Our Mysterious Destination (and My 2015 Word)

I’d been considering a certain word for 2015. I didn’t have much in common with it, but I loved it. It’s tiny and tender compared to my last three heavyweights–surrender follow, and enough.

Something unexpected happened Christmas night, and I knew the word was mine.

Six p.m.

“Go get your coat,” my husband said.

“Why? Is everything okay? Where’re we going? Do I need my purse? Let me get my phone.”

“Nope. Just your coat.”

(We re-enacted  for pictures. On Christmas night there were no cars.)

Even though I felt uneasy leaving everything behind, I followed his simple instructions and grabbed my coat. While he drove to our mysterious destination, I asked a million more questions.

He just smiled.

Patted my knee.

Approximately eight minutes later, we parked at the town square.

“Ohhhhh, we’re walking around the square, right?”

He winked.

It’d been a couple of years since we’d walked around the square together. And never on Christmas night. “Wow. Everything’s all lit up.” I hurried toward the first shop to peek in the window.

“Slow down. We’re not exercising.”


I felt a tug at my heart.

Something’s happening. Pay attention.

“Look at the Christmas tree lights!” I said. “They’re the big old-fashioned kind, like when we were little.”

“Oh, look at Buckles Hardware all decorated.”

“We might even see Barney Fife!

“Yep,” he said.

photo credit Bisse’s Photostream Flickr link

How had I missed the beauty of small town simplicity?

The beauty of simple things? 

We stopped at a window box full of pansies.

Spotting one simple candle glowing in the window, I finally said yes to my word. One-hundred percent yes.

“Guess what my word is for 2015? It’s the exact opposite of me.”


“No. It’s Simple. My new word is Simple. Like, ‘K.I.S.S. Keep it Simple, Sweetheart.’‘”

He looked at me and I knew exactly what he was thinking.

But you’re not simple. You’re complicated. You never stop thinking. Or planning.

“With God’s help, I’m going to think simple thoughts. I am–I’m going to simplify and focus on what matters most.”

Maybe simple faith is all we really need.

Do you have a word for 2015? Please share it with our group!

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  1. Patricia Martin says:

    Happy New Year’s Eve, Julie!!!! I really like your new word for 2015 as I feel that less really is more! I hope your New Year is filled with blessings and some wonderful family memories.(((: I had my birthday on Monday and guess where we went to eat? We ate at Maggiano’s and it was so good(; . thank you for suggesting it because it made my birthday special. I have been letting my first born persona take a rest during the holidays and let everyone else do the planing-resting in God is important.
    Love and New Year tidings,
    Patricia (((:

    • Happy New Year Patricia! And you’re the first one to speak up on the post. I love it! I’m sooooooo thrilled you went to Maggiano’s!!!! I want to go back soon. We got a gift card for M. 🙂

      Ohhhh, how I love what you said about your first born persona. I so understand. That’s me! I never put it together in my head to let THAT Julie take a time-out. 🙂

      Love you much! And last night, I made GF banana pudding–the old fashioned way. I used Pamela’s flour to stir in with the milk and sugar and egg yolks and Midel’s ginger snaps. Oh my. It’s good. Let me know if you want the exact recipe.

  2. Robin Steinweg says:

    Julie, I love the word “simple.” It evokes images of the best in life! Have a simply lovely New Year.

    • Thank you, Robin. I figured if I chose it as my word, I’d be consciously thinking of it when I slip into my complicated mode. Praying it works….


  3. Karen says:

    I’ve never done this before, but I feel I’ve been given a word. It’s BALANCE. I need it so badly. In every area. I’m excited to see what God does this year!

    • Yes, Karen. BALANCE. I love it. That’s what I’m hoping SIMPLE will help me do. I love it! Thanks so much for sharing–sounds like we’re on the same wave-length. 🙂

  4. Mary Wilkins says:

    You have outdone yourself! This is wonderful. Thanks!

    • Mary, Mary. You’re so kind…… I’m hoping we can have a safe place to share here. Sounds like lots of us struggle with the same things.

      So much love.

  5. Beautiful. Such a “simple” and deep post … all raveled together. I think my word for 2015 will be TODAY. Take today … live in today … be what God is calling me to be today … write what God is calling me to write today.


  6. Last year my word was “HOPE” and this year it is “JOY” as I believed I’ve moved on to a new level in my faith life and in my retirement days. May you find JOY in your SIMPLE 2015!

