One Tiny Moment at a Time

Sometimes a conversation has the power to change your life. That’s what happened Saturday, the day after my son’s wedding. Robin, my BFF of 40 years, came to the wedding, and then spent the night with me.

The two of us are deep-thinkers. 

If we’re not careful, we can get stuck in the melancholy parts of life–the things that weigh your heart down.

We’re prone to worry, but we’re working on changing, one tiny moment at a time. 

We were talking and she made a profound statement. When she did, I remembered so many magical moments about the wedding~~

The first rays of sunlight Friday morning–how they landed softly on the stairs of our cabin. 

Walking into the rehearsal dinner and seeing my sister Jennifer’s smile~~ 

The same expression as when we were little girls~~

Like she had a secret to tell me.

Weeks ago when I chose the restaurant, Jennifer offered to decorate for me. She has an eye for color and style and fashion, and she knows all about flowers and candles and creating ambiance.

I remembered the moment I glanced at Jamie, my daughter, and watched her laughing with Jennifer.

~~Pure joy~~

And Chris, Katie’s husband~~

I remembered the way Katie’s eyes lit up three years ago when she told me about him right after they met.

And my mother at the rehearsal dinner~~

I remembered how she’d taught me everything I needed to know~~

To love Jesus,

To love people,

And to love words. 

Oh, and Rilynn~~

I remembered Chris bringing Rilynn into our lives, our only grandchild, an answer to prayer.

There were two magical wedding moments with Rilynn~~

The way she gazed into the mirror after Brittany’s aunt curled her hair like the big girls.

And how she quietly slipped into the chair beside me at the wedding.

There were magical moments at the reception too~~

I forgot to bring my reading glasses and took pictures wearing my prescription sunglasses. Katie said, “Mom, please take off your sunglasses. You look silly.” 

But I didn’t care how silly I looked. 

I wanted to remember the moments. 

And then seeing Thomas and Brittany leaving for their honeymoon~~

That tiny moment when time stood still and love exploded inside my heart.

But my life-changing conversation with Robin happened after all of this–after all the excitement died down.

Saturday morning, we had a porch party. Just the two of us.

We rocked and drank coffee and laughed about getting older.

Then we went to the square in my little town, Monroe, Georgia, and visited my favorite shop, a children’s bookstore called The Story Shop.

This place is all the best moments of childhood made over~~


Surrounded by so much creativity, I knew exactly what Robin was  feeling because I felt it too~~

The magic of the moment. 

Later that day, we dove deep into conversation and talked about the things you share with your closest friends~~

But we didn’t dwell there, in Worry Land. Not this time.

Maybe because we didn’t want to spoil the magic of the moment. 

“Wow, I said, “We let go of our concerns in a hurry, didn’t we?”

“Yep. Record time, for us.” She paused. “Maybe the secret to life is celebrating each tiny moment with all your heart–which doesn’t leave room for worry.”

“And all we have is one tiny moment at a time,” I said.

Then Robin handed me the secret~~

“Maybe this is how God intends for us to live. One tiny moment at a time.” Click to tweet

“Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow.” Matthew 6:34 MSG

What tiny moments are you celebrating today? 

P.S. Robin has an amazing blog, All Things Heart and Home. You’ll love it! I promise!





  1. Carm Russell says:

    I needed to hear this! I am experiencing changes in my relationship with her. Probably only from my perspective. But what matters is that we still have magical moments. And although I have not always been happy about all the changes (again mostly in my life and mind – we used to live next door to each other & have for many years till I bought a house about an hour away and had hoped we’d see each other more again but that was not to be) those moments mean more because they are from God leading our friendship where He wants it to go AND grow.

    PS – still an awesome picture of you & your granddaughter ❣️

  2. Whew…..I always feel such a sense of relief when someone understands my posts, Carm.

    Yes, yes the magical moments. Aren’t we just so grateful for them?!

    And look how you’re applying the secret–you’re letting go and letting God be in control.

    Hugging you from here, and thanks again for reading and commenting. Thanks for the sweet words about the pic of Rilynn and me…magical moment for sure!

    With so much love,

  3. Anna Haney says:

    I read this earlier on my phone. Couldn’t see for the tears. Such a beautiful post. The secret of life is remembering the moments. There are so many instances in which the sweet, precious moments are what sustains us and gives us the strength to get through the hardest times. Last year with cancer, I clung to those moments—memories, cards and flowers from friends, being able to laugh at my Ben Franklin hair. Yesterday I thought of moments with my grandmother–small things like putting on hand lotion and watching her soap opera. And with my mother, I have lots of those moments. You have to focus on what God is doing in the moment. Can’t worry about what might be,
    Love you

    • Anna, you’ve ACED the test, my friend!! You’re there! You’ve discovered the secret of living in the tiny moments and now you’re sharing it with others. I saw this in you months ago.

