Changing Seasons…and Hearts

Thursday morning, we woke up to several inches of snow. This kind of thing doesn’t happen too often in Georgia, so I went camera crazy.

I left my husband PORCH PARTYING by himself while I took pictures.

If you’re from the snow country, never mind, but if you’re from the deep South, you might enjoy the miracle we witnessed.

You can barely see the walkway to our house.

Our driveway was completely covered.

Icicles clung to the bird feeder.

Tree limbs crystalized.

As a child, I didn’t think too much about seasons changing. Maybe that comes with age and experiencing the seasons of life.

What about the season of raising teenagers? We thought that season would last forever.

And the season of grief. We’ve buried a child, my father, our grandparents, others we love.

The season of sickness. Waiting on doctors to call. Test results. Biopsies.

I’ve been smothered by depression, so far down I didn’t think I’d rise again.

When you’re going through a difficult season, you’re convinced life will always be this way.

But what about the snow? Such a remarkable difference from last week. And spring has never failed to come.

Not too many weeks from now our driveway will look like this.

Buds will burst through.

Pretty soon, it’ll be time to put out ferns.

One day, all our bare spots will be filled in, and the things we don’t understand will be made clear. Click to tweet

If you’re going through a difficult season right now, I’d love to pray for you. Maybe I’ve been there too.




  1. Patricia Martin says:

    Love the pics, Julie! Your house looks just like the log cabin houses featured in Christmas magazines! I hope your making snow angels out there while the snow lasts.(; Happy Snow Day to you and yours- I am roasting here in Arizona as we are having a heat spell.

    • Can’t believe you were roasting while we froze!! Now it feels like early springtime here. 🙂

      Thank you, thank you, Patricia, for letting me know you’re reading.

      Hope today is full of blessings.

  2. anna haney says:

    Bawling. of the huge snow ( which was gone by 4 pm), we attended a funeral for a 57 year old church member who died from flu complications. My best friends mother in law died the following night. My parents are getting older, in poor health, as is my mother in law. I wanted to crawl into God’s lap and sob. But Sunday, the sun was bright. The temperatures rose. More sadness will come, but so will joy. Thank you

    • You haven’t cried in a while with one of my posts. Seriously, though, so glad this one hit home with you.

      Your words are beautiful. Lifting you in prayer this morning. You’ve had a rough few days, but….surely….the sun is going to stay out for a while.

      All my love, Anna. Hugging you from here.

  3. Beautiful reminder, Julie. Thank you.

  4. Brenda Osborne says:

    Julie, this post is so inspirational. You said it so well. The seasons will continue to change and
    we will experience sadness, but we will also experience Joy.
    Thank you for the pretty pictures of the snow and the pictures of the Spring that surely will come soon!
    As I think of the changes taking place in my personal life, I am thankful God has blessed me with good health, good friends, a wonderful loving family and a good man who loves me and is my best friend!!
    Enjoy every season of your life~

    • Brenda, maybe it’s something about aging–the older we get, the more seasons we experience.
      The more tender we grow. The more we spot ways to be grateful. The more opportunity we have to hurt, yes, but also feel deep JOY.

      Thank you, my friend. Wish we were at one of Robin’s parties sitting beside each other talking!

  5. I love how you see these things and you’re so right. 🙂

    • Thank you, Ane. Love you. You’re so special to me!! You’ve been a sunny season in my life. You bring sunshine every where you go!

  6. Seasons. And my word this year: Trust. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. Like two good friends on almost opposite sides of the country. Trust in the Seasons — and like you said: one day all our bare spots will be filled in.

    • For sure, B.J. It doesn’t feel like we’re miles apart, does it?!

      So true…trust in the seasons. He allowed them to come to us in His timing.

      Love you.

  7. JENNY COLE says:

    Thanks Julie for your wonderful post today. I have forwarded to several friends who are going through a storm in their life right now. Blessing to you and your sweet family!

    • Ohhh, Jenny. Thank you! I’m hugging you from my little loft office. Means SO much to know that the words from my heart touch others.


  8. Julie Gilleand says:

    I love the literal promise of Spring coming and Winter now lasting much longer, being from up north and drowning in snow and cold! But I also love your spiritual meaning. Like that old saying, “This too shall pass” (or is that a scripture?). Sometimes that is all there is to cling to, but it might just be enough. Thanks for sharing your observations, those from your heart and from your camera!

    You Leaf Sister 🙂

    • Julie, after a few days of “real” snow, I gotta say, I don’t know how you snow people do it. We heard people from the north interviewed on the news saying what we had is like what they’ve experienced.

      Is “This too shall pass” a Scripture? I’ll have to google it. My GM was always saying it with a faraway look in her eyes. 🙂

      love you, Leaf Sister.

