Help! My Phone’s Been Stolen…And My Peace Too!

The other day, I did something stupid. I was grocery shopping. I checked my list which I keep on my phone. Putting my phone back in my purse, I thought, zip your purse.

But I didn’t.

I left my purse in the buggy (that’s Southern for grocery cart) while I looked for chocolate chips.

Seconds later, I reached for my phone.

It wasn’t there. Was it stolen? Did I lose it?

Nooooooooooooo! I need my phone! I love my phone!

My rational self left. Crazy took over.

I squatted on the floor, dumped everything out of my purse, and searched through my groceries like a madwoman.

Calm down. Stop being such a panic button.

I ran to customer service.

“No, ma’am. No one’s turned in a phone.”

Of course not. It was stolen.

I left my groceries, hurried to our service provider, and called the police–the whole time, my word for 2014 softly tapped my heart.


Almost every morning this year, I’d written “God, You’re more than enough for me” in my prayer journal.

What about when someone steals your phone? Or when anything and everything goes wrong?

Is God enough then?

Every few minutes I stopped fretting long enough to pray.

Lord, whether or not I find my phone, You’re more than enough for me.

Each time I prayed my peace returned.

Five hours later after driving to another city for a replacement phone, I received a call.

My phone was turned in at customer service twenty minutes after being stolen. Some kind soul found it in the grocery store parking lot. When I erased my data, the thief probably tossed my phone.

I’d wasted a lot of time hurrying and worrying. But maybe it wasn’t a total waste.

Maybe it was worth the drama to grasp this truth.

No matter what happens, no one can steal our peace.

“You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You…” Isaiah 26:3 NKJV

Can you relate? If you chose a word this year, how’s it going?









  1. love it!!!!!!
    Oh Julie, He IS enough!
    As I’m still steeping in my word from 2013, abide…a new word has taken root. A word that goes hand in hand w/ ‘abide’…TRUST.
    I had such a hard time last year, abiding…I think I’m seeing it was because I wasn’t trusting…
    sending love ox

    • Robin, I even love the way ABIDE sounds. Isn’t it just wonderful? It calls us to trust Him. And reminds us to have simple faith like that of a little child.

  2. What a great reminder that when we stop fretting long enough to pray, we find His peace and that He is enough. I am thankful that it worked out for you and for this lesson you have shared. Day after day we come to know His blessings are enough as we continue to go to Him. Blessings!

  3. Kim says:

    Oh Julie – My word for the year is Share. It has been a tremendous challenge in so many ways. But, I am beginning to see it as a blessing too. The past 2 weeks for me have been transformative. I finally faced, dealt with, felt and accepted a life experience from over 20 years ago that I completely shut down emotionally as a result of. I have kept myself closed off from literally everyone since. Simply been going through the motions of life. I now feel a freedom and a joy deep in me. I know I still have work to do. Sharing is still not comfortable for me. I have also come to realize that I do not accept (really feel) the good things in my life either. Visualize this: I nod, smile, take them and sort of set them off to the side, like on a shelf to be viewed instead. I do not know what do to with them. So, progress made, yet much room for growth. God is so good. Thanks for all your encouragement, Kim

    • Kim!!!!!!! I’m dancing in my heart! This makes my day–to see this. What courage it took to go back and let Him heal you. I’m cheering for you!!

      And also, you were incredible brave to chose a word that you weren’t particular comfortable with. I usually feel that way when I pick my word…like “I know what this means. You’re going to grow me up in some way, Lord.”

      Hugging you from my office.

  4. Patricia Martin says:

    Happy Spring, Julie! My word for this year is “Rest” and I have tried to spend some time every day resting in God. (: Are you looking forward to Easter? The pics of your daughters in matching Easter dresses when they were younger are soooo cute- I wish my sister and I could were matching clothes.(; Sending sun your way!

    • Hey Patricia,

      How is your sister doing? I’ve been praying….she has surgery scheduled, right?

