Finding Faith in a Tiny Bathroom

The other day I was cleaning our teeny-tiny master bathroom and praying about a relationship problem. Doubt took over and my faith shrank.

Spiritually and physically, I felt claustrophobic.

My prayer changed to worry.

Lord, I don’t see how You can possibly work in this situation. It’s like our tiny bathroom. There are no options. 

There’s only enough room for a single sink, my claw-foot bathtub, and my grandmother’s antique table.

The dark-stained log walls make the bathroom feel even smaller.

More closed in.

Especially on rainy days.

And it was raining.

No extra space.

No room for God to work. 

A few days later my husband and I watched the DIY Network show, Fixer Upper, and talked about how some day, maybe we’d remodel our bathroom. Just daydreaming, really.

The next Saturday, he found twin mirrors in Kirkland’s.

Barn wood. Rustic. Our style.

“These would make our bathroom seem a lot bigger.”

I didn’t believe him. How could mirrors make a difference?

But they were on sale. Only $24 each. “Guess it wouldn’t hurt to try.”

“Pick out a shelf. That’ll give you more room.”

When we got home, he hung everything. “Well, what do you think?”

Peeking inside the doorway, I couldn’t believe it.

It was as if Chip and Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper had totally transformed it(Here’s a great article about them in Country Living magazine.)

I entered our brand new bathroom and stretched my arms out wide and marveled like Alice in Wonderland.  

For less than a hundred dollars, we’d enlarged our tiny bathroom!

But God wanted more.

He wanted to enlarge my faith.

Doesn’t He always? 🙂

While I decorated my new shelf, He worked on my heart. 

“Lord,  when the bathroom miraculously grew, so did my faith. Nothing–absolutely NOTHING is impossible with You.(from Luke 1:37)

Is there a tiny, cramped area in your life–a certain situation that seems impossible? 

Tell me. I’d love to pray.















  1. sandy Coffey says:

    Love the story of how those mirrors helped your faith grow bigger and also made your bathroom look larger. I need prayer on just being able to pay all our bills for the moment. Nothing big just everyday things since we are on a fixed income. Any prayers you have would be appreciated.

    • I’m praying right now, Sandy. Thank you for your honest request–and sharing your tender heart.

      All my love~~

  2. Cathy Mayfield says:

    Oh, Julie, have I ever said, “I LOVE YOUR HOUSE!!!”

    And I have a perfect prayer concern. I spent Monday visiting friends and relishing in the fact that, for a few months, depression seemed to have taken a sabbatical. Tears had ceased to be daily companions. I shared this with one of those friends who has known me for over 20 years and we praised God together.

    That was Monday. Last week, my computer died for the third time this year, taking with it very important files I hadn’t backed up yet. It’s a serious problem that means probably a new computer and the loss of those files (although I’m still hopeful someone in our acquaintances can retrieve them somehow). I was doing okay, laughing, enjoying the last days of our daughter’s boyfriend’s visit with us. Then, yesterday, I began worrying. Finances are forcing me to find a PT job after 30 years out of the job market, but my health problems only will allow something very flexible and not constantly on my feet OR sitting for hours close-by. And if I begin a PT job, there goes my time for writing…IF I can figure a way to get a new computer. Some other issues have been building up as well, bringing me to my knees and causing the confusion I used to get with my seizure activity (which had been healed, PTL). I know it’s just stress – the bad kind. And some of it I brought on myself.

    So, yes, please pray. The financial situation is worse than it’s been since the early years of our marriage. We had become debt free, but still struggled, never able to build a savings. Now, it’s close to the times when Kevin was in college, and we lived for $25/month for groceries and gas (great story of God’s grace and mercy to share some day!). But the bigger problem is the return of the depression, which I’m trying to fight with all I have and with God’s help. I know it’s probably the evil one hating my praise report the other day and spreading his poison to annul it. I can’t allow it! But each little trouble tears down more of my defenses – a conversation, a negative news report, even my poor old dog’s trouble getting around.

    Thank you, Julie. God is good – ALL the time. HE will prevail!

    • Ohhh, Cathy,

      I’m feeling my heart squeeze as I read your precious words…your heart, really.

