Fudge for Breakfast

Growing up the oldest of four, hard work came before fun. Always. There were little brothers to chase, dishes to do, and I edited my mother’s writing.

Lots of rules to follow. 

Having fun sometimes seemed like a no-no. 

Last week I went to Mother’s house so we could edit each other’s devotionals for Daily Guideposts. She surprised me with homemade fudge. She and my sister Jennifer made The Best Fudge. (Here’s their recipe. It’s GF.)

I put a piece of sweetness in my mouth. Let it melt on my tongue. “Your fudge is…”

“Pretty wonderful, isn’t it?”

Our work forgotten, we just sat and talked.

“I’ve started wearing aprons again,” she said.

“Here’s my kitty-cat one.”

“Jennifer gave me this one.”

I loved what was happening.

We’d never played before work.

It felt amazing!

Like we were actresses on a movie set!

“Women wore this kind in the fifties,” she said.

Who could see this and not laugh?

“Oh, we need to run to the post office,” she said. “And let’s eat lunch out.”

“Now? Before we work?”

“Sure, why not?”

When we got to the post office, she insisted we take a selfie.

Our first mother/daughter selfie. 

“You know, people are staring,” I said.

“Who cares?”

Later, in her office, we laughed while we worked, making our task a joy. 

The next morning, I wanted to keep the memory alive, so I broke the rules (again!) and had fudge for breakfast!

Something I’d never done.

Mother called.

“Yesterday was so much fun,” I said.

“Yeah, sometimes we think fun has to be a trip to Disney World.”

“I know. We even broke the ‘work before play’ rule, didn’t we?”

“We sure did.”

“Mother, what’s your definition of fun?”

“Fun means doing simple things in life with someone you love.”



My word for 2015. 

What simple ways do you have fun? How’re you doing on your word for the year?




  1. Linda Sellers says:

    I love your mom’s definition of fun!

  2. Made snow ice cream the other day with my grown kids and their kids. Soooo much fun. It IS the simple things we treasure. Thanks for the reminder, friend.

    • I know, I know, Lynne! You looked absolutely radiant, thrilled, fulfilled, beautiful in those pics. So glad you got to share the snow with your family.

  3. Aw, that’s just sweetness!

  4. Cathy Mayfield says:

    As I wondered how to condense the fun we have in our crazy home, a tufted titmouse visited the birdfeeder hanging close to my window. I smiled and said, “Well, hello! So glad you came to see me!” He replied, “You should put an umbrella over your feeder so we don’t get snowed on!” Simple fun – talking to animals and imagining their responses!

    Earlier, as soon as I fed my dog, but before I fed me, I clicked on my computer and hurried to go to a friend’s blog. Grateful for Wednesday finally getting here, I gobbled up her words, relishing them as she did the fudge with her mother. Simple fun – reading and responding to your blog, Julie! (Tell your mom she’s GORGEOUS! And that I love her aprons!)

    Turning on Facebook, I messaged my niece with rescheduled plans for a family dinner. As I did, my eyes fell on the push-me-pull-you I made years ago by cutting the butts off two stuffed llamas and sewing the head ends together. (Hey, I couldn’t find one, so I made one!) I started laughing, remembering this niece’s demands to have me sew the butts together, so she could have a “but-but” for the times she needed to say, “But…but…”! That but-but still sits in her car. Simple fun – making joy for my family!

    But the best came even before all this, after my husband left, as I had my devotion and quiet time. I filled in my Daily Guideposts’ “Daily Joys” for yesterday, adding a smiley face for my baked oatmeal with peaches and blueberries. I thought of all the smiley faces I’ve included in my journaling time with God, knowing He probably just shakes His head at me each time. Simple fun – basking in my Father’s smile!

    • Cathy, my mother swears she can understand what animals are thinking–and it’s down to the itty-bitty details. She’d love your response!

      You just blessed my heart—letting me know you look forward to my blogs. And Cathy, they’re about the simplest things.

      Hahahahaha–the llamas!!! That’s so funny!!!!! 🙂

      You’ve got this joy thing to a T. And the whole Simple fun too.

      Thank you!

  5. Eileen says:

    I am so thankful that I am blessed each Wednesday by your writing, Julie. Both you and your Mom always put a smile on my face. Your Mom’s definition of fun is just how I have always looked at it. The other day, my two youngest daughters and I went went shopping for seeds for out garden. We just walked around looking at all the flowers waiting to be bought and planted, smiling, laughing and just enjoying our time together. It is the simple things in life that bring us the most joy. xxxooo

    • Eileen, oh, how I’d love to look for garden seeds with you. Your pictures just take my breath away—-such an eye for quiet, often over-looked beauty in Creation.

