Chipped Rooster Dishes and Rules for Fine Dining

We’re rooster people–we have them all over our house. It’s who we are. My husband raises chickens in the backyard. I’ve written about it here. I even have a set of rooster dishes.

But last week before our Small Group meeting, I decided to use my wedding china.

Because some of my rooster dishes are chipped.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with using wedding china, but I wanted to impress people.

And chipped rooster dishes aren’t very impressive.

At the grocery store, I thought about buying long-stem pink roses as a centerpiece for my wedding china. This tiny voice inside said,

Be who you are. Use your chipped rooster dishes.

I pictured all the roosters in my house. It’d be hard to hide them. They’re everywhere.

My Small Group would be greeted by one on the front porch–

One on the old church pew–

The wind chimes by the back door–

All over the kitchen–

At the entry from the den to the kitchen–

In the guest bathroom–

Along the floors–

In the upstairs bedroom–

By the front window–

Then I remembered my favorite picture. We’ve had it for years.

It still stirs my heart.

In the painting, the morning sun is streaming through the window. The woman is gathering eggs. Maybe she’s praying about the day ahead.

She looks so content.

I put the long-stem pink roses down.

Decided to use my rooster dishes.

It felt like the right thing to do.

What about a centerpiece?  

What goes with chipped rooster dishes?

Be who you are. 

I remembered a tin rooster cock-a-doodle-dooing on the kitchen counter.

Back at home, I set the table.

Right before everyone arrived, I lit the red candles.

I stood there looking, surprised by joy.

Oh, the contentment of using our chipped dishes–

And letting God use us–

Just as we are. 


Do you have something imperfect you love dearly?

Are you a rooster person too?

What do you collect?






  1. Your table looks so inviting and cheerful! Perfect for your log home, too! What a great message your post is, Julie. Thank you. My best friend often says, “Be what you is, not what you is not–Those who is, is the happiest lot.” 🙂

  2. Georgia says:

    Julie, Your table setting welcomed your guests into your home so nicely. And, I love your comparison of God using us just the way we are, just the way you used your lovely dishes.. just the way they are. That picture of the lady gathering eggs is wonderful too!! Thank you so much for sharing your life and thoughts with us! You are an inspiration to me and I really appreciate you! Have a peaceful day!

    • Ohhhh, Georgia…your words are so kind. Thank you, my friend. Means more than you know.

      So much love today!


  3. Ellen Parrish says:

    Thanks Julie. I also have roosters in my kitchen and a set of dishes. They were a gift from a friend. I think I’m supposed to be a farm girl. I love the feel of homeyness that farm animals bring to our lives. They are a comfort to me. Lord knows I struggle with being myself. I’m so glad God uses us “chips” and all. I guess they’re symbols of being well loved.

    • Hey Ellen,

      I guess I’m supposed to be a farm girl too–just took me a while (like years!) to look around and realize it!

      Thanks so much for your sweet comment. Isn’t it wonderful when we finally learn to embrace our chips.


  4. Chipped dishes put people at ease. I get accused, rightfully so, of being clumsy. So, when I go to someones home I’m always so nervous that I will knock something over, break it. Your home is so comfortable and I would feel welcomed there and less clumsy. I love Marie’s quote. I think I will take it to heart a little more in my own life. Be what I is and stop trying to impress those who don’t need impressing anyway. Love, love, love this post!

    • Amen, Felicia–Love how you put it–I’m going to stop trying to impress people who don’t need impressing anyway. Hallelujah–what Truth!

      Loved your thoughts! And ohhh, boy, you’d feel right at home in my house. We have slate kitchen floors with chips in them and dog toenail scratches in our floors. 🙂

      Thanks again.

  5. Brenda E. Greene says:

    Love the pictures of your chicken collection Julie Girl! Our firstborn daughter has a wonderful collection her Dad has bought her over the years. She finally said “enough” but he continues to look longingly at them whenever we visit Hobby Lobby…maybe I’ll take them up. They are charming to look at!

    What do I collect? Right now unusual bird houses reign over my kitchen cabinets and up the stairs to my loft. And most recently unusual crosses have begun hanging around on our walls! I also collect smiles, hugs, and inspiring words!

    So what “chipped” valuable do I continue to use? Would imperfect spouse count? We celebrated our 48th Anniversary on the 3rd sharing a box of Kleenex and bowls of chicken noodle soup as we were battling head colds. Telling that story to a friend yesterday I remarked that the Lord knows I love him and only He knows why! So blessed to be reminded that God still used “chipped” vessels. Thanks for that reminder.