      I’m praying, right now, in Jesus’ name for this tight, claustrophobic feeling you’re having — like the world is closing in on you and getting dark….that He will open a window. A door. And bring in a bright Light to your soul…that He will do a mighty work in you and through you, and when He does, you’ll know it’s been through His timing and His Healing Hands.

      My friend, I’ll keep praying. I’ll even get on my knees in my tiny bathroom and pray today.

      I’ll be praying for you and for Sandy–the above commenter.

      All my love~~

    • marci says:

      I am adding my prayers to Julie’s for you and your situation. I prayed as soon as I read this from you. My heart goes out. I know what such times are like. May God supply all you need. May He show you the way. May He calm the waters for you. May He comfort you and lift you. And if you do have to find a job, may the Lord guide you to the one that is right for you and one you are able to do… May you also still be able to do some writing, as I know how important that can be. God Bless!
      Hugs for you!
      PS I hope I am not posting this too late for you to be able to see it. And may the Lord give you the answer you need for your computer.

      • How kind Marci’a.I hope Cathy sees your replay.

        Sorry I’m just now responding.I flew out of town Thurs morning–just getting home.

        Good to be home!

      • Cathy Mayfield says:

        Thank you, Marci’a and Julie, for your prayers and friendship. I’m getting by, a day at a time. However more bad news hit yesterday – an aunt I’m very close to has lymphoma, and they’re not sure it’s treatable. We’ve been close since I was young, especially with her only being 9 yrs. older and an English major as well. I spent a portion of my life wanting to be just like her. She’ll get more info later this week. and we’re praying it’s a more positive prognosis. She knows the Lord, but I’m not sure of her salvation. And she’s scared…but who wouldn’t be? Even with the assurance of heaven, cancer is a nasty word. It’s brought back the last year of my dad’s life (her brother’s). So, continued prayers are appreciated for our extended family to get thru this with God’s grace and mercy.

  3. I love log cabins and always enjoy seeing pictures of yours, Julie. They have always just seemed warm and cozy to me. Very homey.

    Please pray for my family and especially my daughter Joye as we had to have our 12 1/2 year old dog Smitty put to sleep last night. He was really Joye’s dog as they were always together and she is heartbroken.

    Thank you, Julie. xxxooo

    • Cathy Mayfield says:

      Praying for you, Eileen. I know that pain and will most likely deal with it soon enough myself. I thought our golden was going to collapse today. At 14 1/2, he’s having typical older dog struggles – hips, muscle deterioration, hearing loss and cataracts. Some days, he’s puppy-ish; other times he’s like today, barely making it around. I wish I could send your daughter a copy of a picture someone gave me – a girl and a dog with the words, “Whomever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend, never had a dog.” God bless and comfort you all.

    • Hey, there Eileen. I’m so sorry it took me several hours to return to my comments. I saw it on FB and it totally breaks my heart.

      Awwwe, I love this quote. Just beautiful.

      I’m praying that Scripture…”He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds” for your whole family.

      Hope you all sleep well tonight. xo

      • With you in Spirit, Cathy… Have been praying often today. Wish you could share the pic with Eileen’s daughter Joye.

  4. Julie Gilleand says:

    Julie I love your cute little bathroom and love even more what the mirrors do for it. I have seen before how mirrors can make a huge difference, so I’m glad your hubby thought of it and you were able to find those mirrors and shelf. It’s so great to find a solution where you didn’t think there was one! BTW, my little “ensuite” bathroom off my bedroom is SO small I have to turn sideways to get into it, lol. Because it is also my reading room and I keep in there my Bible, devotionals, books, and of course Guideposts, hubby bought me one of those shelves that fit over the toilet to give me a place to keep all that! Sure, once in awhile, a few things come tumbling down on top of my head, but it makes for a good laugh when it does. But mostly it keeps all of my favorite things right at my fingertips. And it looks pretty nice too! I love how you relate it to the spiritual side of things too. It speaks to things I am going through and although I can’t share the details here I think you know most of it. If not, God does 🙂 Thanks for your blog and for your prayers, and showing us your cute little bathroom. I love, love, love, seeing pictures of houses and the rooms inside. I surf the net looking at pictures like that because for some reason they inspire the heck out of me! I love watching House Hunters on TV because of that. People going through houses they might like to buy and going from room to room. I have gone to Open Houses before, just because I want to see! Is that weird? Oh well, that’s me!