  9. ahhhhh! The perfect word for me today! February has always been one of the hardest months for me to get through- after 7 nights of leaving our faucets dripping so our pipes wouldn’t freeze- I went out yesterday without a coat- and heard- a symphony of birds promising me spring is just a few turns away! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures- I think snow looks lovely in the south 🙂 hugs Julie

    • Yes, yes, yes, Cindy! The birds. They’re singing right now!! I can’t imagine living with snow like we had for days.

      And no coat yesterday for you!! The air was different at our porch parties today and yesterday.

      Could it be??? Spring is coming again this year???


  10. Kathryn says:

    This is a great post. Being from MN I definitely know about snow…we are suppose to get several inches more starting tomorrow. Your metaphor is great. My brother-in-law passed this last Sat. a.m. so it’s a sad time and big upheaval for my sister, but, like you say the sun will shine again and the buds will soon appear. Thank you for your enthusiasm.

    • Ohhh, Kathryn. I’m so sorry about your sister’s husband. 🙁 I’m praying for her right now–for your whole family.

      I can’t believe you live in Snow Country! I can’t imagine knowing how to live like we did, and it coming naturally. I almost fell down the front porch steps….forgot snow/ice is slippery. 🙂

      Thank you, my friend. Love to know you’re reading!

  11. What a great message and reminder! Thank you for the pictures to remind us of the promises of a new season.

  12. Terri says:

    Loved your pictures of your cabin – so beautiful. I could use your prayers for my family. Thank you.


  13. Julie, I love the pictures! Like you, we’ve had a crazy season–in weather and in weathering the storms of life. Thank you for the reminder that “new” is just around the corner. BTW, your setting makes me miss our former home in the middle of nine acres of woods and a 1/2 mile-long driveway that looked a lot like yours. So peaceful. I miss that season of my life in some ways, but this one has its unique blessings as well!

    Love you, sweet friend…

    • Love your thoughts, Vonda. And isn’t it the truth! Every season has unique blessings.

      I had no idea you’d lived way “out yonder” like we do.

      Love you too!

  14. Sandra Walker says:

    Thank you, Julie, for the reminder that “this, too, shall pass.” I am in a season right now of ministering to family and it has been a long time already with no end in sight. It is a very lonely place. Your blog is my connection to a friend who truly understands. I know that one day I will get out again, but, in the meantime, please pray for me.

    • Sandra, Sweet Sandra,

      Hugging you from my loft right now.

      Surely He sees and understands your lonely place. I’m praying for you. Thank you for sharing so honestly.

      all my love…

  15. love it as always Julie…It’s so true how some seasons just go on and on and we think they’ll never end. I’m going to remember your photos when I’m tempted to get discouraged about a season I’m in right now…the snowy driveway and the sunny day picture are a perfect reminder for me xo

  16. You see so much more than what’s obvious. It’s beautiful or painful. But it’s filled with sweet Holy Spirit and His love. It’s reassuring like hug. And better days ahead or the ability to walk through troubled times. They are such an important part of life. As is Victory. Thank you sweet daughter.

  17. You taught me to see life this way, Mother…all those years of reading your writing.

    I love you~

  18. Anna Haney says:

    Oh, Julie. I am going through a transition right now. Cancer changes so much. I am here at work and I really don’t know if I want to keep doing this job. It’s not that hard; making more money than I ever had, but I don’t feel that challenged and fulfilled anymore. If I had not stopped to teach for 10 years, Friday would have been my 25th anniversary as an academic advisor. And I feel that I have maybe done what God sent me here to do. I am not really sure. It’s not that I am miserable, just not where I feel He can use me best. This is not the adventure I need to be on.
    But I know from my life experiences that this season is only temporary. Just like these unusual spring like temperatures we are having in East Tennessee, this season will soon be replaced by a different one. Thanks for this reminder.

    • Anna, when I read your comment, I felt “it” in my heart with you.

      I’ll be praying for you–for peace and clarity.

      Thank you, my friend. Just touches my heart so much to find out a re-posted blog meant something to you.

      Let me know….

  19. Jo Ann Thomason says:

    Beautiful pictures; sweet comments, even though there have been some difficult times! Thank you for sharing your heart and the message about our Lord’s faithfulness!!!

    Julie, you are a blessing and I’m so grateful that God has gifted you so beautifully and that you share those gifts with us.

    Much love
    Jo Ann

    • Jo Ann, you and your family are so near and dear to me. Right now, just thinking about over the years, everything we’ve been through, how we’ve prayed for each other–it’s such a gift, isn’t it?

      I love you dearly. Thank you for your encouraging words. You have the gift of encouragement–for sure, along with lots more.

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