      Rest. Oh, what a lovely word. To learn to Rest. I love it. You know, I’ve been thinking about that very thing–dressing my daughters alike. Ha! They’re 32 and 29. Not sure that would go over this year….but it might work for a neat blog! Thanks for the idea. 🙂

      • Patricia Martin says:

        Thank you, Julie, for all your prayers- I know they are working in a powerful way! My parents are trying an alternative treatment for Maddy and if it works she may no longer require surgery. ((((: Whenever my cats do not want to wear something we always trick them into doing it- amazing how far a little kibble can go! ():

  5. Anna Haney says:

    My word is TRUST and it is surprising to me how much harder it is to do than last year’s word, which was PATIENCE. It’s easy to trust God with the big things. We all say that we trust God to handle the big stuff and He does. But it’s the little things, like a cell phone, that it’s hard to turn loose and entrust to Him. For me the last week, it’s been a new CPU on my work computer. Of all things, my screensaver could not be transferred over and I cannot find a replacement. One would think from my reaction on Thursday that I had lost a family member. “How will I zone out and be calm in between appointments without that screensaver?” I kept asking myself. Wasted so much time trying to find one like it. No luck. There was a default one that uses photos I have downloaded. Some are motivational for students, some educational, one of my dad, my husband, friends. Now I see my screensaver and I pray. I need to trust and remember HE is indeed enough.
    Love you

    • You’re so right. In the back of my mind, I knew, it’s okaaaaaaay. No matter what. But I still had moments of panic mode. And computer issues, they can be the worst, Anna. Send me a pic of your new screensaver. Would love to see it.

      Love you too!

  6. Good reminder, Julie. He has it all in hand. 🙂

    • Amen, Ane. Even when our hands mess up and don’t zip our purses. 🙂

      Thanks again for your help yesterday. You’re such an amazing friend!

  7. Oh yes, Julie. It’s so easy to say the right Christian response, but not always east to live it out. I can soooo identify with your feelings. After all, our phones and other tech tools carry so much of our lives! But we truly can rest in the fact that even without a phone or a computer or any other thing, God and His grace are enough.

    Thank you for the reminder!

    • Vonda, it was like He kept pressing on my heart, “I’m offering to help you, but if you’d rather do it your way….” And for a while, I fought Him. Arrrrrrrrrrrgggg!

      Love you, my friend. Thanks for reading.

  8. Jan says:

    I can sure relate to rational self departing and panic mode taking over, and just that quickly too. Awful!! But your phone came back to you in part because you took quick action, galvanized by concern (panic?, fear?, salted with some common sense?)–and you knew what to do. (I don’t think I would have known a number to call about my cell phone!) Whatever it was, it all worked together on your behalf for good. You are learning just how true God’s enoughness is–may the rest of us learn that too through you. And to listen to the nudges of wisdom.

    • Hey Jan, Actually the police officer had to shut down my phone. I have no idea how it worked. I just know it did.

      You’re absolutely right. I’m learning about His enoughness…love that word!!! I’d never thought of it that way. Enoughness. That’s exactly what’s happening this year.

  9. Jan says:

    I have not a word for this year–still seeing the last one, from a few years ago already–delight. That one was handed to me at church. The lady who organized that has not done it since. How do you know what your new word is each year? Do you really choose it yourself? Not sure I am attuned enough to manage that!

    • Hey again, Jan.

      My word for the year….I chose it toward the end of the year. It’s as if the word chooses me. Everywhere I go, I’ll see the word, or in my daily readings, it’ll keep popping off the page. It might be something I know God’s drawing me to. Like one year it was Courage. I was afraid. I knew fear wasn’t from Him. Courage seemed like the word I “needed.”

      DELIGHT is a wonderful word! I’d love it if He’d lead me to that word for 2015. 🙂 🙂

      Thank you!! And my BFF is sticking with her word from last year for this year too. ABIDE.

  10. Oh Julie- what a beautifully shared experience. My panic meter was rising as I read and I can’t even believe that someone would steal it right out of your purse in the grocery cart! Oh my stars- I wouldn’t last 2 seconds. I admire how your word guided you and grounded you in Him.

    My word has been a challenge so far. I’ve “become” a caretaker for my mom and it has caused me to truly revisit parts of my life and face others. I’m not sure what the lessons are yet, but I am in the midst of them I think…

    Thank you- indeed you have caused me to want to ponder this further!

    • Vicky, the thing is, I ignored the prompting to “zip your purse” and “don’t leave it in the buggy.” When my husband and I shop together, he’s always saying that as he guards the groceries (and my purse!)

      It was so sweet of Him, really, to keep bringing Enough to the surface.

      Can’t wait to read what you write about “Become.” Ohhh, what a lovely word!


  11. Brenda Greene says:

    Aw Julie Girl…don’t we LOVE our phones (mini-computers)?! I know sure do, had it since June of last year.

