Lessons From My Cat Thelma

Have you ever had someone spot beauty you’d overlooked, and it was right there beside you? My husband rescued Kitty Thelma several years ago. She was a few weeks old when he found her hiding underneath a car. This past weekend before the ice and snow, our son’s girlfriend Brittany took  pictures of her.

She captured Thelma’s everyday moments, but there’s nothing everyday about Brittany’s pictures

They are Divine.

Brittany showed them to me Sunday night.

It was as though I’d never really seen my cat until I saw these photos.

Every picture held a message for me.

Talk about having a moment.

I sensed God tapping my heart.

Pay attention, He seemed to say.

“Look at her,” I said. “She’s so happy on our front porch.”

“Rescued animals are always grateful,” Brittany said. “Thelma’s secure. And confident. And fearless.”

“Oh, look. When she’s tired, she rests.”

“This expression,” I said.  “She’s doing exactly what God created her to do. Watch birds.”

“She’s not posing. She’s just being herself,” Brittany said.

“Her beautiful self. I bet she didn’t stress about the photo-shoot.”

“No way. Thelma’s not a people pleaser,” Brittany said.

“You mean, she wasn’t trying to impress you?”

Brittany laughed. “She’s too smart for that.”

“This one’s priceless. She never gets tired of the little things.”

“She’s sitting in my wicker chair–content wherever she lands.”

Then Brittany showed me the last one.

My very favorite.

“How did you get this picture? The sun streaming over her shoulder…”

Brittany just smiled.

“Pure contentment. Like she’s in heaven. Right on her own front porch.”

Lord, I don’t want to miss the Splendor of any moment. Just like Thelma.

Which one of Brittany’s pictures is your favorite and why?

* If you’d like to contact her about a photo-shoot for your pet, you can find her on Facebook, Brittany Lynn Brooks.





  1. anna haney says:

    The last one is, my fave. I see the joy and bliss. This is how I want to feel and should feel after worship and time in the word

    • Me too! I just can’t believe Brittany was able to snap the camera at the right instant to catch that moment of joy and bliss–like you said. I’d never thought about comparing it to worship, but you’re absolutely right! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Kim says:

    This is precious, Julie. I love the picture of Kitty Thelma resting. And it is so true, rescue animals are always grateful. Both of our cats are ones we rescued. Our little one is so trusting. Both are very loving. I am usually irritated with my daughter for taking dozens of pictures of the cats on my camera. Today I may just hand it to her and say have a go. Show me their day. After all, there is no school again! This ice storm is beautiful! Just praying we keep power. Thank you for a sweet reminder to look for beauty in the every day.

    • I’m smiling, Kim. I know–I’d NEVER actually noticed Thelma’s beauty. I mean, I knew she was a cute cat. But to actually pay attention and see her with my heart…be open to what God might be saying to me through her.

      Enjoy your new kitty pictures. I’m sure your daughter will take more. Glad yours are rescues too!

  3. Patricia Martin says:

    What a beautiful cat, Kitty Thelma is! I Love cats! The pictures are so wonderful I cannot choose one from all the rest. (; I have two cuddly, girl Ragdoll cats- I love kissing them and holding them. ((: God created such a blessing for us when he created cats! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours this Friday!

    • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ragdoll cats! Our oldest daughter is all about cats. She’d love to have a ragdoll. She has two cats and is single. Her cats are so important to her.

      Yes, Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!

      So much love….

  4. Great lessons and pics of Thelma. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Brenda Osborne says:

    Beautiful cat and beautiful post. We need to learn a lesson from the cat. Slow down and enjoy the beauty God created for us. The ice and snow is an inconvenience in our too busy lives, but it is
    God’s creation and we need to enjoy the beauty~

    • Thank you, Brenda! I’m just so glad Brittany wanted to take pictures….otherwise, I’d have missed the beauty. Would have hurried my busy little life the other way and never noticed.

  6. Beautiful cat and what a talented photographer Brittany is. We can all take a lesson from this post, Julie. God blesses us with each and every second of each day. We should always take the time to notice the beauty around us. To take a breath once in awhile and just relax. To take the time to thank God for all the beauty he has surrounded us with. Thanks for the reminder!

    My favorite picture is the one where Thelma is looking back as the sun is shining on her.

    • I know, Eileen! Brittany’s amazing, and your compliment means so much because you are SO gifted in photography. I love how you see with your heart and bring the world to us with your camera. And your heart.

      You and me both–our favorite is that last one.

  7. Tell Brittany if she ever gets to California, then I want a photo shoot of me with my Charlie Bear. She’s an excellent photographer. My fav is the resting one. Love the colors on her head, her expression of peace, the way she gives in to the moment. I need to be like Thelma: enjoy the many facets (colors) of my personality, have an expression of thankfulness and acceptance in all things, and give in to the times when I need a nap on the sofa or a crawl back into bed. Awwww, Thelma, thanks for your class today! And to your Momma, Julie, for typing it all up for you. ; o )

    • Ohhhh, she’d love to, B.J. She is in heaven taking pictures–especially of animals.

      Thelma’s colors–aren’t they the best. They’re mismatched but in a beautiful way.

