Trusting God and Letting the Pansies Go

Mother called late Thursday afternoon. “Julie, your brother (Jeremy) is making me a pansy garden. You’ve gotta see it. He bought special fertilizer, planted them in a big dirt mound, and covered them in mulch. He even pressure-washed my angel birdbath, and put out my ‘Trust in God’ sign.”

Friday, she met me at her carport door, sad-faced. “Early this morning, a neighbor saw a 10-point buck eating all my pansies!”

She showed me a picture. “I took this before everything was ruined. Jeremy built the wall by hand with a mallet and hammer. All that’s left now is his rock wall and my sign.”

“Can’t he replant your pansies?”

“Well, he could, but I’d have to stand guard and watch for the deer.”

“That’s a lot of work.”

“Yep. I thought about artificial pansies, but Gene (her husband) said no.”

Monday afternoon she called. “Jeremy’s replanting the whole thing. He’s spreading mothballs to repel the deer.”

“You don’t sound excited. Have you seen it?”

“No. I’m afraid to look. I feel so sorry for the pansies. I can’t stand it if they get eaten again.”

“They’re my favorite flower.”

“Mine too.”

“They’re so brave,” I said.

“They’re survivors. They make it through bitter cold winters.”

“Well, you can’t be afraid to look at them. Let me know when you gather your courage.”

Later that day, she called. “I haven’t looked yet, but I visualized each pansy and prayed over them.”

I could feel her peace through the phone.

“Okay, I’m walking to the window now. Oh, Julie. They’re gorgeous. He planted them not once, but twice, so I love them twice as much. I’ll let you know what happens, but I’m trusting God. I can’t live in fear. Not even about my pansies.”

“Wonderful! Now, send me a picture of you smiling.”

P.S. This week the “pansies” in my life are something I’ve been writing for a long time. Soon, I’m pressing send, trusting God, and letting go.

What are your “pansies” right now?

P.S.S. I just talked to Mother. So far, so good. 🙂




  1. Somehow I believe the visualized pansies impressed in our spirits are enduring and even more beautiful than the “real” ones. The deer thought they were beautiful too. Thank you for sharing not to fear what happens with what we plant but to just keep planting. There is beauty found in Jeremy’s gifts to his mother.

    • Thank you, Tom. I’m sending Jeremy the link to this post. He’ll be thrilled that people are looking at his garden. 🙂 🙂

  2. Excited about your “pansy” heading out to face the exciting things ahead. Praying…..

  3. Anna Haney says:

    My “pansies” are the health of my mom and my mother in law. There is a chance that Momma can come home on the 16th, but is she ready My mother in law, who is 90, goes for an MRI to see if she has a hip fracture. I have disc issues in my back now, along with arthritis. The “A” word for me is as scary as the “C” word for so many since I have watched it ravage my mom for 32 odd years. But I cannot go under a rock. I cannot stop. I cannot stop praying. I have to TRUST (my word) that God has this. I can look back at past crises and see how He worked them all out just beautifully. Prayers to you. sweet friend, as you let go of your pansies. 🙂

    • Love how you worded it, Anna. And I got a great visual of a pansy hiding under a rock–not what we’re supposed to do!

      You’ve been a magnificent word for this year, and it’s done a fabulous job, hasn’t it?

      Let me know how your “pansies” bloom.


  4. Patricia Martin says:

    The pansies are so beautiful! I hope they make it and are a joy to your mom and Gene. they remind me of how we can all be like pansies in a way-sometimes we fall, but God always gives us a second chance to be beautiful.(((: have you seen any Fall leaves yet? Sending God’s blessings to you and yours.
    P.s. How is your novel doing?
    P.s.s. Have you ever visited a pumpkin patch?

    • Hey, Patricia! My novel. Well, I’m almost finished rewriting it!! Have worked so hard on it.

      Yes, I’ve seen a few fall leaves–not anything near peak yet. And yes, I’ve visited a pumpkin patch. How about you?

      How’s it coming eating GF? Just put a pumpkin loaf in the oven–GF, of course,

  5. Sandra Walker says:

    Anna’s post could almost be mine! My daughter (38 with 4 children) was diagnosed yesterday with lupus. I am so relieved it is something treatable but it still very serious. Just CANNOT live in fear!
    There are so many other things we are dealing with but God just keeps saying Trust Me. The enemy wants me to quit but I won’t!!!

    • Amen, Sandra. We simply can’t live in fear. And seriously, my mother was too afraid to look out the window, and I’ve talked to her again this afternoon–pansies are alive and well.

      I’m praying for your daughter. I’ve had to learn about Lupus (with my autoimmune issues). Please let me know how she’s doing. Do you live close to her?

      All my love.