      Thank you for letting me know you look forward to my posts…makes me whisper, “Thank You, Lord.”

  6. This may be my favorite post ever! I may be a bit teary eyed, though. I miss my mom.

    • Ohhhh, Elizabeth……….

      Thank you.

      I’m sending you Love. Hugging you from here.

      I just got that little inkling of a feeling that I’d want to remember what happened that day and wanted to preserve it–same way you do with your posts.

  7. I love this! So great! I do this with my daughter when she comes over to work on taxes or bills or her website, etc. We end up doing more talking than working, but that’s okay. Oh, and that apron from the 50’s, I have a quilt made out of that! Made by my husband’s great-grandmother. Sits on my hope chest at the end of my bed. 🙂

    • Ugg, taxes. Ugg website, work. Makes me cringe, Sherri. But I’m sitting here looking at your gorgeous smile, and remembering when you and I finally got to meet each other that day–and I’m smiling at you!

      Love that you have a quilt made out of my mother’s apron. 🙂

      Thanks for letting me know you understand.~~~~

  8. How fun! Best times are not planned and when you set aside the work for a little fun. And that fudge looks so awesome! I’d love some of that for breakfast!

    • Holly, I couldn’t believe I actually ate it for breakfast. I just kept thinking, I’ll just set the fudge on a plate and look at it. I’ll just sit down. Maybe I’ll just eat one nut out of one piece.

      And then I did it! You’ll have to try the recipe. I don’t know why I’m not a pro at it like my mom and sis. I sort of leave fudge-making to them.

      Thanks so much for stopping by. xoxo

  9. Sent out a text to family today…all 14 of them (plus little ones). Our reunion is exactly six months from today and I am SO excited. We’re renting a big ‘ole house on a lake in Wisconsin so we all can stay under one roof. We make meals together, frost and decorate Christmas cookies (we do it whenever we are together — which is often not at Christmastime but that’s okay), wake up to the smell of roasting coffee, hold a mug and sip while lounging in p.j.s and talking, and enjoy and drink in the wonder of a family as far apart in distance as Wisconsin to Nevada/Arizona/California but never far from the beating of our hearts. Fun? Unlimited. Cost? Priceless. ; o )

    • Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, how I’d love to be a part of your family. I can’t wait to hear all about it–and I can literally FEEL your joy as you’re anticipating it now.

      You and I would pop popcorn, wouldn’t we? Maybe we’d sit and talk late at night. 🙂

      Love you, my friend. Always. Always. Always.

      • Popcorn for sure! And we’d talk until the wee hours of morning light.
        Hugs! Love you too!

        • B.J. I’m just sitting here thinking—it was so kind of God to bring the two of us together the way He did. A miracle, really. 🙂

  10. Kim says:

    Well Julie, I have been thinking on this post all day. I cannot think of a single thing I do just for fun. Even reading others responses does not bring anything to mind. I already knew I was serious, but this is pretty sad. I will now be on the lookout for times to break out of my norm.

    I can at least respond to how my word of the year is going. Light. Sunday is my first training class. I am looking forward to learning these next couple of weeks. Through questions and conversation, I have been able to see that my leading does not have to be the way it has always been. I can let God guide and use a different format. Not sure what/how I will respond the first time I am asked to take over, but I will cross that bridge when I get there!

    Also, I am finding my word for last year, Share, is intertwining with Light this year. I have had several one on one opportunities to do and be both recently.

    • Kim, I so appreciate your honesty. Sounds like you’re taking moving forward, my friend, and even taking baby steps is moving toward your goal.

      I’m going to be praying for you–in the fun department. This really was something I’ve been slow to understand–probably b/c I grew up being so responsible. And now to discover it’s actually okay to have fun–and take a break–and do something I enjoy–It’s a whole new world for me.

      Please let me know when you get an idea. And it doesn’t have to be anything big. Even picking a few wild daffodils. 🙂


  11. Julie Gilleand says:

    It’s “funny” you wrote about fun before work on a day I took the day off — to have fun! I did! Well for other things, too, but I did have fun!