    Thanks again Leafy Sister — fall is coming!! I can feel it in the air now!!!!

    Other Leafy Julie G.

    • Leafy!!!!
      I thought about you today. Guess why? 🙂 I pulled up in a parking lot and there was the very first tree (small, thin, maybe a maple?) but it had already turned to our favorite colors!

      I laughed out loud reading this about your “supplies” falling on your head. Sorry–it was kinda funny. 🙂

      I’m so honored that something about this post would relate. To Him be the glory. I’m praying for you right now, as I’m typing, lifting you up to The Father, trusting and believing that He’ll work His Will and His Way.

      All my love, dear friend.


  5. The difference the mirrors made in your bathroom are astounding. I have to say- I am so enamored with your beautiful tub! I have a tiny and shallow “garden” tub that was perfect for my young boys at one time. But now, I long to plunge deep, and soak, and feel washed anew each time I bathe. But at no time can I completely submerge myself 🙂 Such a tiny speck of longing, and yet sometimes when those longings are fulfilled, they yield the most joy.

    All of the normal, every day things, are what elude me these days. It makes my whole “life” feel cramped. I would love a prayer for Him to show me, help me, to live “full” no matter how cramped I feel.

    Thank you sweet Julie!

    • Swallowing the Love-Lump in my throat, Vicky.

      I’m praying for Him to fill you up and overflow your life–so much that it’s spilling out, even to those around you.

      Every time I read your writing, I’m telling you, my friend, it’s Divine. It’s Annointed.

      And you know what? I want to start praying for you to have a bigger tub. There’s something about taking a wonderful bath, isn’t there? It’s so very healing. It restores our souls.

      Yes, that’s what I’m praying for, Lord…a bigger tub for Vicky. It would be so relaxing for her. In Your name, amen.

  6. marci says:

    What a nice little cozy bathroom, and what a nice lesson, doing more than we think possible.
    We have a small bathroom- only one in the house, the part of the house that was a single wide. It came with a big mirror on one wall. I am sure that helps. I am able to sit on the seat, and almost clean the whole bathroom, through we do have our washer in the bathroom and at one time the dryer..

    I laughted when I read the other Julie G’s comment about having the bathroom for her devotional time reading, as I had thought of doing that very thing by taking a little table in there. Sometimes the living room is like Grand Central Station. Since we only have the one bathroom, I don’t think that would work. It did make me smile at the thought that someone was doing that very thing.

    What a good lesson for me, as I have felt a bit of that tiny cramped part of my life — is some areas of my life. Confined, and closed in and what can be done.. Yet, this all puts hope for solutions, even for those places in life where there doesn’t seem to be any wiggle room. Thanks for your up beat message, and now I will step back and look at things with new vision.

    I confess, while in the middle of a crisis, sometimes it has been hard to see a solution, yet after things calm down, I can sometimes look back and see that I could have done “A” or “B”.

    I will be praying for the things you struggle with in the relationship that was preying on your mind.
    I am also praying for Sandy, as I know how that can be. Sometimes it is the everyday run of the mill things that burden us.

    I do like your log house and the little bathroom you have. There is just something special about a log home. Sometimes I long to spend a few days in a log cabin, away from “the world”. But would I want to leave when the few days were up? That would be the question. 🙂

    God Bless you dear Julie,


    • Julie Gilleand says:

      Marci, my bathroom is the only quiet private place I have to go, besides my car. There’s my walk-in closet but there’s no place to sit, lol. Used to laugh at my dad growing up when he’d head to the bathroom with a newspaper or magazine saying it was his reading room. Well, I follow in his footsteps except I KEEP all my reading materials in there, lol. Works like a charm 🙂

    • Dearest Marci’a,

      You just bless me so. And I’m so grateful that you’re praying for the relationship situation. Means so very much to me.

      Yes! I know the mirror helps! Big time. I’m smiling at you and the other Julie connecting. I LOVE it when that happens–when unexpected friendships form this way. Only God.

      I’m praising Him right now for my friends, and for our bathrooms, and for how we pray for each other.

      I’m just relaxing in the contentment of your precious words, my friend.

