Peanuts, Peaches, and People

The other day, I broke our porch party rules and brought up the subject of so-and-so’s behavior. The longer my husband and I talked, the more  judgmental I became–at least in my heart.

For a while that day, I thought I knew everything. 

We headed to  Thompson Family Farms to buy fresh peaches, my mind still analyzing someone else’s business.

“I love this place,” I said when we got out of the car. “I know all about Georgia produce.”

Finally! A place where my expertise can shine!

“I grew up shelling butter beans.”  I grabbed some frozen field peas. “Daddy had a garden every summer. ”

“We even canned tomatoes when I was little,” I said.

Of course, I knew everything there was to know about sweet Vidalia onions. I’d lived my whole life in Georgia.

“Oh, look! They have yellow meat watermelons.”

That’s what you call a yellow watermelon down South–yellow meat.

Feeling sorta smug, I sniffed the cantaloupes until I found a perfect one.

Then something unexpected happened. 

I spotted a bucket of peanuts.

Strange, because they weren’t boiled peanuts, like you find in Georgia.

They were shelled and put into baggies.

“What are these?” I said to the cashier.

“Fried peanuts.”

“Never heard of them. “

“They’re delicious. Try some.”

I bought a bag and told her I was making homemade peach ice cream the next day.

“If you want your peaches to ripen in a hurry, put them outside. Spread them out on a table, so they aren’t touching each other.”

“Huh. Never knew that.”

Back at home, I tasted fried peanuts for the first time.


I put the peaches outside in the heat. A few hours later, they were soft.

Just like she said.

A thought hit me.

I bet there’s something I don’t know about the person and the situation I’d been so quick to judge.

Forgive me, Lord. Help me keep it simple. 

I don’t know everything about peanuts, peaches, and especially people.

Can you relate?

Have you been humbled lately?

Or learned something new?

If you chose a word this year, how’s it going? It’s already July!



For my homemade peach ice cream recipe in Guideposts magazine, click here.







  1. Anna Haney says:

    You have no idea how much I needed to read this today. My coworker is driving me nuts. She is going through a lot in her personal life and I know that it is impacting her job performance. But it seems like all she does is find a way to push my buttons. So for the last few weeks, I have done nothing but find fault with her—she’s late, leaves early, takes too many personal phone calls, you name it. Our workspace is very tight. Just a fake wall between us. My word is LISTEN. So I have been able to, like it or not, listen to her all day. The last couple of days, though, I have listened to her with students. And she is doing a good job. I am not always here on time, I am sitting here posting this at work. I need to take the log out of my eye. Thank you, sweet friend! Love you

    • Julie says:

      Anna, you always make me smile.

      And I can’t tell you, how very relieved I am to find out I’m not the only one. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Okay, right now, I’m praying for you–and for your coworker. Isn’t it just so like God to bring certain special people into our lives!


  2. I’ve already had my peach ice cream for the summer from the local orchard. But I’ve never made it. I’ve only made homemade vanilla snow ice cream. I don’t even have an ice cream maker. And yeah, my daughter and I were just talking about how we need to be so careful in our opinions and take the plank out of our eyes first. 🙂 It’s a constant battle.

    • Julie says:

      Whew….each time I find out I’m not the only one who’s done this…

      Thank you, Shelli.

      Peach ice cream, it’s incredible. If you follow the recipe with the link in my blog, I don’t put everything in the blender. It wouldn’t hold that much. I only blend up the peaches so the whole thing, when you’re finished with the ice cream, is the color of peaches. And there aren’t any chunky pieces in it.

      Much love to your and your precious daughters!

  3. Yes I can relate. God has a way of putting me in others shoes to experience their life. I have been humbled by the experiences. I want to encourage you, being convicted of sin in our lives means we are growing; we are sensitive to the heart of God. I praise Him for His loving admonishment.

    • sandy coffey says:

      Amazing no matter how much we know we can learn something new everyday. Thanks for sharing your experience.

      • Julie says:

        Thank you so much, Sandy!

        Hugs from here!! xoxoxox Hugs and peach ice cream too!

    • Julie says:

      Oh, thank you, thank you, Cherrilynn. What beautiful words. Yep. I felt it–right in my heart.


  4. Yes, God has humbled me AGAIN today.. Loved this! Thank you Julie.

    • Julie says:

      Guess it never ends, does it, Tom? At least not for me. :/

      Glad I’m not the only one…

      Blessings on your amazing writing!! Every time you post, it’s something I need.

  5. Julie Gilleand says:

    Hey there Leaf Sister ☺!