      In awe,


  4. Julie Gilleand says:

    Good morning, Julie G!

    I was so happy to have a morning off today so I had a chance to read your blog right away. Usually it is either not until after getting home from work with a zillion other things on my mind or even while at work during a lull, but with lots of distraction around me. I was stealing away for a quiet moment in my room and reading it on my phone but none of the pictures would load on my phone, so I read on trying to imagine everything you described and feeling anxious to get to my computer so I could see all the pictures! Well now I’m at the computer and have just scrolled through all your wonderful pictures. I loved them all but must say my favorite was the one of the ray of light on the stairs. I have a memory from childhood of sitting on stair steps bathed in sunlight. It was a surreal, dreamy, heavenly moment and your picture took me back to that time.

    But ttoday I think it was meant to be that I first read this without the pictures, so as to just take in all the words first, and I know it must be because God wanted to speak to me through them and wanted my full attention. The scripture you quoted from Matthew to go along with Robin’s secret: “Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow.”– touched my heart deeply and brought tears to my eyes.

    As you know we’re going through the process of buying our first house. We’re in our 50’s and are just now becoming homeowners! My goodness what an experience. So exciting, yet so scary at the same time. I feel God led us to the sweet little English Cottage-looking home we’re buying but have been becoming bogged down with financial fears and other heavy concerns so that the process was quickly becoming depressing when it should be an exciting adventure and we should be basking in this miracle. I prayed for God to help me enjoy what He is doing in my life and to believe He has ways to help us that we could never imagine. I didn’t want worries and fears to suck the life out of God’s blessings. So when I read your blog, and Robin’s secret, and the scripture you quoted, I felt God breathing into my heart, saying “Peace, be still”, calming the threatening waves around me and bringing back the joy and ray of hope that should be there — like that ray of light on the stairs.

    Thank you for sharing your experience, Julie, and Robin’s secret, and all your wonderful pictures, too. I’m so happy for you and your family at this special time in all your lives. And your sharing is what God chose to speak to me through today. If that isn’t a reason to keep writing, I don’t know what is!!!

    Blessings to you, Julie.

    —– Leafy ♥

    • Hey Leafy,

      I’m soooooooooooooooooooooo thrilled for you and Rob. I love how you said it. You don’t want to let “worries and fears suck all the life the life out of God’s blessings.”

      No, we’re not going to do that, are we?!

      You encourage me more than you can imagine. Just to find out that this post blessed you, and heck, that it even made sense to you. 🙂 And the light on the steps….I’m telling you the truth. I started to walk up them the morning of the wedding and paused to take a picture with the thought, in just a moment or two, this light will shift. I wanted to remember it just the way it is NOW. And this spoke to you. That thrills me, my friend.

      Thank you for being you. I hope you got to see some owls today, and I hope they find you in your new home.

      Can’t wait to hear all the scoop!


  5. Jennifer says:

    Beautiful post ! I have tears as I type this. I understand what you are saying and Robin’s words are words to enjoy for sure. I have felt a change in my life with my daughter. While it is not bad it has been hard for me. I try to cling to the little things and enjoy them with all my heart. Maybe as we trust HIM it is lighter and lets us be open to the blessing. Stamp that on my forehead .

    Blessings to you


    • Jennifer, there is nothing greater you can say to a writer than, “I had tears.” Thank you~~~ My prayer is always that my writers touches hearts.

      I know what you mean about your daughter. Relationships are always moving, shifting, changing and growing. Sounds like you’ve decided to go with the flower–the only way, really.

      Much love, my friend! And thanks again for responding to this post!

  6. Patricia Martin says:

    Julie! You looked like a beautiful blushing bride! I am so glad that you were not afraid to look silly and that you took beautiful pics! The only pictures you regret are the ones you did not take. I loved seeing everyone in them and you know, we need to capture happiness one small moment at a time! Carpe diem because life is full of small moments. Xxxooo i loved the reception pics best– warm and full of life! Where did Thomas and Brittany tie the knot?

    • So true, Patricia. “The only pictures you regret are the ones we don’t take!” Love it.

      I thought about you as I wrote this post–just knowing how much you care about my family and hoping you’d enjoy getting to have a sneak peek into the wedding. 🙂 🙂

      Thomas and Brittany married at a wonderful place called Nine Oaks in Good Hope, GA–which I should’ve put in the post. You’ll have to Google it. It’s amazing.

