Oh, Y’all–My Prayer Chair–The War Room

On Saturday, Labor Day weekend, September 5, 2015 I woke up with one desire. To get a new prayer chair. Maybe that sounds like a spiritual thing. It wasn’t.

I wanted a new prayer chair, but mostly I wanted it be green and soft and pretty. 

For years, I prayed in an Adirondack chair in my bedroom.

Then an antique rocking chair.

I’d filled years of prayer journals–faithful prayers. But they were dutiful, sometimes boring, and always busy-work kind of prayers.

Because that’s what you’re supposed to do, right?

You’re supposed to pray.

So, Saturday morning, I headed to Peters and Foster in Monroe, Georgia. Talked to a nice salesman. I knew my prayer chair the minute I saw it.

Just my size. My favorite color. It was even on sale.

For seven days, I used my new prayer chair like my old prayer chairs. 

I read the same books, wrote in my journal, and prayed.

I even took a nap in my new chair.

Then on Sunday afternoon, September 13, at 4:30 p.m. at Carmike Gateway Theater in Bethlehem, GA, my whole world changed.

My husband and I saw the movie, War Room.

Oh. Y’all.

This movie. 

I’m warning you right here and now–

It’ll mess with you. 

It’ll shake you up. 

The first thing it does is this. It reveals your own weaknesses. 

Mine are fear, doubt, pride, control, self-sufficiency, people-pleasing, judging others, selfishness, jealousy, coveting, trying to play God….

Then the miracle happens. During the movie, something changes inside you–it’s the way you feel about people. In the Spirit World, you’ll clearly see the VERY CHAINS that bind those you love. But you won’t waste another second condemning anyone.


You’ll be filled with such a love that You’ll see people through Grace. Through God’s eyes. Through His heart. His compassion. And you’ll pray like never before.

Something else, too.

You’ll discover it’s not about having just the right chair or room. Or even a prayer closet, because when this kind of prayer falls on you, you might as well be flat on your face behind a prison wall.

It. Doesn’t. Matter.

When God rises up and pours His Love through you, you learn to fight from your knees. From a Place of Power and Love. 

Finally, oh, finally, you understand what it really means to pray.

And that’s when you become a Prayer Warrior. 

Movie Trailer below

If you can’t see the video above, click here.   

The heart of the movie below.

If you can’t see the video above, click here .

Have you seen WAR ROOM?




  1. Anna Haney says:

    Oh mercy! We have the same weaknesses, sweet friend. Kind of scary, but also reassuring

  2. Melinda says:

    Saw it Sunday! Oh, mercy. Priscilla, Beth, TC. great cast but my favorite is Clara – Karen Abercrombie. That woman was amazing. and yes, i wanted to come home and clean out my closet but like you said, it’s not about the closet. it’s about my prayer life. Striving to do better, starting today. one day at a time.

    love you sweet friend. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you, Melinda. And I really didn’t expect it to do THAT much to me–down in my heart. I went to support them. But you’re right.


  3. I saw it. I loved it. I remember the first time I heard Beth Moore … I thought … I want to love God like that. When I saw War Room … I thought … I want to pray like that. You know, it all starts with the desire. 🙂 xoxo

    • Yep, Shelli. A desire. Something’s changed inside of me after that movie. Something big.

      Love you and I’m praying for you!!!!!! It’s gonna be good!!!

  4. Patricia Martin says:

    I have heard of War Room and am glad to see that the Kendrick brothers are still making wonderful Christian films. I believe that they are from your neck of the woods in Georgia? How is Katie? Have any of your other loved ones watched War Room?

    • Hey, Patricia, and yes, yes, yes! We know the Kendricks family well. 🙂 I don’t one-on-one know the two Kendricks shown in the movie, but I know the family.

      Katie is wonderful. She’s in her new house, making new friends and she’s soooooooooooooooooo happy!

      Thank you for asking. How’s school? Your kitties? How are you doing eating GF?

  5. Cathy Mayfield says:

    Julie, what a comfy seat for prayers! My favorite places to pray includes the living room couch w/our golden retriever on my lap, at the foot of our Christmas tree each Dec-Jan, and anywhere outside in God’s creation. I’ve never had one room and I don’t pray at certain times. My prayer life, though it includes devos and journaling, is a constant conversation with our Jesus, every moment, all day long. He truly is my Bestest Friend!

    I’m need to find a way to go see that movie. We don’t do movies much, too expensive for us. But I certainly plan to put this one in the budget for next week, hoping it’s still around.

    You know, I don’t know how people who don’t know Jesus or don’t talk to Him more than once on Sunday can get through this life. Holy Spirit, show me how to reach the hurting, needy, weary people I this world!