    Reading this while on an Indian Trails bus headed north to see my grand baby! I have a friend at work who recently said some things that hurt my feelings and all but severed our friendship because we have no means of communicating anymore aside from daily pleasantries. What had been deep fellowship between two believers had been reduced to “Good morning” upon arrival at work and “Have a good evening” as we all left. I’ve been quite pouty about it and chomping at the bit to tell someone all about it (complain about it more like). But I haven’t said a word to anyone, till now. Each time I felt like telling a friend about it, there was this conviction inside not to. That’s not to say I still wasn’t looking for my chance, mind you! But just as you mentioned here, what if there is something more to my friend’s situation than I realize. Your blog today gives me that much more strength to walk in love towards her instead of blabbing about her and all my woes over it. Except that I did share a little here. I hope that doesn’t count! There is an outdoor farmer’s market where I’m headed. I’m sure if I go there your blog is going to come to mind!

    Thanks leafy Julie and God bless!

    • marci says:

      Thank you for sharing, and it has been helpful to me in a situation I have had with someone. I can understand wanting to tell someone yet God dropping the little whisper, “Don’t”. I think your share here was a good thing, It was helpful to me and maybe it will be to others? .. It is good to know we are not alone in our stuggles and others deal with the same situations we do. And as you said (these Wednesday meetings) Have also helped me walk in love a little better.
      God Bless!

      • Hey Marci’a,

        Isn’t Other Julie wise? I love what she just shared!! Reminds me we can come out on the other side when we’ve been hurt and keep our mouth shut, and even be blessed. And bless others too!


    • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Leafy…..

      What beauty in what just happened to you!! What wisdom! What Strength! You overcame temptation! Makes me have happy little tears. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      And I just saw the most beautiful pics of you and your precious grandson on FB. I’m so, so, so happy for you!

      Hope you got some, a-hem, peaches at the farmer’s market. 🙂 And peanuts too!

  6. Funny you should mention this TODAY. I just shared a friend’s blogpost which asked, “What would you tell your younger self?” And I responded, “Look for the good in everyone.” Of course, I wrote that advice to my younger self because it’s one I can still struggle with today! And, as I noted in the blog comment, not looking for the good in others, especially in my younger years, has created consequences that still affect my life all these years later.

    And then I read your post. Think the Lord’s trying to tell me I STILL don’t have it down???

    • Vonda. Vonda. Vonda.

      I don’t know if we (me!) will ever get it down pat perfectly. I know my almost 79 y.o. mother who is known for her honesty, would say she still boo-boos.

      But I told her the other day, “Mother, you’re so much gentler than you used to be.”

      She agreed.

      love you my friend.

  7. Patricia Martin says:

    I love honey roasted peanuts!((: I am always amazed when I think that an area is totally covered and then I find out something new. Every year scientists are surprised by new animal species and God keeps surprising us, too!(:

    • Hey Patricia!

      You gotta try FRIED peanuts.

      Oh, wow.

      hugs to you from steamy GA. Praying for your two prayer requests!

  8. marci says:

    I am always amazed by the lessons learned, and to be reminded of– each Wednesday. Lesson: Just when I feel like I may know it all in something, the Lord is going to put a mirror up for me to see myself and the ‘plank’ in my own eye. How easy it is to get on a roll when we are frustrated with someone. I really have to watch that ‘snowballing’.
    I sometimes have to revise the words of the Our Father, .. to: ….HELP me forgive…. Heal my wounds and any I may have unknowingly caused in another…. Help me to see my own flaws as easily as I see the flaws in others. And the Lord does answer that prayer for me! (“Well, you ask me to show you your flaws– here they are”)

    My word for the year is Joy, and some days it is easy to see joy.. other days – it is more of a challenge. When I began the year, trying to end the day by writing down something that gave me joy that day in my Date Book… I had not noticed that DGP, had at the end of each month a line for each day to put something Joyful.. It made me smile when I saw that, and it was like a God Wink– I was on the right track. .. Thanks for your question- I makes me think at this half way point, how am I doing with my word, and lessons there. I do seem to notice and take in the moments more, then there are those times when I feel anything but joyful, and that is more of a challenge. That is when Psalms 126 comes to mind..”Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy..(v. 5). Joy for me today, at least one thing, is your blog and seeing the Farmers Market. I so enjoy the fresh produce of Summer! and your pics made me want to run out and go to the market here. And also get some peaches! My mouth was watering for some good peach ice cream too!
    God Bless your summer Dear Julie!


    • Marci’a, sounds to me like you deserve and A+ on JOY this year. To make a real effort like you’re doing to search out joy daily, well, that’s huge!