      Love you, my friend.

  8. Wow! Great photos!

    • Thank you, Elizabeth. You have the same kind of eye for beauty. The same amazing pictures. Going to fix me some hot chocolate today just because of your glorious picture!

  9. Brenda Greene says:

    Oh by far, “contentment, pure contentment” is my favorite! Have found myself there many times since retiring and “settling” into enjoying each day as they “pop” up! God seems to always “surprise” me with a blessing when I least expect it! The pictures are excellent and you added such delightful words! Thank you!

    However, they made me sad and ponder if I’m ready to “rescue” another cat. A few days before Christmas I had to take our 22 year old “Shasta” to the Vet and help her “cross over.” Affected me more than I had expected. She also was a rescue (as a tiny kitten) and her quality of life over the past year had deteriorated… she was so weak she could no longer meow (being a Siamese who are fierce yowlers it was sad). Didn’t realize how much I would miss her. Hubby says absolutely not, he doesn’t want any more pets as we still have six year old Belmont, a rescued (at 8 weeks, shivering in the rain by the side of the road) Aussie mix (Australian husky/shepherd) dog. We’ll see, if our next one comes ambling down our driveway looking for a good home. (A side-note here: I have never been a “cat” person even when Hubby brought in our first after being married less than a year…we’ve had them ever since (46 years worth!) and until Shasta left, didn’t realize what I miss.)

    In the meantime….thanks Julie Girl…another day-brightener for this beautiful stay-inside day the Lord has made. Stay warm and safe!

    • Hey Brenda,

      Wow. I can feel your heart right now…wanting to love again, wanting to risk it, and 22 years. Think of all the life that happened while you had Shasta.

      I’m praying for you right now. One of my mother’s cats was a rescue–she just wandered up to her back steps. It could happen for you again. You know kitties are born in the spring and fall. And spring is coming. Let me know…..I wouldn’t be surprised at all if He brings you another one to love.

  10. Georgia says:

    Hi, Julie! Love love love all of the cat pictures. Thelma is beautiful. I have two cats of my own and they are a great joy. Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures and message.

    • You’re so welcome, Georgia. I had so much fun writing this one. And such a treat to show my readers Brittany’s heart and talent.

      Love to you this morning!…..This snowy morning in Georgia.

  11. Alisha says:

    Dear Julie and everyone reading,
    Please, please pray for my cat, Nina. She is real sick. She is only 7. The Vet. doesn’t know what is wrong, she is just still. Will only take a few licks of baby food off my finger. I have been praying! We are stuck in the snow, so no Vet. for now. Don’t want her to suffer at home until I can get her to the vet.
    Thank you. Thank you all.
    All the pictures are just great Julie. Perfect. So glad God blessed us with cats and dogs.

    • Ohhh, no, Alisa. Okay, I’m praying right now for Nina. I’m praying God’s healing hand touches your sweet Nina. We couldn’t get to our vet either, and I’m sure no one would be in their office today.

      But God sees.

      Please, please let us know what happens.

      Tuna? Have you tried that? I bet so…

      So much love…..Let me know

      • Alisha says:

        Bless you Julie. She will lick a little baby food off my finger. She (we) are hanging in there! Thank you precious Prayer Warrior!

  12. Shelley Elaine says:

    Aww…how sweet! All great shots-but liked the last one best!!! LOVE the life application…

    • I know, Shelley. That last one. How in the world did Brittany catch that sliver of a moment?

      Thank you, thank you, for letting me know you liked this post!

  13. Kathryn says:

    I liked the one in the wicker chair. She looks like “this is my place”! We have several kitties and they are so interesting and special. They have their own ideas. Thanks for sharing.

    • The wicker chair–I know, Kathryn, plus the colors are so pretty. Looks like springtime, doesn’t it?

      You’re right. Kitties have their own ideas. I’d kind of assumed all cats were, well, alike, but they’re not. That’s what my mother and daughter tell me. They’re unique. Different personalities.

      Blessings to you and yours today. Thanks for letting me know you’re reading. 🙂 That’s why I write.

  14. I love the contentment picture- Thelma has figured out how to rest in the sanctuary you’ve provided- just like I want to learn to live in the hiding place He’s offered me! hugs Julie- thanks for sharing!

    • Cindy…what a beautiful thought–that Thelma can rest in the sanctuary we’ve provided. Sanctuary. I love it! And Hiding Place.


  15. Sandra Walker says:

    My favorite is the one with the sunlight. It expresses God’s love to me and I want to be warmed like that! Your post last week and this week really spoke to me as God has been telling me to see things differently – our sermon series was even “Change Up”! Both posts just exquisite!

    • Ohhh, I know, me too, Sandra. That sunlight picture.

      Thank you, thank you. You’re such an encourager. Keeps me writing!


  16. first…I’m in LOVE w/ Thelma…
    second…”pure contentment…like she’s in heaven right on her own front porch”…there is enough wisdom in that little phrase for me to meditate on for days and days…wow.
    thanks J (and Brittany is an amazing photographer) ox

    • Yep, Robin, and somehow I’d overlooked Thelma’s exquisite beauty…until Brittany captured it. Oh, the lessons we learn~~


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