My Word for 2014…Enough is Enough

Deciding on my one word for the year always goes this way. A word comes to me in November. I run from it. Same thing happened in 2013. Here’s a snippet from my journal about my 2014 word:

“Lord, what kind of word is Enough? Enough doesn’t sound very spiritual, and I have no idea how to apply it. E.N.O.U.G.H. Enough what?”


It was December 27 and I was getting fidgety–way past time to have picked my word. I sat in my prayer chair and read from Sarah Young’s JESUS CALLING hoping for clarity.


Page 378:

“Take time to be still in My Presence so that I can strengthen you.”

Further down the page…

How much better is it to walk close to Me, depending on My strength and trusting Me in every situation.”

Oswald Chambers, MY UTMOST FOR HIS HIGHEST, December 27:

“The most dangerous and unsure thing is to try to live without God.”

“You know, God, I’ve done this plenty of times. Lived life my way, by fear rather than faith.”

I got down on my knees. “Sounds like You’re telling me You’re Enough. Are You sure you can handle me? Sometimes I get….complicated.”

Then I hushed long enough to listen. Here’s what I believe He said:

I am Christ in You, the Hope of Glory.

I am the Prince of Peace.

I AM the Great I AM.

Nothing slips by Me.

I AM the First and the Last. The Alpha and the Omega. The Beginning and the End.

You can rest in Me.

You’ll never need more than I can provide.


Happy tears came.

Enough. What a wonderful , beautiful, perfect word.

Deep and full and wide.

Such a strong word.


No matter what 2014 brings, God, You’re enough. You’re more than Enough.

What’s your word for 2014? Do tell!






  1. Pat Garczynski says:

    Here I Am, Julie, loving your message first thing in the morning of a New Year. I am reminded of a favorite song I haven’t listened to in a long time – More Than Enough by The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. I found it on YouTube and will email. (How I love my new IPhone!) I’ve walked 18 years as a widow now and deeply need to be reminded that the Lord is “Enough,” “More Than Enough.” Love & friendship always, Pat

    • Ohh, yes, yes, Pat. I love that song–and I got your email. I’m catching up today on emails–didn’t do much in the way of emails yesterday. Thank you, thank you. I love my iPhone too! So glad you got one.

      Your words are so precious about your walk with Him. Thank you. Love right back to you!

  2. Kim says:

    Well, I am glad I am not the only one with a word not expected. Not quite spiritual. I thought I was hearing Listen for several weeks. And I liked that one. But, recently through prayer, (and listening!), I feel Share is my word for 2014. And of course I do not like that one. That one is hard and scary. I do not like to share me. I keep close my thoughts, ideas, experiences, opinions. But, God is telling me to Share. It will open doors and hearts. So, I will Listen and Share.

    • Kim-that’s exactly how I feel every year about my word. It scares me. I know it means I will have to let go and Trust.

      Listen and Share. What beautiful words. I love how you Share your heart with me and my blog readers.

      Great big hug this morning, my friend! XOXO

  3. HOPE. It is a word I use frequently. This year I want to make the word HOPE more meaningful in my life. I HOPE I can!

    • Linda, isn’t hope a wonderful thing! It’s such a short word, but it’s smack-dab full of Him. You’ve chosen a rich, strong word for 2014. I love it!! It hope had a color it would be GOLD.

  4. Patricia Martin says:

    Happy New Year, Julie! “Enough” is a great word for 2014! Thank you for your prayers for my family’s Christmas with my aunt-we had a peaceful and joyous time.(: I love reading Sarah Young’s “Jesus Today” book- I read it every morning. God bless you and your family this New Year!
    P.s. How was your christmas?
    P.s.s. Are going to watch the rose parade?

    • Hey Patricia,

      I’m so glad to read you had peace and joy. That’s what matters most, isn’t it? I’m starting my second year re-reading Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling. I absolutely adore it.

      Christmas was sweet here–everyone at my house.


