 6 words–“You were right. I was wrong.” click to tweet

God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble, James 4:6 NASB.

Have you ever acted like a know-it-all? At least in your heart? I hope I’m not the only one.  I also hope this little Wi-Fe trick helps someone!

Please share in the comments. 🙂

I love you all so much.


P.S. Here’s the text where I thanked Toni on Sunday, after church.


Just for the record, you were right, Toni. I was wrong. 🙂



  1. Anna Haney says:

    Oh Julie. You and I are so much alike. It’s a wonderful thing. I loved this post. How many blessings do we miss because we are too proud? I usually discover those when I read Facebook memories and see that I was stubborn and wrong in the past. I’m so happy that God makes His mercies new every day.
    Love you

    • Twinsies~~~~ Whew!!!! You understand, Anna!!!

      Yes, His mercies are new every morning.

      Hope your Wednesday is going well. I love you too.

  2. Julie Gilleand says:

    Julie! thank you for sharing this because guess what? I didn’t know this either! I mean I didn’t have trouble using my cell phone in my house so I guess it never came up, but there ARE other places where I’ve had that issue. I didn’t know! I’ll bet my son Andy knew it. He’s the tech guy in our home. The older I get, the less I seem to know, I’m finding. I seem to be wrong more than I’m right anymore which bothers me big time! I miss those days when my kids were little and looked up to me for the answers, but it is pretty much the other way around now. I guess that’s just the way it is. But I don’t think it’s because of stupidity. Nobody knows something until they learn it. And sometimes you don’t even know what question to ask if it’s never come up before. But I get it. We want to know we’re right. Sigh. Thanks for sharing, Julie. I’m going to ask Andy later if he knew about this. I bet he’ll look at me and say, “You didn’t know that?” LoL.

    God bless 🙂


    • Wo-hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I was SO hoping at least one person would read this and be just like me–and not know the little Wi-Fi trick.

      It’s incredible, Leafy. Now I can walk all around my house using my cell phone. Usually, I couldn’t even hear it ring. When I did, my heart would race, I’d grab it, and run for the spot on the deck.

      But No More!

      Makes me wonder how many other things I’m missing out on….sometimes b/c of pride and stubbornness.

      xoxoxoxoxoxo–Let me know what Andy says!

      • Julie Gilleand says:

        Interestingly, Andy wasn’t as familiar with this as I thought he’d be. But he also said it depends on what kind of phone and service you have or who your provider is. He didn’t believe everyone could do that, but said he didn’t know a lot about that. I was so surprised!

    • Marci' a says:

      Leafy, when I read what you wrote– “The older I get, the less I seem to know” Wow, that hit me between the eyes. How true. And I sure would not have known about the Wi-Fi. – not that we have that. And when our children know more than we do. Some good lessons for me here.

    • Jan says:

      We do want to be right, and know we are right, and it can be scary to trust someone who knows something we don’t. I was told once by a (male) coworker that I just wanted to be right. I thought that was true, and that I was right, and that his not wanting to accept that was a guy thing. Maybe I was throwing too many words at him too. Sure frustrated the socks off him. Perhaps one reason I am not married?

      • Hey Jan,

        I’m smiling a little bit at your comment–just thinking about “throwing too many words at him.” I can talk and talk and talk–and look at my husband, waiting for him to respond, and he’ll give me one word.

        So glad you can relate to how I felt!!!

        Thanks for reading–and letting me know you’re reading. 🙂

  3. Morning, Julie. Thanks so much for sharing from your heart. Great post!

    • Thank you, My Friend. I always smile when I see your comments. 🙂 We need to have another room full of writers around us and time to talk, don’t we!

  4. sandy Coffey says:

    Love the cell phone story this morning. I am 74 and just got my very first cell phone ever thanks to my daughter. I have a lot to learn it looks like but love the story you wrote this morning.

    • Sandy,
      I’m STILL learning–even when I think I understand, I don’t. 🙂 I’m proud of you for getting a phone! Bet you’ll love it.


  5. Jennifer Mortenson says:

    Julie Thanks so much for this story today.(and all you do) .Tech stuff is hard sometimes and then other times it’s not so hard if we ask for help and listen to our help. I never thought to do this with our last house lol ,so you were not alone.Reading your post today reminds me of somethings on my heart that I need to do and I need to listen to HIM.

    • So you get it, Jennifer! You too–with your other house.

      Hugging you from here. Yeah, this goes deeper than just my cell phone. It’s listening to HIM. Just like you said. Thanks for reading and commenting.


  6. Cathy Mayfield says:

    First, I’m calling my mom later and telling her about this! She’s changed cell companies many times, bought new phones, tried everything to get service in her house. She’s been considering getting her landline back. Maybe this will help her.