  7. Anna Haney says:

    I just re-read your blog. This morning, I read it quickly before I came to work. It’s worth a second read. As you mention, there are areas in life in which we often think there is no way it could get better. Then something small makes the biggest difference. Granted a bathroom and a relationship are quite different but the same principle applies. Thank you for this post and for the gentle reminders to listen to His suggestions.

    • Yes! Yes! Yes! Anna! It was a HUGE wow factor to walk into the bathroom. THAT’S what I’m talking about. And I really saw it the same way my heart felt that day.

      Yep. Same principle. Thanks for letting me know you read it again. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. YOU: “Lord, when the bathroom miraculously grew, so did my faith. Nothing–absolutely NOTHING is impossible with You.” (from Luke 1:37)

    ME: You know what I’m totally amazed about? Your followers who love you. Do you see how much they write to you each week? Totally divine. You help them grow their faith. You share your heart, your world, your bathroom for heaven’s sake. All in the name of God. Thank you Friend! LOVE YOU!

    • I know, B.J. And every time, I say a “Thank You, Lord” prayer. Because it’s His love moving back and forth between us. I’m lost without Him. He gives me Creativity and stirs my heart.

      Yes. All in the name of God.

      Love you right back. Sent you a quick email today. Sometimes I just talk to you in my heart–it’s been that way lately.

      Giant Hugs!

  9. Patricia Martin says:

    I loved how your message today, Julie, was about how “all things are possible with God.” It is always wonderful to be reminded–especially during a hectic school week! (: It reminds me of the Tide laundry slogan “Give us your worst, we will give it our all!” God takes what we give (or don’t give Him) and turns it into something beautiful. ((: For me, losing a good amount of weight right now seems like an almost impossible thing, but God works miracles. (); How’s Gene and your Mom doing? I read your Mom’s devotional this morning from Guideposts 2015–August 26, Wed. Hope your daughter’s move is going smoothly.
    Hugs to all,
    Patricia xox

    • Hey Patricia!! And sorry I’m just now responding. I flew to Houston Thursday morning and got in late today.

      I saw your response come through on my phone but didn’t take my laptop.

      So glad my tiny bathroom blog made it’s way to your heart. Love how you said God takes what we give (OR DON’T GIVE HIM)….such a good point.

      Didn’t know you’re trying to lose weight. How’s your GF diet going?

      Mom and Gene are doing really well. And yes! Daughter Katie got moved this weekend and she’s sent me a couple of pics of her new house. She seems sooooo happy. Thank you so much for asking.

      Praying this next week of school will be as smooth as silk.

      Much love,
      Your friend in GA.

  10. Shelley Elaine says:

    Oh, yes, Julie, for 18 yrs the cry of my heart has been for my little brother (and only sibling) to return to Christ…and most days it feels impossible…because the waiting has been sooo long…I would GREATLY appreciate your prayer for him…his name is Jody…and it breaks my heart to imagine eternity without him. THANK YOU for your offer to pray.
    WHAT a BEAUTIFUL renovation! It is truly amazing! I absolutely LOVE to read how God speaks to you through Rick’s resourcefulness…the doll house last wk was GORGEOUS…and now this! WOW!!!
    Awesome post-THANKS for sharing!

    • You got it, Shelley!

      I’m praying for your brother Jody–Right now I’m imagining his heart being “renovated” and God softening and molding him “after His will.”

      Thank you for trusting me with this precious request, and for loving the work of my husband’s creativity!


  11. Julie, there’s always a solution, isn’t there? I love that. I hear women complain that men want to fix our problems, when women just want them to listen. But really, that’s why we tell God … fix our problems. Help us. And it’s really sweet that He made man in His image. 🙂 You are beautiful and beauty seeps from you continually. <3

    • Amen, Shelli!!

      Sometimes just to have a woman sit and smile and nod–well, it means everything, doesn’t it!

      Yes, and He made man in His imagine.

      One day, you and I are gonna meet–before Heaven.

      xoxox 🙂 🙂 🙂 P.S. and I loved reading your post about your beautiful daughters!

      P.S.S. sorry sorry to be responding days after you commented. Back home in GA now and I love your state!!

  12. I love cute and pretty bathrooms. This one’s amazing. And no wonder you got to reflect in there. 🙂

    • Ohhh, thank you Dear Lux!! It’s now such a special place to me. I’m smiling every time I walk in there.


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