    • Thank you, Linda. Last night I was thinking about my tiny word. It’s really not that tiny, is it. To stop trying to figure things out and to become SIMPLE, I think, will include your two amazing words. HOPE and JOY!!!!

      Thanks for sharing, my friend.

  7. Anna Haney says:

    Beautiful. Simple is perfect. Funny as I get older, simple is what I want—not really because I’m older, but because I’m aware that we don’t need all the extras. Happy New Year dear friend

  8. Diane says:

    Julie, thank you for such a blessed year. I don’t know what my word is yet, but I’ll have one soon – I can feel it! Hugs to you and your whole family. Happy, blessed 2015, Julie.

    • Diane,

      I love that sensation that you know something good is coming your way–even a single word, and you’re just not sure how God will reveal it. Let me know when it lands in your heart!!!!!


  9. marci says:

    Dearest Julie, Thank you your writings, God inpired writings this year, that have been “simple” and so meaningful. Simple seems like such a perfect word. And I am also inspired by some of the words others will have this year. I have not landed on a word yet this year. I am sure one will come to me. Sometimes they come by Nov. and sometimes I have to wait. but I have learned, that words come in their own time, and its best not to try to force them.

    Your walk, and seeing in all the store windows – fond memories for me, and I have been thinking of such things- A simple time. One of the highlights of Thanksgiving for me as a kid was after dinner we would go to town and see all the decorated store windows which were so awesome. It was a time when stores waited until Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas, and shopping was in town not in malls.

    I am grateful, and sad at the same time. My father passed away the morning of Dec 26, at age 95.
    So this time has been somber. I am grateful that he did not pass away on either my birthday or Christmas. I recieved the Christmas card from him, in the mail on the same day he died.

    God Bless you Julie for all that you share with us and making us the little group we are- Your sharing and voice gives me voice, and I am sure the others also.

    May your new year be blessed!

    • Marci, I’m tearing up. I’m so sorry. I could always feel your deep love for your father through your comments. And not that it matters, but I’m a little relieved just like you said, that it wasn’t exactly on Christmas. How are you doing? You knew it was coming soon. I so agree that the timing was a gift. And still, I’m sure it’s hard. And the card! Oh, my…… I know that card will always be special to you.

      Do you realize how much wisdom is in your comment? That it’s best not to force our words??? That’s beautiful. That shows such deep faith and trust–You’re waiting on Him and not looking at the calendar and panicking. Deep faith, my friend. Waiting on Him.

      What you said is exactly why I’m writing this blog. To make it okay for us to open up and share. To make new friends. To realize people are just people. We all struggle. We feel deeply. We go through similar experiences.

      So much love and thank you. You gave us your heart. I’m praying for you.

  10. Brenda Greene says:

    Oh Julie Girl…Love, love, love today’s bog and your word for 2015!

    You’re not gonna believe…several months ago a dear friend from Church and I were “brainstorming” for a theme for our Celebrate Women Event (co-chairs for the past five) and came up with “Simple Blessings.” Our Pastor’s wife will be our Inspirational Speaker (she’s awesome…not only an amazing “Pastor’s Wife”, she’s a professor at UGA, and mother of two young boys!). We prayed for her “topic” and she shared recently that she thought God was giving her the topic “Simply Jesus”. Our theme then becams: “Simple Blessings…Simply Jesus!”

    I had just come home from a two-hour meeting this morning at the Church pulling our plans together for the January 24, 2015 Event to read your blog! God’s timing and your words have inspired me this day (even shared with the three other ladies on the Committee). Almost like a confirmation!

    As I age, “simple” has become more and more beautiful in my life! Wondering/thinking “simple” just may be my word for the New Year also!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your inspiration every week in 2014! I’ve always been blessed. Keep on writing and we’ll keep on reading, Sweet Julie Girl!

    Love you! Brenda

    • Brenda, wow….Just wow….

      I’m so honored and humbled that my one little word would tie in to your plans. Ohhhh wow.

      Again, I’m tearing up. This blog reminds me of His faithfulness–to just keep trusting Him day by day. Simply Jesus. I’m writing your name on Jan 24 to pray for your event. I can’t wait to hear all about it!!!

      So much love to you and your precious ladies. May you have Jesus–Simply Jesus fill each heart on the 24th.