    Keep on writing Sweet Julie…You continue to touch parts of our lives that need a reminder now and then of God’s Amazing Love, Mercy and Grace. Have a Blessed Day as we look forward to spring bursting out all over! Love you! Brenda

    • Hey Brenda! I can just picture your hubby looking at the roosters at Hobby Lobby. And smiling at them.

      I love bird houses too–we have some indoors. I’d probably love your house!

      Ohhhhhh, happy anniversary! Wow 48 years–and isn’t it sweet/endearing that you shared Kleenex and chicken noodle soup. What matters most.

      Your words are so precious to me. Thank you.

      • Brenda Greene says:

        Update…Julie Girl, I got, not one, but TWO chickens at Hobby Lobby today! I’m SO excited! We had to run out and pick up a puzzle of our grandchildren that I got for Christmas and had framed. Having just read your blog I made a point to walk by the chicken display. They were 50% off today so I picked out one, and hubby said since they were on sale to go ahead and get the other one! Happy Anniversary to me!! And guess what? The white rooster had a couple of chips in his red cone, Hubby asked for another one but that was the only one they had so he now sits regally on our bar until I find just the right place for them…but chipped?!! How cool was that? (Oh, they did give us an extra 10% off for the defect!). Blessed day for sure. XXOO

        • Oh, wow, Brenda! I can’t believe it! Makes me want to take off to H.L. for more chickens!!

          And Mr Rooster is chipped! Isn’t that perfectly imperfect. 🙂

  6. Patricia Martin says:

    What beautiful dishes, Julie! We own a table that is over 20 years old that has water stains, dents, and marks on it, but no one wanted to part with it because of the memories.(): We are rooster people as well ( both my parents and my grandmother were born in the year of the rooster). How did your guests like your dishes? I think they loved using them.(: what are your plans for Easter?

    • Patricia!! Hey!

      I left that part out of the story, but my guests had a total fit over my dishes! I couldn’t believe it–they really did. Of course, I pointed out the chips, and yep–they loved them anyway. So glad you understand all about roosters. And chips. 🙂 And old tables.

      Easter–we’re going to my MIL’s after church. How about you?

  7. Kim says:

    Oh Julie, I am grinning from ear to ear. My kitchen and breakfast nook are decorated in a farm theme. A few cows (if we lived where we could own one, my husband would have a pet cow), several pigs and chickens, and many, many roosters! The only difference with all mine, they have green backgrounds and not red. Harder to find, but I managed. Believe it or not, just this morning I was putting away the clean dishwasher, thinking about all the chips in my rooster dishes! Was it time to get new everyday dishes? Haha! Nope, guess not!

    • Hey Kim! And green is my favorite color. 🙂 I love the way your farm theme sounds…right up my alley.

      So glad you didn’t get new dishes. Just makes my day!


  8. Anna Haney says:

    I think we all, whether we want to admit it or not, tend to put on a different version of ourselves depending on the circumstances. I know that if I am in a serious meeting, I want to try to fit in and sound educated and well versed, never letting ANNA show through. One day I came to the realization that I can do both. It can be hard to strike that balance, but it can be done.
    In terms of collecting, I collect Snoopys and any Peanuts memorabilia.

    • Yes, Anna! You’re so right–We can be both. And look at you–your gorgeous picture signifying your blog is up and running!!!!

      So proud of you, my friend.

      I remember over the years, how important Snoopy has been to me. I remember a particular sweat shirt I had with “Snoopy for President” on it–wore it almost every day when I was eight, nine, ten–in the winter.


  9. Thanks Julie! That is a lot of roosters! I feel twinges of guilt when I read about your small group preparations thinking back on when we were holding them! Ijust opened the doors and told them to bring what they wanted to eat…ha. I am glad God can and DOES use us each just as we are.

    • Love that idea, Tom. Bring whatever you want to eat! That sounds like a great plan. Talk about letting go! Wo-weeeee!

      Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  10. Who would want to gather round your cheery, cozy table? I used to have apple everything in my kitchen. I still have the apple Franciscanware dishes.

    • Oh, yes, Elizabeth–I love those apple dishes. I know exactly what you’re talking about. Wish we could sit at your amazing table and just talk a while. And laugh. And talk some more. 🙂

      Thanks for reading and being you.

