When God Gives You a Dream…

My husband Rick had a vision. A goal. This past weekend, when his dream finally came true, I had an “aha” moment.

Because I have a vision too.

I want to become a novelist. I’ve had the dream for years.

Right now, I’m working on my fifth novel. Writing the first three taught me little bit about the craft, but my stories weren’t ready for publication. My agent is shopping my fourth one. At times–especially when I’m tired–I wonder if my dream will ever become a reality.

Two months ago during our porch party, Rick told me about his vision.

“I’ve ordered 40 baby chicks,” he said. “They’re coming next week.”

We already have 15 chickens in our backyard.

I stopped rocking and looked at him.”Why? We don’t have room for 40 more chickens.”

“Half of them are for a friend. And I’m expanding my chicken house.”

Although his dream didn’t make sense to me, I knew he’d work hard to make it happen. I could see it in his eyes.

He didn’t care how foolish he looked.

He didn’t care that most of our friends don’t raise chickens. He didn’t do it to please people. 

The passion came from his heart.

But why?

His pen before the renovation–

First, he had a buddy of his cut down a dozen trees.

The trees became mulch to cover the ground near the pen.

Now he had room to work.

When his baby chicks arrived, some lived lived in a cage outdoors. Some lived in an aquarium in our basement.

If you’re thinking our home took on a new aroma, you’re exactly right. 🙂

The construction took several weeks.

I brought him bottles of Gatorade.

What motivates him to work this hard in the hundred degree weather?

To have his fingers torn up by chicken wire?

Did he ever feel like giving up–like I sometimes did?

Saturday afternoon, he came inside the house and opened the kitchen pantry. “I dug up a yellow jacket’s nest and got popped. Where’s the Benadryl?”

I looked into his dark brown eyes. “Why are you doing this?”

He led me to his work-in-progress. “This is my Rhode Island Red.

“He’s the granddaddy of a lot of my chickens. He’s a fine bird. He needs more room.”

“This is a Silver Leghorn. He didn’t have any hens.”

When I watched him feed his chickens, the answer settled in my heart.

“You’re doing this because you love them, and you want to make their lives better, right?”

He closed the gate to the new pen. “Yeah, something like that.” 

My husband’s love for chickens–and my love for you, dear reader–

Keep our dreams alive. 

When God gives you a dream, let love be your motivation. Click to tweet

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Do you have a vision? A goal? Does this post help you in any way? I hope so.

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Julie (and Rick and our chickens too) 🙂






  1. Anna Haney says:

    Rick Garmon is a wonderful guy. Loved this. Dreams ate so important. At work, I listen to students’ hopes and dreams. It’s so hard when I have to tell them their dreams are not going to work out the way they have hoped. Thank you for sharing.

    • Seeing your sweet face made me smile!!! Thank you, Anna.

      Your friendship means so much to me.

      One day, we’re going to meet face to face. I just know it!

      I love you~

  2. Kim says:

    Hi Julie,

    This post is taking me somewhere different. I’m actually a little teary, missing my husband. He rarely travels, but is out of the country for work for 2 1/2 weeks, and we’re only half way through his absence. Since he works from home, we usually have a lot of daily connection time, but with his being on the other side of the world, he is asleep when I am awake, and vise versa.

    Anyway, what stands out to me is the tenderness Rick has for his chickens. It reminds me of the soft spot my husband has for all God’s creatures. When there is a creepy crawly in our house, he actually rescues it. He doesn’t kill them, he releases them outdoors. I usually just roll my eyes at him because there are enough other spiders, flies, beetles in this world…

    Not long ago he rescued a wasp from our hot garage, set it in the grass outside the front door, came in and got a lid full of water and took it out for the wasp to drink! Who even rescues wasps? Let alone brings them water? It’s ok to laugh, because believe me! I laughed so hard I cried. I told him, “You will never live this down.” But, truthfully, I don’t want him to change. He wouldn’t be who he is without this sweet side.