      • Brenda Greene says:

        Thanks for the prayers for the Event, Julie! We usually have between 70-80 ladies show up. Would love to have you (and your Mom!) join us if your calendar is open that day. Only a two-hour Event (10:00-Noon) and we’ll even feed you lunch at “no cost”! Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll e-mail you an invite! (Not far from Monroe through Oconee County).

        • Wow, Brenda. That’s a great number! Thanks so much for the invite…I’m not going to be able to make it. I’ll pass the message along to her though. 🙂

  11. I love your word. Simple. Love it for you this coming year.

    My word is COURAGE. I have a lot to strive for in 2015. I need to have fearlessness, persistence, determination. I need courage just like the lion in the Wizard of Oz. He had it all along, and I’m sure I do too, but it’s my word for 2015. A good word for my coming year.

    Hugs and Happy New Year!

    • B.J. The Cowardly Lion. I love him. So often I’ve considered myself to be sorta like The Scarecrow. Isn’t he the one who needs a brain? I have a huge heart which sometimes overpowers my smarts. :/

      COURAGE. You have so much. So many times we’ve talked and I’ve been at low points and your courage has spread over the phone across the miles right to me. You’ve loaned me yours over and over.

      I’m praying for courage to rise up inside you and fill you–so much that it’s like new faith has been breathed into you.

      So much love. Always.

  12. Julie Gilleand says:

    Happy New Year, Leafy Sister!

    What a charming little town square and how neat to stroll down it on Christmas night. I love your word, simple. There’s something peaceful attached to that! I think my word for the coming year is “hope”. I don’t know if I chose it or it chose me, but I do know it is something I need more than anything these days because I’ve been pretty well emptied out. So I will cling to that word as much as what it represents, for all its worth and to the only One who has it to give. Happy Simple 2015 to you and your dear family 🙂

    Other Leafy Julie.

    • Leafy Sis, I was reading my comments one at a time like always and started wondering, Where’s Julie???? I’m so glad to see your little self here and your big word.

      If we have hope, then I believe we have it all. Because Hope does not disappoint.

      I’m praying for you. Sounds like there are things in your heart right now (like probably most of us) that you can’t put into the comment section.

      So much love, my friend…straight from my heart this first day of January.

  13. Colleen Capes Jackson says:

    I am finding that the simple life is full of surprises. Happy Adventures in 2015, Julie.

    • I know Colleen. I LOVE seeing your FB posts. I can feel your relaxation, your joy, your peace, at being retired. I’m just sooooo happy for you. You’re one of the kindest people I’ve ever met.

      Now you have even more time to love on people!! Which comes so naturally to you. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. Roxann Crane says:

    As always, I truly enjoyed your post! You have once again inspired me to choose a word for the New Year. My past words for the year were surrender, fortitude and perception. My word for 2015 will be “grace.” I would like to try and reflect onto others the grace that God has shown me.

    I just know that you and your family will be blessed with “simple” throughout this upcoming year.
    Have a Happy New Year!

    Much Love,

    • Roxann, you picked a winner! I love, love, love it! GRACE. I keep reading these words and thinking, hmmm, there’s nothing better. But GRACE. Wow. It sounds gentle too. And I’m thrilled that you and I both had our “surrender” years. 🙂 Whew….what I discovered (and will probably keep learning) about surrender.

      So much love my friend, and thanks for sharing. I think we all help each other here!!

  15. That was so filled with romance- it was like you lived your own Hallmark movie for the night. Everything was so pretty! I could so easily throw my arms around your word- it truly speaks to me. I’ll love seeing how it manifests in your life this year!

    I’m revealing my word soon- but I think its quite akin to “simple,” as well.

    I wish you peace and good cheer for the New Year!

    Love to you-

    • Love you, Vicky. Your post from yesterday–Oh My. My mother was able to click on the link I sent to her through her phone and read it. She texted me back that she’s really missing so much by not having a computer. She was so moved by your writing–so clear and strong and honest.

      Hugging you from here. Your precious Mom….

      And all of us can have Hallmark moments from time to time. It’s not always like that in our marriage….


  16. Hey Julie, I guess we were blogging at the same time! Read about my word: http://desireeglass.blogspot.com/2014/12/one-word-for-new-year.html#more

  17. Sandra Walker says:

    Beautiful post! Thanks for sharing the pictures! My word is LIGHT.

    • Oh, yes, Light. So many ways to see this word, Sandra. a Light load. He is the LIGHT.

      I’m praying for your daughter….

      So much love.