      Thank you, my friend. Guess what? The wedding cake was GF!!!! And incredible!!!!!!

  7. Brenda Osborne says:

    Good morning Julie. I loved your blog today. The pictures were very pretty and you have a lovely
    Family. Weddings are so much fun sharing the First Steps on a Young Couples Journey of a Lifetime
    of Love. I hope they can capture the concept of happiness one small moment at a time !
    At times we get so caught up in DOING we forget to enjoy the most important moments. Sharing a story with your grandchild or spending time on the porch rocking and drinking coffee as you and Robin did.
    Thank you for your blog. It is uplifting and helps put things in perspective. Enjoy your day !!

    • Yes! That’s it exactly, Brenda. We get so busy doing and checking things off our never ending lists, we miss the tiny moments–the ones that matter most.

      Yes! Rocking and drinking coffee and spending time with people we love–that’s the most important thing. Those tiny moments.

      Enjoy your tiny moments today.

      So much love,

  8. sandy coffey says:

    One moment at a time. That is a great expression instead of one day at a time like I tell my kids. Loved your blog and the pictures are priceless. Thanks for sharing the “moment” with us.

    • Hugging you from here, Sandy. You’re so welcome! Thank you for letting me know you read this post.

      It was a JOY to share it with my bloggy-friends.

      So much love,

  9. Melinda Franklin says:

    Thank you again, Julie, for another wonderful heartfelt post about life. Your pictures as always are special in their own way and I love that someone took a picture of YOU in your sunglasses taking pictures! And I agree with the other Julie G about the picture of the sunlight on the steps. I love that you notice little things like that and weren’t just rushing to get where you needed to be. Especially with a wedding to get to. I hope I can experience my girls wedding days like this and remember to treasure each moment.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • Melinda,

      The steps. It was such a goose-bumpy kind of feeling, like God was whispering it, “This light won’t look like this in a moment. Remember it.” I felt sort of silly taking a picture, and at the time, Robin and I hadn’t had our tiny moments conversation. But now I know why I felt so compelled to snap a pic. 🙂

      Means more than you can imagine to know you’re reading this.

      I have a feeling you already know the secret of treasuring your tiny moments. And I believe–without a doubt–you’ll do the same when your beautiful girls get married.


  10. Thanks for letting us come along for the ride. That was poignant and powerful.

    • Thank you, Lucille! It always blows me away to find out my posts touch hearts.

      Thank You, Lord. You’re the One.


  11. One tiny moment at a time.
    Such a profound statement. Thank you Robin and Julie!
    Sometimes, when I’m in my head with all the things on my plate to do, I don’t think about being present…right there, right now. Sometimes, like a professional golfer who can stop his backswing when he hears a noise or it doesn’t feel right, I can stop and reset. I remind myself that I’m meant to be in this tiny moment right here, right now. Feel the emotions of what I’m doing, who I’m with, what I’m seeing, right at this exact moment in time.
    I love how that makes me feel. It makes me feel present. And it’s exactly like giving myself a present each and every time.
    Love and hugs (and Julie you look GORGEOUS in that dress with the wonderfully big sunglasses)!

    • I so loved talking to you today. Our tiny moments of conversation are such gifts to me. You always, always say the right thing, B.J.

      I love you dearly. Thank you for your YEARS of encouragement about writing and life.

      Hugging you from here.


  12. Almost took my breath away. Motherhood,love,friendship letting go. Trusting Him Totally. Bit by bit. Robin looks five years old. Y’all really experienced some holy moments. Then pulled us in too. I love you. Have always loved Robin too and thanked God she was your BFF. Thank you sweet tender hearted daughter. Jennifer does look as she did as a little girl. That time went by so fast. Like a road runner.

    • Such a beautiful comment, Mother. Thank you.

      Holy Moments. You’re exactly right. And they were. That’s something else you taught me–to see Holy Moments.

      I love you too~~

    • marci says:

      Dear Marion, It is so nice to see you making comments here. How long I have enjoyed your writing, books and DGP. I was surprised at how long it took me to realize you were Julie’s mother. Seems I would have known that sooner. This must have been an emotional day for you also. Thanks to both of you for your writing!
      God Bless,

  13. Judi Miller says:

    Thank you, Julie! That was beautiful! That’s the secret, live one tiny moment at a time and I will remember Matthew 6:34. I really enjoyed seeing the pictures from the wedding reception. I feel like an old family friend. You were a beautiful mother of the groom! I wish the bride and groom a lifetime of love and happiness and all of God’s blessings.