    As for your message, I’m learning I have much to learn on that topic – letting pride get in my way more often than I want to admit. In fact, it’s part of the theme of that novel you led me to look seriously into writing it.

    When I toyed with it years ago, the thing which made me quit was coming up with the character flaw in the MC. I shun conflict like a plague, so writing fiction taxes me. As I filled out a “character development” sheet, I came to the line about what the character wants more than anything. Easy, I thought – “for her girls to be happy.” Next, however, was what was keeping her from her objective. What I wrote shocked me and made me do some serious soul-searching: “She wants them to be happy, but she wants to the ONE who creates that happiness.”

    Wow, if that isn’t a prideful statement! Yet, I realized it’s me in a nutshell. Anytime one of “my girls,” any of them who cross our doors, but especially our daughters, has a problem, I HAVE to be the one to get in there and fix it for them. God certainly can’t do it! LOL!!

    Right now, my mama bear is in lockdown. Our youngest daughter lost her job last week. She’s spent two years going from job to job because of illnesses, supervisors, and more. Then God opened the door to this amazing job at the senior care facility where she had her first job 3 years ago; it didn’t look like she’d get it, but again, it worked out, and she became the youngest manager ever to be accepted in the company – as the activities coordinator, a perfect job for her!

    For over two months, she opened her heart to the job. She was well-loved by all, started new programs, planned schedules, and fell in love with the job more and more. She was even sent on two training trips. She was the happiest I’ve seen her since high school.

    Then, Friday, she called, sobbing hysterically, saying she’d lost her job because of being 5 minutes late to the last training session! Apparently, she was still in her 90-day probation period, and she already had two marks against her for illnesses, with doctor excuses, things she could not help. That made three and they had to fire her. She’s not even allowed to go back in the building to visit the people. Just like that, her world collapsed.

    I cried for her. I couldn’t believe God would let her get this amazing job and then turn away while it was ripped from her! I wanted to email the supervisor right away and say, “What about grace? What about all the good she’s already done? What about how you wanted to groom her to take your job someday? Isn’t there a loophole somewhere? PLEASE do something!” But, Faith refused to let me contact anyone.

    So, now I’m running it over and over in my mind, not sleeping, having no appetite, feeling like everything is off-kilter. I WANT TO FIX IT! I NEED TO FIX IT! God isn’t. I have to!

    Pride…plain and simple. I know the right things to do. I know God didn’t want it this way. I know He plans to get her job back for her. BUT truly, the only thing I really “know” is that I can do nothing to right this. I have to let God be God. I have to have faith in Faith. She’s strong, she has her head on right. Yes, she’s devastated, but she’s still going. She’s currently using her unemployed time by seeking His face. Yes, she’s applying for a job right now which I do not think she should pursue, but I need to trust God to close the door if it isn’t the right one. Why He let the “right one” get away, I do not know…and may never know.

    I can’t be the one to make her happy, no matter how much I want to do so. If I love her, I have to let her happiness up to the One Who writes the “happy endings” for everyone. It’s not mine to write…except in that novel, which is something I CAN DO now. 🙂

    • Debra-Diane McDonnell (Chaplain DD) says:

      Oh dear lady, I feel your pain. When our kids hurt or we feel they have been treated unfairly, out comes the “Mama Bear” in all of us. I have a dear friend who has called me that for years, she says I always took care of everyone at work like they were my cubs. But there are times – and this is one of them – when we literally have to “let go and let God” do His work. All WE can do is pray and be OPEN to whatever He does….this was a great job for your daughter but it may NOT have been the “perfect” one. And you have to be available for the next one when it comes along. One thing I know for sure: God has not abandoned her and He has a plan and the right job for her and at the exact right moment in time, it will fall into her lap and she will be joyful with it. Trusting and praying with you!!

      • Cathy Mayfield says:

        DD, thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers! In my journal this morning, I told God I was trusting Him with her! I’ve been working on a NF book for years (she’s 22, btw) about how faith grows, based on how Faith grew. I have a publisher interested in a proposal, which I thought I was ready to put together, but this latest episode shows me my faith…and my Faith…is still growing. But truly, does our faith ever stop growing? Maybe I am ready to do this! Thanks again! Blessings!

        • WOW, you have someone interested in your proposal, Cathy! That’s wonderful news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Great comment, DD!

  7. Oh, Cathy….. Cathy…..
    First, if I wrote this post just to help your precious mother be able to use her cell phone at home, thank You, Lord.

    Next, look what deep soul-searching you’re doing. Such gut-level honesty. You know what I’m discovering? Letting go is over and over and over. Surrender. It never ends, does it?

    You’re so right about everything you said. And we–FOR SURE–don’t want our children (or our friends) thinking we’re God. You’re wise to realize it. This kind of honesty isn’t easy.