  18. Kim says:

    Julie, so many blogs are asking what our 2015 word is. So far, I have only commented on one. Last year was my first year doing this, and while “Share” was significant throughout my year, I found out I am really a “word a season” girl. I went through “Trust and Believe,” “Worthy and Love,” ” Joy” and beginning in December, “Light” has shown itself in a big way. I believe Light will be the word that intertwines itself throughout my year, while I await for other words to shine in their season.

    Here is the blog post that helped me realize it is ok to have more than one word. 🙂 I thought I was a bit unfocused, perhaps a little ADD. But, no, I am not alone in having “wordS” throughout the year. http://kaitlynbouchillon.com/love-is-coming/

    • Kim Palmer says:

      I am back. Last Feb. I shared a poem in an email privately to you. I did not have the courage to do it here for others to see and read. Now, I want to share something, here, for any and all to read. This is why Light is significant to me.

      To Be Your Light

      In the flame
      there is light.
      Within the light
      You are present.

      You glow
      You shine

      May I step
      into Your presence
      and live
      in Your light.

      That others
      may see
      reflected in me.

      Burn within me Lord.
      An ever present ember.
      Shining, glowing,
      For you, Oh Lord.

      My hearts desire
      to be
      a light.
      Shining, Bright.

      Through love,
      and grace

      Your warmth
      in my words
      and actions.

      May I keep
      an open mind
      and willing spirit,

      To be
      that Light.
      For You.

      • marci says:

        Kim, that was beautiful and so meaningful. It was a comfort to me. I hope you wont mind if I copy your poem and keep it for myself? It also makes me think of a saying I heard many years ago. “Our hearts break so God’s light can shine through” . I do understand- words staying with us for different amounts of time. God gives us what we need when we need it for the amount of time we need it. Thank you for your share with us.

        • Kim says:

          Thank you Marci. And yes, you may copy, keep and enjoy my poem. I am honored. Actually, your and Julie’s comments about sharing, voices and making new friends through this blog is what made me want to share this. So thank you for those words. And I am sorry to hear about your fathers passing. Prayers to you.

          • Okay, now. Y’all are making me tear up.

            Caring about each other.

            His Spirit working through us. Loving through us.

            Thank You, Lord.

        • Marci–so kind of you to respond to Kim. 🙂 xoxoxoxo

      • Ohhh, Kim. Kim. Kim. This is beautiful! Besides the meaning of the words, even the way you space them is so powerful. It’s a poem and a prayer and a praise all in one.

        I’ve never attempted to write poetry, but you my friend, have the gift!

        This. Is. Stunning. Don’t hide your Light. Keep sharing it with us. We need the Glow!!!

        Thanks for trusting us with your Gift!!!!

        • Kim says:

          Oh Julie, thank you very much. Your kind words touch me, made me tear up. I had not thought about the fact that my poem is also a prayer and a praise. But, it is!

          One thing about poetry, it can be read and re-read. Certain things are gleaned one day, while others stand out on a different day. Its all where we are in our lives and walks.

          And, yes, I got brave enough to share my last name too! 🙂 There is hope for me!

          • So true, Kim. I’d never thought about it–that different lines of poetry (and Scripture) jump out to us on different days.

            Oohhh, yes, there’s so much hope for you. For all of us.

            Keep writing. Don’t hide your Gift.


    • Kim, I love this approach of having more than one word. I even had a reader write me privately to say she has a phrase for the year!

      Being a word-lover, I think it’s wonderful. 🙂 I can’t wait to read this blog post you shared. That’s what it’s all about–sharing the things that touch our hearts.

      Your word “worthy” really caught me…wow. what a deep, wide word. Love it.

      Thank you so much, Kim. Now, I see we have a poem from Kim Palmer below your comment….wo-hoooooooooooooooooo–going to read it right now!

  19. What a sweet man you have. 🙂 And I like your word for the year, too. Simple. A good word.

  20. Pam Kulczar says:

    What a beautiful memory you will have of this nighttime stroll with your love!

    SIMPLE…..I love it! (What I would love to accomplish in my own life!….baby steps)

    I think my First Word for 2015 will be JOY. (I rather like the idea of a ‘seasonal’ word!) I truly need to learn to project JOY in my daily life. I’m also drawn to GRATITUDE this year. (like I said….maybe a word for each season!)

    Thank you, Julie, for your FAITHFULNESS–(another good word!)