    I wore a pretty pair of earrings my co-worker Wanda gave me yesterday at work. They had been her mother’s who passed away last year and she was giving away some of her mother’s things. I loved them! They are golden in color, the setting looks like the leaves of a flower and then a little pearl inside the setting. So sweet. I had breakfast with my best friend who I haven’t seen in 8 years, at a restaurant I used to go to with my folks and grandparents and brothers when growing up! We had a wonderful time. Then I went to the hospital to visit a 91-year-old friend who’d had a stroke. Now I won’t say that was fun, but I did love being there with her and was grateful for the time to do so. I bought a cafe mocha at the hospital coffee shop on my way to the car. A couple of chores and errands later, I have a quiet house all to myself which is so rare. Chores and errands aren’t fun really, but I loved having the time to get them done without having to squeeze them in after already having worked a 8-hr day and being exhausted. Turning on my praise music loudly while I cleaned — now THAT was fun! Next on my “fun to-do” list: working on a story I’ve been writing for a long time and having the quiet and solitude to enjoy doing it and while not being tired!!! Simple things, but laced with grace = FUN!

    I love your mom’s apron’s! And the selfie of the two of you!! And fudge for breakfast sounds marvelous!! And the definition of fun — doing simple things with someone you love. I love that!

    Thanks for adding some simple fun to my already fun day:-)

    Leafy Sis-Julie 🙂

    • Other Julie, I believe you’ve mastered the idea of fun! I can tell–I can feel you beaming as you describe the details of your day.


      Great job!


  12. marci says:

    I had started a comment, then — as life does, it took it’s own turn and it was a while before I could get back. . When I hit refresh I lost the comment, as I don’t see it here, but that is OK.. I have learned how to be a Willow, and bend.

    If life didn’t have detours I would think I was on the wrong road. Sometimes the detours turn out to be fun! I enjoyed reading about your little side track with your mom and sister. Now that sounded like a lot of fun! What joy! Joy in the simple things. I would love to have that kind of day with my daughter. We have had a few moments, and those have stayed with me. It is so great to find those joyful times during the day… eating fudge for breakfast, well, why not? That must have made it taste even better. I had been remembering aprons and thinking how nice to use them again– and then your post, with your mom’s aprons. I so enjoyed that, and knowing someone else has the same thought, and even has the aprons. They all looked like fun, and I especially liked the 50s one, as when I was a little girl someone made me a skirt out of that same print, and I loved it. How great to take a day and just have fun. If we wait until we have no to do list, to have our fun, then sadly we will miss it wont we? There will always be something else to do. I have enjoyed reading all the comments, and am inspired to put some fun things on my to do list, Maybe right in the middle of the list! Maybe some of us that grew up, being ‘responsible’ have had to learn how to have fun.

    I have found some adult coloring books, and have I had fun with those. I can be as wild as I want to be with the colors!
    I hope you, your sist, and your mom will be able to fit a lot more of those fun days in. It sounds like it was such a gift. Thank you for sharing it with us all.
    I like the quote of your mom’s and had to jot that in my little book to remember.
    How great to remember that God puts a lot in the everyday moments, and we wouldn’t want to miss it.
    Thanks for the smiles this blog gave me today.

    God Bless, Marci’a

    • Hey Marci’a,

      And I bet you have so much fun with colors and yarn and patterns!

      I’m telling you–this idea of fun for us responsible people is so freeing. And you understand!

      Your sentence–I have learned how to be a willow and bend–isn’t that just beautiful? Isn’t that what life (God!) teaches us over our lifetime? Exquisite words, my friend.

      Adult coloring books. Who knew! What a treat that would be! On vacation, I always buy my adult children new colors and coloring books, but they’re always made for little children.

      So much love to you.

      • Cathy Mayfield says:

        Had to share this! We have an adult dot-to-dot book! It’s all animals (of course – me and my animals!) and they go from around 500 to 900+ dots to connect! Great fun! Maybe not so simple…

        • marci says:

          That does sound like fun Cathy, I have never seen those, but I will have to look for them sometime. We have our share of animals too. A friend calls us the “Animal Farm’ a well earned name. So I could go for a book with all animals. .. and you are right- not always so simple, but a lot of fun. In the adult coloring books they have some small sections to color in some of the pictures. Thanks for your commet.

          • marci says:

            oops! I ofcourse meant to say ‘Thanks for your comment!

        • Incredible idea, Cathy. I’d forgotten all about dot-to-dots!

          Thank you!

      • marci says:

        I am always so lifted by your comment. You have such of gift of “seeing” each of us. After reading and replying, I could think of several things that give me joy. And you are right- yarn, colors and patterns do give me joy. I am also inspired to try to do something – just for fun every day.