    On an over-night trip with a girlfriend the first of December, I left mine plugged into our car charger and forgot to get it when Hubby dropped me off and drove away. I immediately called my number but knowing he wouldn’t answer it, he has no idea how. He hates ’em and refuses to use one. However, he did come back to the house hoping we had not left. We had, and was trying to catch him, but he had taken a different route. So I ended up without my phone “attached” to me for 36 hours. Once I got over the panic….I love having “instant” access to our girls and grandkids thru texting…I survived! It was a great lesson in the “important” things in life. Good grief, I had lived 60+ years without one!!

    “Wait” continues to be my word for 2014, as in “they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:31). The Lord surely knew how important that word would be to me this year….been doing a lot of it lately!

    Thank you Sweet Julie for keeping us focused on what’s important in life! Much love! Brenda

    • Brenda…been thinking about you so much!

      You’re right. Our phones are an instant connection to our loved ones (and to the entire world really).

      You’re so in-tune and obedient to agree and accept the word WAIT. Because it goes against our natural inclinations.

      All my love. You’re one wise lady, my friend.

  12. So very sorry that your phone was stolen. And I’m so very glad that you resolved it without incident!

    I did choose a word this year: trust — and it was the first thing I thought of when I read about what happened to you. I knew God would take care of you. He always does!

  13. Julie Gilleand says:

    Oh Julie, I could just feel your panic as I read about your lost phone. I know that feeling! I do the same thing — keep my grocery list in my phone. I have a phone wallet too that I keep it in. This particular grocery outing I must have either written the list on paper or had it in my head or I’d have noticed something wrong way sooner. With a very full shopping cart (that’s northern for buggy, lol), I entered the check-out lane. Reaching for my phone wallet where I also kept my debit card and grocery store card (the one you swipe to get good deals), but oh no, no wallet! I walked up and down every single aisle of the store. Nothing. Nothing at customer service. Then I remembered. I had a hole in my coat pocket and had lost things before down into the lining of the coat. I reached down, down, down and there it was! Oh the relief. Before that I was imagining having to cancel my debit card, call my phone service provider to stop my service and “clean” the phone of its contents or lock it, or whatever they do. I imagined having to run home for my checkbook so I could come back and buy my groceries. But all the while I was cringing. Just like you, I love my phone! My life is in there. My friends. Texts from my husband. I always keep yesterday’s texts from him in there until I know for sure he made it to work safely because I know if anything happened, I’d hold those last messages from him dear. I don’t think I stopped in the midst of my panic to just breathe and remember God was in control, although I’m sure I prayed for it to be found. I do tend to panic first, pray last and need to get that switched around! My word is “sacred”. Maybe if I spend more time apart with God (sacred places/ sacred time), I’d be more apt to pray first, panic last, but wait, if I pray first, probably panic wouldn’t be necessary!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Julie G (fellow leaf sister 🙂

    • That is EXACTLY how I felt, Leaf Sister. To a T.

      What a lovely, lovely word. Sacred. You shared that with me before, right? That’s one of those precious words that makes my heart skip a beat. I can’t hear it and not slow down and ponder it.

      Love your last thought…If I pray first, panic wouldn’t be necessary. Love it, love it, love it!

  14. When reading your post, it reminded me of something I read this morning. It said, “Don’t be upset just pray. God knows your situation and he has it under control.” We all need to remember that when something happens. We as humans, tend to do the first thing that comes to mind and that is, we get upset and our mind starts going a mile a minute. When all we need to do is pray!

    My word this year is, believe. And, it has been a year so far, that I have been asked many times to just believe!

    Thanks for this post Julie! It’s a great reminder that we need not worry because God is in control.

    • I love it how something that happens to one of us (friends) connects with another friend. And just yesterday you were reading something that said not to be upset (about anything!!)…just pray.

      Thank you, Eileen. Hugs from rainy Georgia this morning.

    • arie says:

      My word is Believe also, Eileen. ..and I have not remembered to focus on that lately. Thanks for the reminder.

      • Arie, Believe would be a good word for me for every day, for the rest of my life!

        Hugs to you and yours, my friend. XOXOXO

  15. Sandra Walker says:

    I’m learning not to panic about a lot of things, but “panic” is the go to mode where my phone is concerned! Paul says I need something to hang it around my neck! I have quite a few senior moments a week that involve my phone :). My word is “blessed”. Every day I am seeing how blessed I really am. Really is changing my thinking (from stinking to grateful)!

    • Ohh, Sandra. I get it. Big time. Changing stinking thinking to gratitude. Yep. That’s where the Lord has brought me this year. And if you find something to hang around your neck that will hold your phone, please let me know. I’ll get one too. 🙂

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