    I’m cheering for you. You’re living the Serenity Prayer, my friend.

    And look at you–working on your novel!!!!!! It’s like you’re walking on water.


    • Cathy Mayfield says:

      Julie, your mentioning the Serenity Prayer shows how connected God has made us. Yesterday’s journal entry included a phrase-by-phrase prayer I wrote using that prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to help me make it mine for this situation. Love ya!

  8. Elaine says:

    Yesterday, I was telling my daughter my voicemail app kept going off and I hated to think I needed to go to Sprint today. She said mom before you do that shut your phone down completely. Well, I didn’t do it right away, I was going to fix that problem myself, (pride goes before a fall). After several attempts last night, I shut the phone down and lo and behold my voicemail works now. My daughter also lives under the serenity prayer. Will try not to be so hard headed in the future.

    • Debra-Diane McDonnell (Chaplain DD) says:

      LOL, 99% of cell phone issues can be fixed with a “power cycle.” That is, turning it off, counting to 10, and turning it back on. Remember that for little things in the future…..if a picture won’t download? Power cycle! (former cell phone company employee!)

    • I’m smiling, Elaine. We’re on the same wavelength. Learning the same lessons.

      xoxo–thank you!

  9. Debra-Diane McDonnell (Chaplain DD) says:

    Dearest Julie,

    You are so right that this is about more than technology…..yes, about pride and the “I can do it myself!” mindset that all 3-year old’s have.

    If only we could realize we are ALL like little children and stubborn! We so often refuse to accept God’s gifts to us, thinking we still have to earn His love and grace. We don’t! They are His free gifts to us, as is His mercy.

    If you outside and it started raining roses, what would you do? You’d open your arms and try to catch as many as you could, right? What if it was raining $100 bills? We’d ALL have our arms open to try to gather those up!

    Well, His blessings fall upon us like that every single day. Every. Single. Day. We have but to “keep our umbrella” upside-down to catch them.

    Join me in that!

    Love you so much!

    • Cathy Mayfield says:

      Wow, DD! I see an allegory in the making in that – “The Unrivaled Life of the Undeniable Upside-down Umbrella”! Are you a writer? If not, I’d love to tackle it and would certainly send you a copy! 🙂

      • Debra-Diane McDonnell (Chaplain DD) says:

        Somewhat…..I have many people telling me I need to take my Butterfly stuff and my life experiences need to be in a book. A friend gave me the title for it and it fits: “Living Life in Spite of It.” So I’m working on it….

        • Cathy Mayfield says:

          Loving the title! If you need any help pulling it together, helping people write their stories to leave legacies is my passion! I “friend requested” you on Facebook so we can chat if you’d like…or exchange phone numbers to talk on the phone. 🙂 Blessings!

        • I agree, Chaplain DD. Great idea!!! I’ll be praying for you as you write!

          • Debra-Diane McDonnell (Chaplain DD) says:

            Thank you Julie – you know, our lives are a lot like our cell phones. They get “stuck” – we “power-cycle” them by shutting them down and letting them rest a few seconds, and VOILA! We power them back on and everything works.

            It is the same with our minds, souls, and bodies. We need to “power-cycle” OURSELVES. Shut ourselves down for just a brief respite in the Lord….then we can “power back up” and we are all refreshed and everything goes as it should.

            I think I will make that my new mantra; don’t forget to power-cycle myself!!


    • Chaplain DD,
      Yes. Yes. Yes. You’re so right.

      And Cindy from the phone company said, “Mrs. Garmon, you’ve always had the capability. You just didn’t realize it.”

      Such a life lesson for me.

  10. Caren Ramon says:

    Julie, Julie, Julie,
    I’ve never commented on your blog before, although I’ve been reading it for quite some time. But this one!!!
    I thought I was the only one constantly arguing with God! I’ve struggled with the “Know It All Syndrome” my whole life. I can’t tell you how many friends I’ve lost simply because I have such a hard time saying, “You were right. I was wrong.”
    Thank you for this post! God bless you, and keep up His Work!!!
    P.S.-you know me on Instagram as Mr. Fluffy_and-Friends 🙂

    • Ohhhh, hey Caren/Mr. Fluffy_and-Friends! Thank you so much for letting me know you’re reading–and who you are!

      I love connecting with IG friends on my blog. And I love your IG feed!! So would my mother….if she ever decided to go on IG.

      Thank you. So much. I’m giving you a virtual hug. So glad you understand, my friend.