    Have a BLESSEDLY SIMPLE 2015! 🙂

    • Ohh, Pam. Thank you my friend for your kind words.

      And you know, I don’t really think we can have Joy without Gratitude, do you? Surely the go hand-in-hand like best friends.

      Baby Steps reminds me of that old movie, “What About Bob?” Which I love! In fact, I blogged about it once, but yes, baby steps are sooooooooooooooo important!!!


  21. Mary. That’s my word. I’m to be a Mary, as opposed to my normal Martha. 🙂

    • Ane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I love your word!!! How’d you do this???? Such an amazing word.

      One I need.

      Hugs my precious, Ane-Mary.

  22. Carole Bierwiler says:

    Happy New Year, Julie! Thank you so much for your words of wisdom through Guideposts & also this blog. I really needed to hear these words from you and other believers today! On December 26 I received a phone call from my oncologist with the words, ” The results of your recent MRI & MRI- guided biopsy show that you have a new cancer in your left breast.” 2 1/2 years ago I’d had a masectomy of the right breast. I had been exercising faithfully, eating healthy foods & had been vigilant with all the recommended tests & doctor/ oncologist visits. I had tested negative for the BRACA genes. How could this have happened? Well, I don’t understand, but I know that the One who holds me in His hands will go through this new challenge with me. My word is TRUST! I will consciously trust in the Lord each day of this coming year & not attempt to second- guess the whys! God bless you in this new year!

    • Carole, and I just know others will be inspired to TRUST because of your faith and your word. I have a dear friend in sort of a similar situation as you–She’s to see her oncologist on Jan 7th.

      Thank you, thank you for sharing and I’m jotting (or rather typing) your name on my prayer list.

      Such a powerful Word, my friend.


    • Cathy Mayfield says:

      Carole, you will be in my prayers this year – for healing and for trust. Trust has always been difficult for me. This past year, I claimed healing from an illness I’ve dealt with for about 20 years. A friend of my mother prayed for me and told me to claim it. For so many years, I’ve struggled when the pastor and elders at church anointed me and prayed, when prayer chains were called with each new development, and God kept saying “no” or “wait.” I’d get excited and put all my trust, I thought, in a new med or another doctor.

      I still don’t quite know why I decided to make this lady’s prayer be the one I claimed. I went to a new doctor in May, who took me off all the meds for this problem. Although I felt 200% better, I still had occasional bouts. After this woman prayed, every time I have had any of the symptoms creeping in, I vocalized my healing, in Jesus’ name! And, praise His name, I’ve gotten through without the problems of before. I’m still working on it, and I’m making a concerted effort to tell people, “I am healed,” a step of faith for me.

      All that to say I understand and to encourage you to verbalize your trust. I’ll be praying for your physical and spiritual needs. Jesus loves you so much!

      • Cathy, what a love-gift you just gave to Carole! This is why we’re here–to share His love to each other. And what courage you have to claim your healing, to walk in it, and reach out to Carole!

        Soooo thrilled for you.

        Carole, hope you feel our (((((((hugs)))))))))). Let us know how you’re doing. Keep commenting, my friend. We care about you!

        So much love,

  23. Martha Franks says:

    Julie, I already gave you my word-TRUST,, but I wanted to tell you that I love Amish novels. They have changed my life a little bit in that I live and think a little more simply than I used to. You might try a few Amish cozy mysteries

    • OHhhh, what a beautiful thought, Martha. I’d never considered that idea. 🙂

      And right above you, Carole, has posted your marvelous word as being hers too for 2015!

  24. Cathy Mayfield says:

    Not sure I ever heard of this “one word” tradition for the new year, but I like it. Mine is going to be – NOW. Simple, to the point.

    I have been a procrastinator for many…oh, just forever! I tried to find a prefix to put before “procrastination,” but couldn’t find the right match; “nonprocrastination” seemed close, but not quite. So, I chose NOW.

    But does that mean I have to get the dishes done NOW? After 7 in the evening? What about the dust piling on and under things in my living room? Well…

    • Cathy, that’s my mother’s word! And she told me sort of embarrassed like it wasn’t a good word. But it’s a wonderful word, isn’t it! She says she’s also been procrastinating–which I’ve never heard her say—in 78 years!

      And I don’t know if you saw my comment above, but she said NOW backwards is WON!

      Can’t wait to hear how y’all do with your NOW word for the year. Such a lovely choice!