  11. I love this! I’m soooo with you!

  12. GREAT post and so true! We all need to be who we are and be able to feel comfortable in our own homes!!! I love your chipped doshes the table looks beautiful! I am sure anyone who comes to your home feels welcomed and at ease!

    • Thank you, thank you, Pinky. Means so much coming from you–you’re an incredible decorator and have such a flair with color!!

      Hugs from me to you! And thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  13. I LOVE your rooster dishes, Julie! They’re so artistic and feel special. Like you, my friend. 🙂

  14. Mary Sue Smith says:

    I love your rooster dishes but more than that I love you being you! I don’t know you but your action confirmed in my mind something I did this week. I looked through some boxes to find a set of china that my daughter and her new husband received more than twenty-five years ago as wedding gifts. They loved the pattern and I did too. It was a pattern that Lenox discontinued not long after my daughter selected it as her everyday china. It is called Buttercups on Blue. After a few years they decided to change colors in their kitchen and the china was put away because they could not stand to get rid of it. I later found a set at a yard sale and bought it and together we had enough for both of us. After a few years, I stored it away with theirs but when buttercups began to bloom out this year, I decided that’s what I wanted to use. Not only is it beautiful for this time of the year, but it such a part of our story!

    • Ohh, Mary Sue–

      What a beautiful story. I’m sitting here, re-reading it to myself–just because it’s so lovely.

      And what a gorgeous name of dishes too–Buttercups on Blue. I’ll have to google it.

      Thank you, thank you. Means so much that this would connect with something in your world.

      So nice to meet you–my new friend.


  15. i love this. I’m not a rooster person. I’m a live animal person. The struggle is letting people come into my mess of a home. I know there’s balance, but it’s just never perfectly clean. And that’s just okay.

    • For sure, Flea! For sure. It’s absolutely okay. My home is NEVER perfectly clean either.

      I love seeing all your live animal pics. 🙂 They always make me smile.


  16. We have roosters in the kitchen in our house in Sun City. They grace the tops of the high cupboards. I’ll have to take pictures for you. I was never a rooster person until hubby fell in love with first one, then another, then another. And as we added them to the kitchen we bought one for the stove top with legs that dangle over, and another crowing one for a table.

    Do I try to impress? Yup. I would have had the same dilemma as you with the chipped dishes. Glad you listened to the “still, small voice” and went with what made you happy!

    • B.J. How in the world could I know you so well and not know you’re a rooster person????

      And you’d have also stood in the grocery store and talked to yourself about centerpieces, and dishes, and impressing people.

      That’s one of the many reasons why you’re so dear to me.

      We can be real with each other.

  17. marci says:

    Everything at your home looks so homey and inviting, welcoming. The roosters make such a nice theme. Don’t you just love it when the Lord drops those little whispers in our ear?
    I have a dear friend who also loves roosters and has them all over her home. Who could go in a home filled with roosters and not smile and feel the warmth? So nice that you listened to that little voice.
    My husband also has chickens, free range, and a number of roosters along with the hens. The roosters are beautiful with all their colors.
    When I got to the end of your writing, in red, The words ‘Contentment’ and ‘letting God use us. Just as we are.’ , jumped out at me. It is something I need to always remember. Sometimes I think I can make things more complicated than they need to be, and place a heavier burden on myself than anyone else would. I am learning- as you seem to have learned, to sometimes stop, and switch gears.

    Thanks for making me think about what I collect. None of them did I start out saying, “I am going to collect___”, yet, I look around and see my collections. Angels, and especially the ones with books in their hands. (I guess the librarian in me, and the fact I just love books), Cups, and of course books.

    I also like quotes, and I really like the one Marie has in her comment. I have made a note of it.

    God Bless, dear Julie.

    • Hey Marci’a, I’m discovered so many other people love roosters and chickens. And even eat their own eggs–which we do, when we have them.

      You have the most tender heart. You collect angels, books, and quotes. I love that!

      Thanks for your kind words about “contentment” in my blog. Means so much.

