Healing from Kneeling

For months I pretended not to notice, but last week there was no denying it.

As I vacuumed the den, the late afternoon sun poured through the windows, highlighting the scratches in our pine floors.

Our floors had been through hard times.

Life had beaten them up.

The next day at Home Depot, I found special markers called Rejuvenate. They came in different shades of brown, and the package said they repaired wood furniture and floors.

Why not give it a try?

Rejuvenate did a fine job covering the scratches, but something even more remarkable happened.

My soul was rejuvenated. 

I knelt down and began covering marks in the floor and thought about the scratches in my heart.

My life.

My journey.

My choices.

My history.

My mistakes.

The times I’d allowed fear to consume me.

Times I’d tried to please people rather than please God.

Times I’d run from Him.

All the time I’d wasting by comparing myself to others.

I wondered if there was a parallel between restoring my floors and restoring my heart.

Kneeling over my bedroom floor, I thought~

Lord, You’re only a breath away.

Nothing is hidden from You.

Everything is laid bare.

You know me.

You know my heart.

My story.

My past.

My future.

My weaknesses.

My strengths.

As I covered each mark in the floor, I considered the marks in my life and imagined Jesus kneeling with me. Side by side. 

He didn’t say, “Julie, pay attention! You missed a spot. Why didn’t you take care of your floors to start with? Are you ever going to learn? When are you going to get it right?” 

I felt no condemnation.


Only Love.

He loves us. Oh, how He loves us. 

As I restored my worn floors, God restored the worn places in my heart. (click to tweet)

Lord, You are intimately acquainted with all my ways, and still, You love me. From Ps. 139:3 (click to tweet)

There’s something powerful about kneeling when we pray.

Have you experienced healing when kneeling?

What scratches has God restored in your life?

So much love,







  1. Anna Haney says:

    This is powerful. Wow! I wasn’t expecting a blog post today. What a blessing.
    Since breast cancer, He’s made me see how judgemental I’ve been in the past. Now when I am annoyed by the actions or behavior of someone else, He gently reminds me of stuff I do. But He states it as fact. There’s no condemnation. Just a reminder to take the plank out of my own eye.
    Thanks for this.
    Love you

    • Love your thoughts and your heart, Anna. And life has a way of showing us our faults, doesn’t it. :/ And then changing us.

      The blogging–I’m doing it this way. If God taps my heart and says, “Write about this,” I will. It will always be on a Wednesday. 🙂 Wednesdays just work well for me.

      Thank you for being my friend and so faithful to read my words.


  2. Oh, yes. I’ve been healed many times while kneeling. Julie, your posts always refreshes me. Blessings, dear friend. And your floors look beautiful.

    • Gail, I’m sitting here in my office smiling. When God prompted me to write about scratches in my floor, I thought, surely I’m not hearing You correctly.

      Thank you. It meant so much that you read today and commented–and like Anna, you shared.

      So much love and I’m glad you “get it” about kneeling and healing.

  3. Carm Russell says:

    Watch for my quote with pic on IG tomorrow. I didn’t use the tweet one. Blessings, Carm PS – #31daysofdpr

  4. Cathy Mayfield says:

    Wow, what a job that must have been! Isn’t it grand how easy Jesus made it for us to rejuvenate our “scratches”? Just pour on the polish of His blood and wipe them with the cloth of His grace! <3

    When we put in our hardwood floors, we chose bamboo in a light tone. Those first weeks, every time someone slid a piece of furniture or drug stones in from outside, I freaked! As time went on, more and more scratches appeared – nicks from a dropped screwdriver, gouges from someone pushing the rocker with the heavy metal base. Then, through some research into why the floor marred so readily and how to keep it from happening, I found this piece of advice:

    "Don't sweat it! Bamboo flooring isn't hardwood; it's softer, more adaptable to life around it. And the scratches and wear-and-tear of that life just adds character!"

    And you know what? They did, they do! Isn't it wonderful that we picked a light tone, so those ugly scratches aren't even noticeable much at all!

    And you know what else? The wear-and-tear life tries to mar us with, mixed with a little love, becomes the character we use to help heal the scratches in the lives of others. 🙂

    Blessings and love to you all!

    • Cathy, what you said!! It’s beautiful!!! Pour on the polish of His blood and wipe with the cloth of His grace.

      Yep. You’re absolutely right about the wear-and-tear and character–and all of our “scars” help others.

      Amen, sista!!

  5. Reading your grace filled words this morning was a wonderful way to start my day! I have found that if I’m going to my knees, I don’t stop, and often will go prone on the floor. I do find healing and a renewed sense of being “grounded” and filled with peace.

    Your floors look restored and refreshed! As I read your thoughtful words, I recalled acts of housekeeping and how they often leave me feeling this same way. I love how you’ve given me a new way to look at everyday activities with fresh eyes!

    So much love to you! ❤️

    • Hey Vicky,

      A friend said the other day–while praying–that she laid flat on the floor when praying. It just gave me such a sweet feeling, the same way as I have right now finding out that you sometimes pray the same way.