      Thanks for sharing it with our little group. 🙂 And I’ll tell Mother she’s not alone. 🙂

      • Cathy Mayfield says:

        Julie, I still remember a conversation your mother and I had at the writers’ conference in Montrose, PA. She asked me what was the thing I wanted more than anything else. My answer then and now is the same, but I often think about her words to me. It’s strange, but I’ve always felt a connection with your mom, from the first of her articles I read (the one when your father died so young) and through her devotions. I remember praying for her relationship with Gene and for your brothers. My desire to meet her made me suggest her as a speaker for Montrose. I’m glad we share our “word.” Reading your devotions and posts has widened that connection to include you, and I’ve been blessed. 🙂

        I LOVE the backward spelling of my word! I just told my daughter, Faith, that this is my year. I plan to win, finally, in this game of discovering God’s will for the next phase of my life after homeschooling. It’s my year to use my writing for something other than teaching. Maybe I’ll get to join you and your mother as a devotional writer for Guideposts! That’d be winning a dream-come-true.

        Blessings to all your family!

        • Ohhh, Cathy–this gives me major goose bumps!!!!!! Look how big God is–and there’s so much we can’t even begin to understand. Looked how He worked!!! Can’t wait to call Mother this morning and fill her in!

          Okay–I’m opening up my prayer requests document again and adding, Cathy Mayfield, WRITING. Have you ever entered their writers contest? It’ll be coming up again in 2016.

          And just now, as I was writing to you, Mother called. I told her about you and Montrose. She said, “Yes, yes, she loved Montrose,” and told me about how beautiful the town is and how welcoming y’all were.

          Praying for you.

          Write. Now.

          • Cathy Mayfield says:

            Just a quickie to say, yes, I did enter Guideposts’ contest years ago and almost this year. I so wanted to meet Debbie Macomber! I didn’t win, but several months later, they called me – on vacation in the mountains, of all places! – and asked to condense my story for “His Mysterious Ways.” Of course, I said yes!! My first official publication and in Guideposts! I was thrilled. It’s my name; it was ghostwritten for a friend; but it was God’s story, so I didn’t mind. My family and I promptly went out to a really nice restaurant to celebrate, spending all the money I would get for the story! Great memories. Guideposts has meant much to me through the years; at Montrose, I met Elizabeth Sherrill my first year and was instrumental in getting your mom and Fred Bauer there. What a blessing to meet him and his lovely wife. I actually do have a dream/goal to be included in the Daily Guideposts some year. I submitted some one time, again years ago. I plan to try again this year!

            Praying for you, too!


          • Hey again, Cathy–I couldn’t make this comment go under what you just added. WOWOWOWOWO!!! That’s wonderful and it sounds like you’re flexible with editors. Which is absolutely necessary.

            Please keep me posted. The best way to break in is through a workshop. Elizabeth Sherrill lead my group at the workshop in 2004. I still refer to her teaching notes. She’s amazing, isn’t she? I’ll never forget—when it was time for our group to edit my story, her markings were all done lightly in pencil. IN PENCIL. Not in a red pen. That so touched my heart. She teaches with great humility.

            And congrats on HMW. Oh, I heard Debbie Macomber do several keynotes at a writers workshop.She was so real and warm and open and funny. She told us how she got into writing–what a story! I could go on and on. Thanks for sharing your news. I don’t think it’s by chance that you and I “met” here on my blog. 🙂

            So much love to you.

  25. Mary says:

    My word for 2015 is MINDFUL! I am striving to be aware of the present moment — and to live in that moment.


    • Mary, since I’ve been doing this, I don’t remember anyone choosing your word. It’s so POWERFUL! It requires all your moments being focused.

      I absolutely love it! Thanks for sharing.


  26. Lynn A. Davidson says:

    Hi, Julie,
    I saw someone put out this challenge a couple of years ago, so I decided to see what word The Lord would put on my heart. The first time I did this my word was Gratitude. Last year it was Pursuance. This year I think it is Positivity.
    I battle depression and discouragement at times, so thinking in a positive frame of mind is a constant challenge. As one of my dad’s caregivers (he has Alzheimer’s and my sister and I have been taking turns staying with him week by week since April 2011) I find his negative and critical attitude to be frustrating. I also keep stalling in my writing goals, so positivity is needed there, too.

    Happy New Year, Julie.


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  8. […] always pick stoic words like Enough, Simple, Follow, and […]

  9. […] life is a lot simpler than I ever thought possible.  […]

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