        The first adult coloring book I ever saw, a friend gave to my daughter when she was in Vet School. I think it was geometric (?). The ones I have are Botanicals and Folk Art. They are fun!
        I also have gotten the children’s coloring books. And I just loved Lisa Frank stuff. It was so out of the box with the colors and so cheery.

        We – who have spent so much of our lives feeling responsible, and like we have to do it all, .. have to learn how to have fun, but my, how wonderful it is when we do! And you are so right, it is so freeing.

        God Bless, and Love

        • Marci’a, I learn so much from our little group. I love how you live your life–you try to do something fun every day. Years ago (two weeks ago??) I didn’t even know this was allowed! Thank you. And thanks for the ideas on even more coloring books.

  13. Patricia Martin says:

    Talking to my furry babies is one way that I enjoy simple fun. Also, sending a quick postcard to loved ones ( it does not have to be a long letter). I remember when I sent a “puzzle postcard” to my friend, Shirley, and she was able to put it together

    • These are precious ideas, Patricia. Seems like the heart of what you’re saying is, It’s okay for a part of us to stay little girls——–who knew! I love it!

  14. Patricia Martin says:

    Oops! I was cut off.): I wanted to ask how your novel is going? I hope you and your mom have a fudgelicious week!

    • Patricia….fudgelicious. Love it!

      Still no news to report on my novel–just waiting….more waiting..

      Hope school is going well.


  15. Ruth says:

    Simple fun for me is hanging out with family and friend – eating, playing games, or just chatting. Also went sledding again in my 60’s – and it’s just as fun as it was way back when. My word this year is LISTEN. Listen for God voice & also try not to interrupt my husband when he is speaking. He has told me that I do that a lot. So will try make that a priority this year. Just loved your blog today. I was raised the same way – work before play & looking back – I think I did the same thing to my children. My mom always wore an apron around the house, too. Blessings to you, dear Julie.

    • Ruth–I love what you just said, to listen, and to try not to interrupt your husband.

      You’re so right. Sometimes I’ll interrupt my husband–something I wouldn’t do to a dear friend. Great point!

      Glad to discover so many of my readers grew up like me. And understand this new freedom.

  16. Julie!!!! I LOVE this. Could be my favorite…what sweet memories you and Mbwa are making. Made me tear up then smile at your selfie…oh to take a selfie w/ mom…
    I do of course love it that the 2 of you are breaking all the rules and having fun before work! And look at you having fudge for breakfast!!!!
    (and tell sweet Marion that I’ve never made fudge other than in December! I’m excited to do it now!!!!)

  17. Jo Ann Thomason says:

    Julie, I loved reading your sweet blog. Loved the selfie!!! The picture of Marion at the table is so beautiful, her, the flowers, the plate…such a sweet picture….oh, and the fudge!

    • I miss you, Jo Ann. You’re one of the dearest, kindest, most gentle ladies I’ve ever met.

      So much love to you, my friend. And thanks for the kind words. Will share them with Mother.

  18. Julie, you and your mom have such a special relationship. I love the way you two enjoy each other’s company and love the way your mom has fun. Thanks for sharing your words, your pictures, your recipes and your mom with us. I always relish your DG entries, so proud to say “I know you.”

    • Awww, Marilyn, thank you. I think even now–my relationship with my mother is changing. We haven’t always had fun together like this.

      I’m so grateful for it. So grateful I’m learning to let go.

      Much love.

  19. Shawnelle Eliasen says:

    I love this, Julie. I’m going to have FUN with my sons today. Thank you.

  20. Cathy Mayfield says:

    Decided I needed to post this – a no-cook, never-fail, chocolate-peanut-butter fudge recipe! Perfect when you only have a short while to prepare something, and it only takes 5 ingredients that most people probably have on hand.

    **Melt 2 sticks margarine and remove from heat.
    **Add 4 T. cocoa, 4 T. peanut butter (creamy or chunky), 1 t. vanilla and mix well. (Sometimes, I leave the pan on the burner to melt the peanut butter faster!)
    **Add 4 c. 10x sugar (1 lb.) and stir quickly. Will be stiff.
    **Spread in 8×8 (or comparable) pan and chill!

    Super yummy and easy! Enjoy!

    • Thank you, Cathy! And this is easier than Mother’s recipe!

      Wo-hoooooooooooooooooo! Maybe even a little bit healthier with the peanut butter/protein.

      Hope you have a wonderful weekend–and make some fudge.


  21. I wouldn’t say no to that kind of breakfast. Fun mornings!

    Happy weekend!

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