    • Cathy, I think that’s part of the secret–is that our prayer place is comfy. It makes us just about run to it! Ohhh, at the foot of the Christmas tree. Never thought of that but isn’t it appropriate! Love it!

      And He’s your Bestest Friend. Mine too, and it took so many years to let myself get that close to Him.

      The movie. We went to the afternoon show…I think it was $5.75.

      Amen! Hurting, needy weary people — including me– Need Him!

  6. Julie Gilleand says:

    I did see it and was afraid to. I knew how it would mess with me. I knew I needed it too. But I didn’t want something to stir me up and get me moving in a good direction and then run out of steam a little further down the road, which has happened many times. I’m easily inspired and fired up. But because I am without a good church and without much strong fellowship with other believers, I deflate quickly. I’ve been in a spiritual desert for some time now as well as in the worst battle of my life! So while I desperately wanted this movie, it’s message and to be fired up, I didn’t want it unless I could see it through. But finally I went anyway — alone. It was a shot in the arm, for sure. And one I needed, as I knew it would be. And even though, I’m still in that desert and don’t have those supports around me I wish I had, God is showing up, and is meeting me along the road. Helping me to pray and giving me new ideas I never had before — specific things to do and pray about instead of so many general, worn out prayers I’ve been praying for years! It is more of a gentle easing me along my way instead of a burst of power blasting me in a new direction only to leave me flat, but I think that is exactly what I need! I loved the movie. I only wish I had a Miss Clara in my life, too! So glad you saw the movie, Leafy, and also I love your prayer chair! My prayer chair is the driver’s seat of my car, most of the time, so I guess you could say my car is my war room! I do my best praying while on the road. Something about driving does that for me I guess!

    Other Leafy Girl 🙂

    • Leafy…….Oh, Leafy……I wish I could have gone to see it with you. We all need a Miss Clara.

      And I’ve been in a spiritual desert so many times in my life. Thought for sure I’d die out there. It’s so lonely, isn’t it? And I think the enemy wants us to stay there. And almost every thought we have is painful. And we see no way out. No rest. No water. Every day is the same flat, dry existence.

      Right now, at 7:21 a.m., I’m praying for you. Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray for my friend. I pray by the power of your shed blood on the cross, You’ll give her rest. And hope. And healing. And I pray for an oasis to come to the desert where she is. I pray You’ll give her hope. Refresh her weary soul. She’s so tired, Lord. Will you sit down with her. Rest with her. Fill her with your Amazing Grace. Let her know that you are a breath away. You never leave her. You see her. You love her. This desert won’t be forever. Pour down your mercy and compassion on her today, in Jesus’ name.

    • marci says:

      Oh, dear Other Julie, My heart is going out to you. And I hope you see this as I am writing it so late.. I add my prayers to Julie’s for you and will hold you in my prayers. I understand and I know what some of what you are saying feels like. I have been at the same church for many years, but I have had issues and ‘not felt the love’ at times. We also do not have a minister, which makes it hard. I have no close friends in the church, not one that I could call when I needed a shoulder. But, God has blessed me, with friends I met through Our Prayer, and I get nurished so much here at Julie’s blog. I understand about feeling like you are in a wilderness. And the being so tired. You are on my heart now and you will stay in my prayers. May the Lord comfort you and strengthen you and heal your wounds. God Bless you, dear one, .. Sometimes our Churches are not buildings, but places like this– Julie’s Blog- where we meet and can offer support (hoping) and lift each other the way the Lord intends us to.

      • Marci’a…… wow…. you’re praying for Other Julie on the blog. Julie? Do you see this?

        God’s reaching out to you~~~~

        And Marci’a sounds like she can deeply identify….

        • Julie Gilleand says:

          Yes I did just now see it today and hope she also sees my reply! It is such a comfort when someone truly understands and identifies. Someone who’s walked your path and been in your shoes. Thank you for giving us a place to share with each other Julie 🙂

          • Ohhh, I know, I know Julie Leafy. That’s what we’re here for! To pray and lift each other up. xo

      • Julie Gilleand says:

        Thank you for your prayers, Marci. It is so good to be understood! My churches over the years have been just as you’ve described — blogs like this. Or books, the stories of which God has spoken to me through. Guideposts and Upper Room have been my lifelines — literally — in the desert. My watering holes! Shade from the heat of the sun. A cool breeze. The actual church buildings I’ve gone to during my so far 36 years in the faith, while I’ve found some help, comfort and strength in each, also found much confusion, a lot of “churchy-ness” and a lot of rejection of real faith. People not really wanting God, but rather a social club or set of rituals. Even a church that didn’t want the message of salvation preached, rejecting those who tried. I mean — how is that even a church, without salvation?!! Then I’ve worked in 7 church offices and was so discouraged by things I witnesses. Not at all talking about judging anyone for not being perfect. But things like, a pastor approving of another church committee member asking me to forge someone’s signature on a letter (which I refused to do). How about this one — the pastor getting so angry at the custodian, he yelled and swore and had the custodian by the neck in my office — all within earshot and eyeshot of a grieving family gathered for a funeral. Or the pastor who snarled at me all the time because I hesitated whenever he’d ask me to do something that went against church policy, claiming he was the “new sheriff” in town and things were going to be different now. When I asked the church committee who hired me if they wanted me to comply with whatever I was asked by the pastor even if it crossed church policy, they refused to give me an answer and then fired me for “not being happy in my job”. Six months unemployed after that sent us into a terrible financial situation (one I am still digging out from 6 years later), and when I went to my own church for help, as a last straw, they were condescending to me, said they were going to help in a certain way, then changed their mind. Never once did they bring God into our conversation or even offer to pray. If that’s all they had been able to offer I would have been so grateful because the spiritual things are far more important to me than anything tangible. I went to my car in tears. The last thing I had needed was another bad church experience, especially at my own church. No, the places I find God are not in the church buildings. I find him in the mountains, by the sea shore or lake shore, in a thunderstorm, or in a good book (or blog!), or devotional, or driving alone in my car. But I wish that church could be something better. Thanks again Marci. And I hope you see this, too, since I just now found your comment! God bless 🙂

        • Ohhhh, Julie…. I’m speechless. And I’m so, so, so very sorry. I can’t even imagine. I’m just sorry. That never should’ve happened.

          so sorry…

          I love you.

  7. Brenda Greene says:

    Oh Lawdy Child…this got my blood pumping! I have not seen the movie but your two “bites” were dynamic! I will wait for it to come out on DVD and purchase (only way I can get hubby to watch “God movies”-as he calls them). In the meantime, I will be inspired by your account. Thank you for letting us see it through your eyes! Wow…just Wow!

    My “war room” (for the past several months) has been a closet (filled with our clothes) in our bathroom where hubby moved our small safe. It makes a great seat, not comfortable at all so won’t be tempted to fall asleep! That’s where I spend the first 20-30 minutes of my day. (Already trying to figure out where to hang a “strategy board” to “track” my progress.) From there I move to the table on our front porch (in warm months) or the dining room table (in cooler months) for studying God’s Word, reading inspiring devotionals and journaling (occasionally). I have crates of journals from as far back as the 1970’s but my journaling now consists mostly of jotting thoughts, comments, prayers on the pages I’m reading. Praise for retirement that allows me to spend as much as two to three hours “lapping” up inspiration!

    Thank you Sweet Julie Girl for this Wednesday morning inspiration…it was anointed! Keep it up, and we will also! Much love from my front porch deep in the heart of these woods! Brenda

    P.S. LOVE your new prayer chair! It suits you!

    • Brenda, to be perfectly honest with you, I didn’t walk into that theater expecting much. I just didn’t. Even as it started, I thought, well, at least the popcorn’s good.

      But it did a number on me. Get ready…..

      And look at you! You already have a war room–even before the movie! Your very own prayer closet! OOOh, I’d love to see pics. If you want to, send me one!! It sounds lovely~~

      Love you, Brenda. Thank you! You’re such an encourager!

  8. marci says:

    That chair, I can see how it would be a nice in a prayer corner. They are very comfortable, and it can feel like the Lord is hugging you while you are spending time with Him. I use to have a recliner/rocker that looked like that in my prayer corner and loved it, but alas it is no more. Glad you have such a chair.

    I understand about having such a place to pray. I have my prayer corner, and my stack of devotionals, Bibles, journals, etc. Sometimes getting so caught up that it is hard to, (as I have to remind myself) Come off the mountain, and back to the world.. (like when Peter wanted to stay on the mountain and make tents) . But we can carry the “Mountain” AKA: Our time with the Lord, with us throught the day, Can’t we?

    I cannot comment much on the movie, since I have not seen it, and as Cathy M. said.. it is kind of out of our budget too. I did see in one of the flyers that a book club sends out, that there is a book out that I take is the same as the movie? I feel sure at some point they will have it out in DVD. We also do not have a place here to go to the movies. Little towns have their own charm, but the theaters that they once had are long gone.

    It sounds like it was a wow moment for you, and you were really touched by it.
    It is always nice when God gives us those insights, and touches us.