      Loved your thoughts on our own “planks.” It was like all of a sudden, BOOM, it hit me what I’d done the day we went to the produce stand. I actually felt smug….for a few minutes. Smug and full of pride.

      Yuck. :/

      So neat the DGP parallels your word this year!

  9. Great message, especially in these times. But now…………I’m hungry.

  10. Cathy Mayfield says:

    Well, Julie, let me answer all three of your questions with this one “lesson.” When I chose the word “Now!” as my word for the year, I became excited at the possibilities, especially finally conquering a life-long habit of procrastination. Wrong! The few things that fit the “Now!” exclamation had nothing to do with not procrastinating – buying a new purse “Now!,” buying a how-to-shuttle-tat book “Now!,” buying that old Christmas movie I’ve been wanting for years “Now!,” and so on. See a pattern?

    To be honest, I had a second word in mind at the time, one that fills the bill for “humbling” me, as well as learning something new – “OUR.” To others, it may not mean much, but to me and “OUR” family, it will change the entire focus. Looking back through old Daily Guideposts volumes with the notes after each month and through my journals, the words “I,” “me,” “my,” “mine,” stand out as though written in red ink. I’d gotten into a habit of saying, “my girls,” “my house,” “my this and my that.”

    Early this year, I saw “my” habit and was humbled to realize how selfish this had made me sound and how it relegated my husband to an outsider. These precious girls are OUR daughters, whom we’ve raised in OUR house. Even as I yearned for Kevin to become our spiritual leader, I pushed him out. All the years of telling people about how I’d homeschooled MY girls, held clubs in MY house, as he stood by, probably wondering where he fit into MY life.

    So, right “Now,” I change my word to “OUR,” and tonight, I will humbly ask my husband’s forgiveness. Through these past six months, the Holy Spirit has whispered to me, time and again, when I’d talk about “my” girls, to change it to “OUR,” and many times, I have; the learning process has started. Please pray, as I truly see “my” future as “OUR” future – mine, my husband’s, OUR girls’, and OUR God’s, to Whom belong all OUR lives!

    • Ohhhhhh, Cathy.

      What a sensitive heart you have. This is Deep my friend. So deep. And I can tell you’re longing to be obedient. And that cuts to the core, doesn’t it? To start saying OUR instead of MY. I love this. Love your insight.

      And it’s so cool that you have the freedom to add a second word!!


  11. Humbled lately? You betcha.
    Learned something new? All the time!
    My word for this year is COURAGE. It’s going well, because I’m taking risks, reaching out with prayer, and following God’s nudges. Like you at the market. Learning new things, listening, taking it in and trying it. Wonderful!

    • I just love you, B.J.

      Smiling right now–we can get so much accomplished when we talk for a few minutes, can’t we?!

      To Courage!
      To Keeping it Simple!


  12. Rose marine Webster Beauchamp says:

    Oh Julie, so close to my heart right now. I second guess a situation that has caused my daughter to take my grandchildren from Ga. I worry about a controlling game spouse. My head and heart ache from ‘presuming ‘.
    While my word for the year was Time, after losing my mama on Thanksgiving. Time…helps.

    • marci says:

      Rose, I am so sorry, my heart is going out to you! I do empathize even though I don’t have grand children. I know how hard it can be for a mama, when her child, even though grown, is in a situation where they could be hurt in some way, and having the heart ache, knowing that we cannot do anything about it,.. I prayed a lot, and I have already added you to my prayers. It must be especially hard when you also have grandchildren to think about.
      I am sorry that you lost your mama on Thanksgiving, that also has to be hard. Was that this past year? Holidays are always hard… I am praying that the Lord wraps his arms around you and gives you comfort, and in time healing. God Bless you dear.

    • Rose….

      I can feel your heart right now, inside of mine. I’m praying, my friend. Such honesty and so much going on with you, right now.

      I’m lifting the whole situation to our Father. And sending so much love….


  13. I am always being humbled and always learning something new, Julie. It seems that we get so proud at times that God has humble us in some way.
    I try my hardest not to be a “know-it-all” as my Mom would call it. But there are those times that I slip into that person. I’m just glad that God is there to point that out to me!

    Enjoy your Independence Day weekend! xxoo

    • Me, too, Eileen. And it’s not very attractive is it?

      But we see the Light, now, right? 🙂 🙂

      I’m at least becoming aware of it, when it tries to creep back in.

      Big hug from GA and Happy Fourth to you and yours~

  14. I think all of us are guilty of judging quickly at least once in our lives. But the important thing is that whenever we fall in this sin, we stand up quickly too and apologize. 🙂


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