    Thanks for this memory reminder.

    • Oh, Kim,

      What a dear, dear man you have. Thank you for sharing. I whispered your precious words out loud to myself as I read.

      Means so much that you understand.

      Hope he’ll be back soon!!


  3. Carm Russell says:

    When I read your blogs I usually find a message in there for me. But today it was like you were speaking these words to me. Don’t give up. I haven’t and my life is beginning to have dreams again, to have goals! And I have those dreams and goals again because God has placed people in my life like you to remind me. Thank you Julie Garmon❣. ⚓️

    • CARM!!!

      One day you and I HAVE to meet and give each other a great big hug!!!

      This makes me so, so, so happy–to think that God would stir this chicken story in my heart and it means something special to you.

      Whispering a prayer right now…..

      So much love, my friend! xoxoxoxox

      • Carm Russell says:

        Thank you Julie Garmon! I feel the hug all the way from Georgia❣❣ I’m s blessed to have come across the Spirit God has given you to share with others. Phil 1:6…

  4. Carm Russell says:

    When I read your blogs I usually find a message in there for me. But today it was like you were speaking these words to me. Don’t give up. I haven’t and my life is beginning to have dreams again, to have goals! And I have those dreams and goals again because God has placed people in my life like you to remind me. Thank you Julie Garmon❣. ⚓️

  5. Carm Russell says:

    When I read your blogs I usually find a message in there for me. But today it was like you were speaking these words to me. Don’t give up. I haven’t and my life is beginning to have dreams again, to have goals! And I have those dreams and goals again because God has placed people in my life like you to remind me. Thank you Julie Garmon❣. ⚓️

  6. Patricia Martin says:

    Sweet Julie, I am so glad to hear about your novel journey as I have been thinking about you and how your novel is coming along.(: Having learning disabilities I can certainly understand what Rick went through for those chickens and what my mom went through teaching me to read and teaching me other subjects. So glad that you are still going strong, and remember, just keep swimming! I love the words on Rick’s shirt, “first in, last out.” That is so true about Rick and your work for your dreams as you both started with hard work on your dreams and are still working on them because the best is yet to be.xoxox

    • Patricia,

      Ohhhh wow–what you just said—-

      Rick’s shirt–this is the shirt he sometimes wears on Sundays to church. He’s on the set-up/tear-down team at church. Right now we’re meeting in a school and he goes in really early on Sundays and stays until around 2:00. He didn’t have to be there so early this past week, so I snapped a picture right before we left.

      Yes, I so wish I had amazing novel news for you. This long and winding path is teaching me so many things I wouldn’t have learned if it had been an easy process. For one thing, I may not be blogging. I may not have met you!!!! It’s taught me to keep coming to God for my strength, and that I can’t do it without Him.

      Your sweet mom–wish I could meet both of y’all some time. And every Sunday, our pastor always says, “The best is yet to come.” Thank you!!!

  7. Oh, my goodness. Every time you write about those chickens and your husband’s love for them … I turn all mushy inside. You should see the smile on my face. It’s the sweetest story, Julie. That … that right there … that inspires me to write. Truly. It’s such sweetness, love. No matter how goofy my words may seem. xoxoxo Praying over your visions right now.

    • And Shelli, I’m praying over your visions too.

      We writers…. whew.

      Love you, my friend. I see you have up a new blog…am going to read it in just a few. 🙂


  8. Cathy Mayfield says:

    Right this minute, I’m sitting in my room at the Montrose Christian Writers Conference. Dreams? Uh…yeah…but this is my 18th year here, and so far, nothing.

    Well, nothing except wonderful friendships with conferees and people in the writing industry (authors, editors, publishers, agents). Since starting here in 1997, I’ve had two articles and one Bible study published online and eleven devos published in two booklets, all with no monetary gain. I’ve taught writing, edited writing, and proofread other writing. I get at least 10 new ideas for stories, articles, novels, devos every week…but that’s where they stay…ideas. A few hang on to the freewriting/brainstorming stage, and a few see a possible sample chapter…for fun. (And I’m not kidding; I’ve had three since coming here Sunday, one about an hour ago!)