    I agree, when it comes to prayers, though it may be nice to have a prayer corner, or a church to kneel at the altar, and pray, Prayer can be made anywhere, anytime.

    I also relate to what Cathy said, and I feel the same., as I also, go through the day, talking to the Lord, and praying for those tht He presses on my heart. It doesn’t matter if I am washing dishes, going down the road, or sitting in my prayer corner, there always seems to be an on going conversation. I get the impression that you may go through your day the same way.

    God Bless you dear Julie,

    • Marci’a–that’s it! It feels like God is hugging me. And I had the hardest time letting myself go shopping and buy a chair. (Something else God is helping me with.) Rick said, “Just go buy the thing.” Part of me felt like I didn’t deserve it. :/ Or like I should just be happy with my antique rocking chair. Which I was. But for me, it was a good, healthy thing to do—a way to let God love me.

      Love your prayer corner–how you describe it. In my mind, I’m seeing it. Send me a picture!!

      Oh, yes, they’ll have it coming out in DVDs, for sure. I’m sure of it! Meanwhile, you can google it and check out Youtube it.

      It’s SO amazing that my bloggy-friends are also BFFS with Jesus.


      • marci says:

        Your husband sounds like mine! when he said to just go get it. I always spend so much time thinking about such things and debating, to get it or not get it. So glad you got your chair. I think the Lord really wanted you to have it– even on sale. I will try to make a picture of the my prayer corner sometime. It may not be very quick. .. You do have me very interested in War Room. I may try to get the book first. I usually can get a lot out of the books, and still enjoy the movie. So glad you told us about it, and now have us all fired up about it! I feel like I am already being touched by this movie, just from your share. As for Youtube. I am not able to see videos – sadly, so I don’t kow that would help me. God Bless you dear Julie

    • ohhhhhhhhhhhh, yes, Marci’a….we can carry our mountain with us into the valley. What a beautiful analogy. I love how you talk to God in your everyday world. THAT’S what it’s all about–even when we’re washing dishes.

      So sorry you can’t see the videos. 🙁 But, maybe, in a way, that’s better because when you do see the movies, the whole thing will be a surprise. Like Heaven!

  9. Oh my. Your words always move me, touch me in a deep, emotional place. You did it again, Julie. Thank you for the reminder of the privilege of and power in prayer!

  10. Marlene says:

    The movie War Room has changed my life, my prayers, and my relationship with God. I now pray from His Word…..it’s amazing how He gives me the verses to pray. I pray praising Him and not the way I used to…..the “list” of requests. Those come in as I pray praise to Him. I am amazed at the difference He has made in my life, and SO thankful. I have a “war door”…..can’t get in the closet!! But it is so helpful to pray in a place where I can post things to remind me what God has taught me and what I need to pray for.

    • Yes!!!! Marlene!! That’s exactly what I’m talking about!!!!!!

      It. Totally. Changed. Me.

      Yes!!! Not just a boring list of requests!!!!!!

      Hugging you from here! Loving to share your excitement!

  11. I can’t wait to feel up to going to see it. I haven’t indulged in the treat of a movie in a long time and I think this just may be the one to splurge on!! Love the comfort that the chair exudes- I may never want to leave a chair like that! Thanks for the inspiration through your words that speak to me so, so much!!

    Love to you, Miss Julie!

    • Vicky, GO. GO. GO. GO. GO. Hey, I’ll just catch the next flight and come to see you and take you. 🙂

      GO. GO. GO. GO. GO. GO.

      Love you. So much. And if y’all are reading this comment, you gotta check out Vicky’s blog. http://thewestraworld.blogspot.com/ She writes about JOY as she’s going through cancer treatment, and her two wonderful sons, and about her Superman Husband. And her God. And Hope. And she’s real and writes straight from her heart.

  12. Lisa Hetzel says:

    I love your prayer chair! “War Room” stirred my heart, too. I haven’t been keeping my prayer requests in any one place. I went ahead and tried to do something with my closet. It’s more of a “step-in” than a walk-in. I love having a place to keep my prayer requests and answers visible. Now, whenever I grab something to wear, I feel an extra surge of God’s peace.

  13. I can’t wait to see WAR ROOM. I have a desire to do just what the trailer says to me…to pray and pray and pray, with intention and purpose and heart. Thank you for sharing, Julie! This movie is right up there on my must-see list.

  14. I love your new prayer chair, Julie! It’s cozy. All of us have our own flaws. What matters most is that we are willing to accept them with humility and change for the better.

    • So true, Georgia!!!

      And I can’t fake humility! God knows my thoughts. I can’t fake it with Him.


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