      • Caren Ramon says:

        Thanks, Julie! I’m so excited to connect with you! I’ve been a Daily Guidepost reader since the very first issue -waaay back. And, I adore your mom. She’s been a huge inspiration in my life, as you are now. God bless you both! Have a great weekend. Hugs! ❤️✝️

        • Wow, Caren! So very, very nice to meet you. Thank you for intruding yourself. 🙂

          Great big hug right back to you, my friend! I love how your name is spelled. Just beautiful.

          • Caren Ramon says:

            Thanks, Julie. The spelling of my name was purely accidental. My sister’s name was Carolyn so my grandmother suggested Karen for me. My mom had never heard of it! So, she spelled Care and added an n! I try to live up to it and be a “care-n’” person. Also, please tell your mom I’m a huge fan of hers. Praying for My Life got me through chemo treatments for breast cancer.

        • Love, Love, Love CARE-N. Just beautiful! I’ll be sure to give Mother your message.

          So grateful her book helped you this way!!! Wow!!

  11. Through a narrative we could so easily follow. And identify with. Golly gee, there I am. Thank you teacher/daughter. Love, mother

  12. Marci' a says:

    Dearest Julie, how you hit home with this one. Can so relate with tech problems, and cell phones. And me not knowing. And– fear. Afraid to do something different with them, because ‘what if’.. what if I do something and then it doesn’t work? I think it was Anne Lamott who said, “A lot of things will work again, if they are unplugged for a while.. including people”
    A lesson in trust also. I know well about the little conversations with the Lord– and for me, it is so often Really Lord? You really want me to do what?
    Thank you Julie for this one. And learning something new.

    God Bless,

    • Hey Marci’a, I’ve never heard that Anne Lamott quote, but I sure do love it! That’s great!

      I guess all of us have some of the same issues. We struggle with fear, what if, and trust…and wondering if we’re really hearing from God.

      Thank you. You’re always teaching me something new. You have a heart of gold.

  13. There are just too many times that I argued with God and I know I’ll lose but do it anyway. LOL
    Maybe God chuckles a little every time I try to win a debate with Him.

    It’s so good to realize He’s right though because things always turn out better than planned. We are indeed more capable than we think we are.

    • Such wisdom in your comment, Lux. I didn’t want to admit the truth–that I do argue with Him. But I do. So glad I’m not the only one.

      Thank you for writing, for your blog, and for sharing your heart.

      Much love and excitement for your news!

  14. Patricia Martin says:

    Julie, I so enjoyed this post! I went through a situation like yours, minus the wifi, recently. A loved one told me about how to take a prescription in a certain way and if I had taken it that way years ago, I would have felt better and gotten more sleep! Thank you for your prayers as they been such a blessing! Xxxooo
    How’s everyone?
    How are you?
    Are you staying warm?

    • Patricia! So good to hear your sweet voice.

      I guess we’re always learning something, aren’t we? You’re young, so I bet you know all about cell phones and Wi-Fi. 🙂 Yes, I’m continuing to pray for your precious family. All is well here.

      Actually, it’s really windy today in GA. Cool and windy. Low 40’s!

  15. YOU: Have you ever acted like a know-it-all? At least in your heart? I hope I’m not the only one.

    ME: Yes, oh yes, I have acted like a know-it-all. Too many times to remember. You are not the only one, that’s for sure. I try to listen more than talk now. But I’m guilty of stepping in on another’s toes when I have something that I have to say…a know-it-all moment that in hindsight I should have kept quiet in. We’re always learning, aren’t we?

    Love you!

    • No. Way. Not you, B.J. Every word you’ve ever spoken to me has been at just the right time. ALWAYS.

      I’m so grateful for your friendship. Wish we were talking face-to-face.

      I love you.

  16. Oh my goodness, Julie! Were you writing about me? I’ve been told I am stubborn like my Dad was and refuse to listen at times. And, sure enough, I have found out how wrong I was quite a number of times. Humbling experience for sure!

    Thank you, dear friend, for showing me I am not alone in this.

    Sending love and hugs.

    • Humbling for sure, Eileen.

      And God has a way of continuing to humble us, doesn’t He?

      So much love, my friend.

  17. Julie, I am so techy challenged. My whole family knows all about wi-fi … I just know when to turn it on and off, per their instruction. “Mom, turn it on. Mom, turn it off.” But I get horrible reception on my cell phone in the house, too. We have kept our land line because they say we need it for calling 9-1-1 … but that may even have changed by now. But the next time I call my dad on my cell phone, I’m turning off the wi-fi. If I remember to. Ha ha! I love you, friend.

    • So glad you GET IT, Shelli! Yeah, I probably won’t get rid of my landline. The nice phone lady said if we were to lose Wi-Fi for any reason, I couldn’t call 911.

      Let me know if the little tricks works!!!!

      I can’t believe I’m one of the cool kids now. 🙂

  18. Julie, great post and excellent material for a sermon or for our lives. Thanks for sharing.

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