      And what a way to describe this kind of prayer as being grounded. YES. YES. YES. YES

      How I wish we were neighbors. I’d be knocking on your day asking if we could porch party together!

      So much love to you and yours~~~~

  6. Robin Gay says:

    beautiful and just so happens I have this huge scratch on my kitchen floor that I can’t avoid- it bothers me every single time I see it – but not anymore…I’m going to remember your post and smile…(also, I’m going to get those pens 🙂 ) oxoxox

    • Robin, you’ll love the pens. I actually felt so very “Robin” while using them!!!
      And I see scratches in a whole new Light.

      I love you,

  7. Mary Wilkins says:

    I had a similar experience washing some ancient grease and dirt off of walls in our upstairs hallway.

  8. Lovely teachings. Thank you, Julie. xo

    • And thank you Donna for popping in. Means so much each time I see a new comment. Such a huge encouragement to me.


  9. Thanks for sharing your depth and wisdom.

    • Lynne,

      I had a good talk with God before I wrote this….. “Lord, two weeks ago You asked me to write about celery, and now my floors????”

      Thank you. Love you lots.

  10. Patricia Martin says:

    Julie, such an inspiring post! I needed to read this today. Your wood floors are still beautiful even when lived and loved on, just like people! (; How are you? How is Katie and Rilynn? How are Thomas and Brittany enjoying married life? (): The Holy Spirit reminds me of those special markers you used, able to help work through our rough life areas and still make us beautiful. Please pray for me as I am turning in a big project in school that has been very hard for me? ((((: I am sending you hugs and kisses from Arizona!

    • Marci'a says:

      Patricia, seeing this, I will be praying for the big project you have been working on, May all go well with that for you. — A fellow Arizona gal, Here in AR. God Bless

    • Hey Patricia,

      And thank you for the precious post cards you send. Each time I get one, I wish I could give you a big hug! So very thoughtful of you.

      Thomas and Brittany are loving marriage. In fact, he asked if they could come to dinner tomorrow night. You know, Brittany has Celiac too, so she knows she’s safe eating at our house.

      Katie and Rilynn and doing just fine. I sent Ri a little Halloween surprises this week. She called to thank me. It melts my heart every time I hear her little voice say, “Grandma Jewel, it’s me.”

      I’m praying right now for your project. Sounds like you’ve finished it. I’m praying angels will surround it and God’s favor will be all over it!

      Hugs and kisses right back from GA.


  11. Isn’t it wonderful how we do not have to do this in any order? We don’t have to start at one side and work our way to the other. We can start in the middle and go any direction. In the end, all is covered. He allows us to “restore” those places in any order we choose. Blessed is His name and His gift of restoration to us!

    • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yes! I hadn’t thought of that!!! Beautiful. Just beautiful. Thanks for you comment, Chaplain Debra-Diane~

      Much love~

  12. Thank you for this beautiful post. Your floors are wonderful.. My house is over one-hundred years old and has many of the original floors. I am so thankful the Lord covers me with His love..

    • I’d LOVE to see your house, Dee Dee. I LOVE anything old. Love antiques. Love mismatched furniture.

      Thank you so much for your precious words–and just for being you.

      Much love, my friend,
      Julie–who’s also thankful the Lord covers me with His love.

  13. Marci'a says:

    This is such a powerful lesson. We don’t alway need big billboards in front of us to get God’s message that comes in a whisper sometimes when we are on our knees. I also like that no matter what the damage, nothing is too big for God to fix. The little every day wear and tear and the big things. I get a lot of comfort from that!
    It is so comforting that God gently puts us back on the right road. Because He loves us! Thank you so much Julie for the lesson here.
    God Bless!

    • You’re absolutely right, Marci’a. It was the tiniest whisper. But I was on my knees–which is why I think I paid attention to Him.

      And NOTHING is too big for him to fix. And He didn’t fuss at me. That was so special to me. He just kept on loving me.

      Big hug, my friend. Hope all is well…………or at least pretty close to it. 🙂

      Much love,

  14. Your home speaks of warmth and love, just as your words of encouragement do to me! Thank you for being obedient to the Spirit, as He knows who needs what and when! Blessings,

  15. Your floors are beautiful…well worn, walked on, lived on, aged. Like us, our floors need attention, but we seldom give them a thought. You did, though, and look how they now shine! Sort of like when we pay attention to ourselves after thinking of others all our lives. We get shined up too. Love and hugs!

  16. Julie, precious. xoxo

  17. Beautiful post with beautiful truth. Thank you, sweet Julie. I’m so grateful for our loving, grace-filled, healing, restoring Savior. I’m also grateful for you! 🙂 Love you!

  18. I feel the same way about you, Lisa. I’ll never forget that day (lots of years ago!) that we met outside in the sunshine and talked about writing…and life!

  19. Beautiful sharing as always, Julie. And reminds me of that song lyrics: “I touch the sky, when my knees hit the ground.”

    Stay blessed!

    • Yes, yes, Lux. Love that song. Thank you for sharing and for reading–and for being my faraway friend!

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