    So…what’s God saying? I know He plans to use my writing in some other way than what I now do. But time keeps going on.

    Prayers please for the possibilities the next two and a half days have in store! And for my eyes and ears to be open…and my heart…to my part in them! Blessings to you all!

    • Wow, Cathy~~~~~

      This note means so much to me…the perseverance writing requires. And you’re there!! in Montrose! Right now!

      Okay, I’m praying, my friend. Praying His Sweet Spirit stirs your heart and shows you even more ideas. And I really think making connections is vital. You’ve been so faithful.

      Keep writing. And I will too.


  9. marci says:

    Oh Julie, It always amazes me how much alike our husbands are. The love of chickens, and all of God’s creatures. Naming them and knowing which one is which, which one is the grandpa, etc. I so understand about the chickens. We went to a family reunion over the week-end, and had to leave earlier than we would have so we could get back and Chas check on a little chick he was ‘mothering’. Chickens can take a lot of time and energy. Yes! you are so right! It is out of love; it is because of love! Do you see the little lightbulb going off over my head?! Of course! Their dreams and ours. It is true, we may not always understand all their dreams. I don’t always understand Chas’, and I am sure he doesn’t always understand mine, but that also is love isn’t it? And though the chickens are a passion of Chas, I could write a book about chickens and all the adventures. I could also write a book about the dogs, and one about the cats and their adventures and lives too. For me, I dream of so many writing projects. My history with the church I have gone to for 52 yrs, a family history, are 2 of them. No matter what someone’s dream is, I could never say that it could not be done and was not going to happen. We are followers of the God of possibilities. I have lived long enough to see some pretty impossible things come true.
    Thank you for so faithfully being here, and for sharing your life with us and the lessons.
    God Bless, always,
    Marci’ a

    • Hey Marci’a,

      If we got our men together, they could probably talk about chickens for weeks! So sweet that he had to come back home to check on his chicken. I love it!

      Your friendship means so much. Just think–if the novel dream had happened quickly, you and I might never have “met.”

      Thank you. I’m smiling. 🙂

  10. You gotta love a guy who cares for his critters like this. Really touches my heart. Thank you for sharing this sweet story, and thank you for your transparency in your writing journey. Blessings.

    • You’re so welcome, Beverly.

      No other way to really write is there–than the truth?

      Love you, my friend.

  11. Wow…you learned quite a lesson about dreams, didn’t you? And about perseverance, and determination, and moving forward even in the face of pain. Wow.

    And what about the power of goals. The power of not caring what others think of us. The power of wanting so much to help others that we will suffer and toil relentlessly. Wow.

  12. Shelley Elaine says:

    Julie! What a BEAUTIFUL story…and guess what? One week ago today, my daughter and I brought home 2 – 3 day old chicks-LOL-they are in our home right now! I just had to read this post to my husband…since he has been shaking his head about our “new babies” ever since. Rick sounds like a kindred spirit!

    • Ohhhhhh, wonderful!!!!! Definitely kindred spirits. If these are your first chicks and you have any questions, just let me know. I’ll ask my chicken lovin’ husband. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting and letting me know you understand.

  13. His passion and determination to pursue his dreams is admirable. I wish I can be your husband with my dreams. I’m too busy getting distracted along the way and let obstacles delay me far too long. I need to dream again the way your husband does. With love. 🙂

    • I SO understand what you’re saying, Lux.

      Let’s you and me keep on dreaming, and living, and loving, and hoping, and praying.


  14. He is a man full of love, Julie. I always love reading your posts because I have been learning a lot of memorable life lessons from you and your family.

    • Julie Garmon says:

      Thank you so much, Heart. Great big hug from Georgia~~~~

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