      • Sandra Walker says:

        No, the most frustrating part is I’ m 4 hours away. They live right outside Columbia, SC. I can go some but not like I want or need to! Thank you for praying.

  6. Georgia says:

    My pansies are my marriage. It has been a rocky time….due to some outside influences but, even though I have wanted to many times, I am not going to give up.

    • Ohhh, Georgia. A rocky time in marriage … lifting you right now. I love how you used the word “rocks” to go with “pansies.”

      May the Lord bloom His love into your marriage.

      • Georgia says:

        Thank you so much Julie!! I am looking forward to you finishing and publishing your novel. I can’t wait to read it!!!!

  7. My pansies? Myself. Sounds strange, but I get afraid of doing what I want to do for ME. Sometimes it feels a lot more comfortable to just continue to do for others, to jump through the hoops, to climb the walls, so much so that I forget what it is that makes ME the happiest.

    That’s what I’m working on. Releasing the “pansies,” enjoying going where my passion leads me. Making ME happy.


    • Beautiful, B.J.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And oh how I understand. You’ve been on my heart today…

      Big hug from Georgia. Can’t wait ’til we talk again!

  8. Shelley Elaine says:

    What a BEAUTIFUL picture of your mom and and the pansies and Jeremy’s heart and perseverance! So encouraging!!!

    • Awww, thanks, Shelley. I love it when God talks to us/me through the simple everyday things. Because they’re all around us, aren’t they? Even right outside our window.

      So much love to you and yours.

  9. Julie Gilleand says:

    Hey Leafy Sister!

    What a beautiful pansy garden! I love it! And I have to ask — when you asked your mom to send a picture of herself smiling and she did, does that mean she has a smartphone or even email now? Maybe you mentioned it before and I’ve forgotten, but I just remembered how she didn’t like computers or email! I love that — planted twice so loved it twice as much! The harder something is to go through, the more it means to us in the end. More precious. Hmmm, makes me think of my marriage. Hubby and I married once and it got “eaten by the deer”. We waited awhile (10 years) and replanted. We’re on our second go of it — 5 1/2 yrs in and counting. The deer are still out there, but we’re steering them away best we can! Thanks so much for sharing this story for the pansies in my life it reminds me of and for sharing the beautiful pictures of the flowers and your dear mother 🙂

    Other Leafy Julie

    • Ohhh, Leaf Sister. I wish my mother had email, a computer, and knew more about using her iPhone. She’s learned to take and send pics. I tried to teach her how to use the internet the day I was there. She said her neck hurt from looking down and she got tired of trying. 🙁

      Love your marriage analogy! And your love story! And how God is resurrecting your “garden.”

      So much love, Leafy Sissy!

  10. A beautiful post Julie. Making me do some heavy-duty thinking about what my pansies are. Thanks for the thought provoker.

  11. Kathryn Richardson says:

    Oh those deer are so fun to watch, but, they can eat the wrong things sometimes. My partner puts corn out for them, but, they still managed to trim some of my Autumn Joy. Stinkers! God does make some wonderful creatures tho’.

    • Hey Kathryn, “Autumn Joy.” I’ve never heard of this. Will have to google it. I love the way it sounds!!

      Thanks for commenting and so faithfully reading.

  12. marci says:

    You always give me something to think about– and it is usually something that I need to think about. I will ponder the different Pansies I have –probably over the next few day I will think about them, so that is a good thing– a growing thing. One of my current Pansies, is the Church. And there is a lot of letting go in that situation. It will be replanted, with the new to replace what was ‘eatten by the deer’ We have the specs from the one who will be ‘putting the building back together’ – along with some changes.- some good, as it will be more handicapped accessable once rebuilt. Thank you for sharing the pictures of the pansies. I too like them – they always seem to be such gentle flowers, yet so hardy.
    I was glad to see that you are about finished with your novel, and hope to be able to read it when it is ready. Will Guidepost be offering it as one of their books, or have you gotten that far yet?

    • Hey Marci–I love how you relate your church burning to your pansies. I can’t wait until it’s completely finished! You gotta send me a pic.

      Not sure where my novel will land…trusting Him to help it find just the right home.’

      Thank you, my friend.

  13. My hope, is to one day lay eyes on and hold your dear “pansy,” with my very own hands. I think, hope is my pansy- and its been replanted so many times- I have a whole garden of hope. I love the visualization idea- and goodness- how precious your sweet mom feels to me!

  14. Sweet, Julie. I’ll be praying over your work that you “send.” I know that feeling.

    My pansies? My daughter is taking her PSAT test tomorrow. We don’t feel ready … have shed a few tears … but trusting God.

    Much love …

    • Ohhhh, boy. Do I remember the dreaded PSATs Shellie.

      Please let me know how she does. I’m praying right now.

      And I hit send. 🙂

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