      • marci says:

        Yes, aren’t the eggs the best? There are times we don’t have eggs, and other times we have so many more than we can use. I have given a lot of them away, and still had a lot. They are starting to lay again now.
        It is so wonderful to meet here and see how much we are all alike, and learn from each other.
        God Bless,

  18. Jacqi Barker says:

    I love this! My imperfect stuff? Pretty much all the furniture in my house. I smile every time I move my dining chairs into the family room for small group. There are little dots of different color paint on each of them… The frames, the seats. When my kids were little, my older son decided to supervise painting with the younger ones. He found all of my craft paints and they proceeded to paint masterpieces by putting paint on the brushes and shaking furiously. You get the idea. We did eventually repaint the walls, but the paint splotches on the chairs are atill there (there’s still some on the hardwood floor, too.) Oh how I miss those days.

    • Love reading this, Jacqi!! We’re twinsies! So much alike. My chairs at the table don’t match. 🙂

      I know what you mean about missing those days. We didn’t know how precious they were, did we?

      So much love, my new friend.

      And I got so excited to see you’d commented.

  19. Shelley Elaine says:

    BEAUTIFUL table…BEAUTIFUL message…so glad you shared. Our family was blessed with the opportunity to rehabilitate and release an orphaned baby raccoon, so we now collect everything raccoon;)!

    • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, raccoons! How neat is that! When my mother lived in OK, she saved a family of baby raccoons. (That doesn’t look like I spelled it correctly. Oh, well.)

      Anyway, what a sweet thing to collect, and save!

      Hugs from the chicken/rooster world.

  20. I have something imperfect … dearly love? Not so sure. 🙂 Me!! Have mercy! But God continually chooses to use me. I’m glad you used the chipped dishes!

    • Amen, Shelli. Me too. Imperfect. Right there with you.

      I can’t tell you joy much joy came by using the chipped dishes. People loved them!!

  21. Julie Gilleand says:

    If you walked into my mom’s house you’d see trees everywhere. Little wooden trees, mostly. All over the house. My dad used to say they lived in a forest! I like trees too, but not of the nik-nak sort. Rather pictures of trees. Or better yet, the real thing. I’ve had this painting of a lone barren tree for years. My kids used to pick on me for liking that “old, dead tree”! But once, when we were moving and had to get rid of things, I thought maybe it was time to get rid of it. But when I put it in the “give-away” pile, my son Andy got a worried or maybe sad look on his face and said, “You’re getting rid of it? Don’t get rid of it!” Aha! He really did like it but just was never admitting it! Or maybe it was that it had just been a part of our home for so long. But I kept it and it still hangs in our home. In my bathroom, if you must know! There is something I’ve always loved about lone trees. Especially the ones in the middle of a cornfield. One day it came to me why I liked them so much. I felt as alone and barren as those trees looked, spiritually. I had been in a spiritual desert for years. A day came, though, when God led me out of that desert and breathed new life into me. And without thinking about it, I found myself looking holding a plaque I’d found at a yard sale. A photograph of a tree on it. Another lone tree. But this one was not barren. It was full of leaves and the sun’s rays were shining through it. Also a scripture at the bottom read: “For every thing there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven”. Ecclesiastes 3:1 As I stood there holding the plaque, I realized there had been a season for my wandering in the desert and it was now a new season I was entering into. Something about trees I relate to I guess. Maybe that’s the real reason why my Christmas tree is still up! And why I like the fall with all its colored leaves. And why I cried when the tree I loved outside out patio had to be cut down because of disease. I couldn’t open my blinds for days because I couldn’t bear to see the absence of my tree! So I don’t know. I don’t really collect them physically, but in other ways. Is it surprising that I love the scene in one of the Lord of the Rings movies where the trees are alive and they walk and are heroes?!! Oh I loved that! And of course the apple trees in Wizard of Oz! Trees are a symbol of strength too. Strength I wish I had. Maybe a sign of hope when life comes back to their barren branches each spring and birds are happy too, because they have a place to perch, to hide from storms and to build nests for their babies. I guess what we collect speaks something about who we are, huh? Or something about us. That’s where the connection is and it’s more important to stay true to that than to make an impression on someone. I love all your roosters and especially your painting of the lady gathering eggs. I really love that! I’m going to email you the pictures of my barren tree and my plaque tree with the scripture.

    Thanks for sharing your story Julie and showing us your roosters!!

    Other Leaf Sister Julie 🙂

    • Leafy, this is beautiful. I love how God speaks to us so individually. Send me a pic of your lone tree. You know, I’m not one bit surprised that you’re drawn to trees. Leaves. Growth. Barren times. Times of blessing. Fruit.

      So you! Thanks for sharing your heart, my friend. Send me a pic!

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