    That’s a wonderful bookstore! I’d love to visit it someday.

    Thank you for sharing all these things!

    • Thank you, Judi! I’m so glad you felt this way. That’s exactly how I hoped readers would fee. 🙂 🙂

      So much love and thanks for your sweet blessings.

  14. Cathy Mayfield says:

    One tiny moment…one whisper of love from God…one care whisked away by a breeze of grace.

    If it were not for the tiny moments in my life, I would not make it. God knows my heart, my need for each one of those moments.


    A tiny indigo bunting gracing our bird feeder…

    Our daughter sharing my post about my class at Montrose and saying she’s proud of me… <3

    Our grandson, at only one year old, pretending to look under a pillow for the polar bear I hid while he watched, shrugging his shoulders, and smiling at me while saying (in his "words"), "Where's the polar bear?"

    The awe from a bird sighting…the love from our daughter's words…the laughter at a silly toddler…

    Tiny moments…filling a lifetime…stepping stones to heaven…

    • This is EXACTLY what I’m writing about, Cathy. You nailed it!

      And I love, love, love your last line. So beautiful!

      I’m proud of you too! I’ll look on FB for your Montrose post…….

  15. Elaine says:

    Isn’t it wonderful to have such a treasured friend. I have 2very close friends like that. And of course my sister. I signed up for her website, thank you for the info.

    • Nothing like our dear friends, Elaine. So kind of you to sign up for her blog. Just wait! She’s so inspiring–always full of new ideas for our hearts and our homes.


  16. marci says:

    Julie, Thank you so much for taking us along for the ride, moment by moment. And thanks to Robin for her insight, and that little bit of sage wisdom, that we all need. Looking back it really is the moments of time that stand out isn’t it? I am trying to remember – stay in the now. So glad you had your BFF to spend some time with after the big day. How nice that you could unwind with her. And the porch party. Sounds like fun.

    God bless, and Love,

    • Hey Marci’a!

      I’m finally exhaling after last week and coming back down to earth. Having Robin here with me, well, I’m sure you can imagine. She was–and is–a gift from God.

      Keep on treasuring your tiny moments. They add up to a lifetime of love.


  17. Marjorie Hill says:

    Thanks, Julie, for sharing. How blessed we are!

  18. Beautiful, Julie. I can’t wait for that moment in my life … seeing my girls marry. Right now I’m enjoying one little moment at a time in one daughter’s life, in particular … girl meets boy. It’s so sweet. Makes my heart go pitter patter. xoxo

    • Love how you said it, Shelli. Girl meets boy. So precious. You’re such a good, good mama! All I have to do is take a peek at your pictures and I can see Your Love.

      Thank you. Love the friendship you and I share–virtually. 🙂

  19. Clicking over here today and discovering THIS- that’s a tiny yet mighty moment for sure! This is a treasure of a post that has me teary-eyed, and clutching my heart all at once. To see my (our) heart friend Robin, who flew to Minneapolis with Bethany, to meet me face to face, many years ago for a “couch” party we longed to have. Your time with her, reminds me of the day I had with her as well. That visit was one of my most treasured blog- encounters. Seeing her with, YOU, my insightful faith-filled friend, is so moving. I so deeply admire your special bond with Robin- its quite extraordinary to be able to say you have a BFF for over 40 years! Each of your “tiny” moments added up to a mighty full and joy filled day! I always say, “live your moments full,” and now I’ll have to add the “tiny” idea too. Beautiful words to live by! So blessed by you-
    Love you, Julie.

    • This counts as a HUGE honor–your tearing at my writing, Vicky–I always cry at yours~~~ You teach me so much, always saving your tiny moments, and you always draw me closer to God.

      I wish you could’ve been with us. Nothing better than spending time with our good friends. I’ll make sure she sees your comment. 🙂

      I know—40 years. Unbelievable. And we both have Sjogren’s and Celiac.

      Can’t wait to read your next post.–to read about the glory of your tiny moments.

      Love you too.

  20. Shelley Elaine says:

    Julie, look how GORGEOUS you are!!! This post is sooooo BEAUTIFUL and soooooo TIMELY. I am going to 3 birthday parties this afternoon…so thanks to you, I am determined to celebrate each child one tiny moment at a time!

    • Ohhh, Shelley…I had lots of help that morning…my hair and makeup done. 🙂

      Hope your b/day parties were fun–and I have a feeling you celebrated ALL the tiny moments, one at a time!


  21. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful moment with us. A moment filled with love and joy…and beautiful people!

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