  5. My word: ENJOY

    No hard striving, strategic evaluating, shifting, working to the level I forget to ENJOY!

    • Ahhhh, Enjoy! Maybe, just maybe, one year He’ll lead me to that word! Now that’s a fun word.

      En-Joy. Love it. Love you too.

  6. Mine is LOVE, or it’s really 2 words: love well. When I read one of Diann Hunt’s last posts before she died, she said something about loving well, and God quickened my heart. There are so many ways to do this, that Im spiritually trembling. Can I manage even 1 day of loving well? And how does that tie into my writing? It overwhelms me but I know Jesus will help me day by day, one step at a time.

    • Ohhhh, Ane. That quickens my heart too– Love Well. Let me assure you, you have loved me so very well. You’ve been there for me. Encouraged me when I felt like quitting. Prayed for me. Even arranged a surprise 50th birthday party.

      He’s loving through you, Ane. Can’t wait to see where Love Well takes you this year, but it’s going to be good.

  7. When you said, “enough” I thought at first it had to do with simplifying against excess, which is a great goal. But, knowing and abiding in God as “enough” is even better.

    I’m like you and was panicked about my word, because I didn’t have one until a couple of days ago. Nothing seemed to fit. Finally, the word “achieve” lingered. I realized there are things on my personal to-do list that have been there for YEARS, but I’ve made excuses for not doing them. I sense God telling me it’s time to stop the excuses, get out from underneath my comfort covers and achieve those goals. Scary stuff!

    • I know, Marie. I thought that’s what it meant at first too–but I knew He was going deeper.

      I think we know we’ve heard from Him when our word gives us the tingles–ACHIEVE. Yep, that’s a bit scary, but it won’t be with Him working through you.

      Throw off those covers, my friend. We have to, don’t we. 🙂

      No other way to live.

  8. Patti Wiersma says:

    Thank you for a wonderful message to start the new year with. May your year be filled with blessings.

  9. Julie, ENOUGH is a fabulous word and I love how you describe it for us. Thank you.

    On the heels of my 2013 word of SURRENDER, I am going into 2014 with TRUST. I need more of that in my life and less of me trying to make things happen.

    Happy New Year!

    • B.J. I’m sitting here in my bathrobe nodding right along with you. Trust. Such a good word and I sure could have gone with that one. Trust follows Surrender, doesn’t it.

      Love you.

  10. Julie Gilleand says:

    When I saw your title, “Enough is Enough”, I thought how that is more my prayer to God for the year ahead, than what would be my word for the year would be. However on one very tough night just before Christmas, I went out walking beneath and extremely starry sky, reciting how that God is enough for all I’m going through. It was my life-ring to cling to when I felt I was drowning, so I surely resonate with why this word means so much to you! I haven’t been one to look for a word for the year before except once after I first read about doing that. I have to admit, a word came to me in the days following as I dove into reading scripture one morning. I have to also admit, I cannot at all remember what that word was now! I make a lot of good starts with things, but often veer off the beaten path. As I read your blog today I wonder what my word for this year would be, if I had one, but came up blank. After lunch I took a long afternoon nap and had this dream that I was shown a closet. A very narrow clothes closet. Sort of like a galley kitchen, only — a closet! The word SACRED popped out at me. Sacred? I suddenly saw this closet as a sacred space. A prayer closet. The word echoed throughout my being. I thought to myself, still in the dream, Sacred must be my word! Well I woke up and it was a few minutes before that dream came back to me. I wondered if God had just given me my word or if I just dreamed that because it was on my mind. But when I think about that word, I think about sacred spaces. There is so much overlap in my world. So much multitasking. Praying is coupled with driving and many other things. Reading gets done in the cracks of time in my day. Thinking happens while I do the dishes! Writing happens in the same room with a TV blaring. Sleeping happens with a TV on, too, since my husband can’t sleep without it on. Way too much overlap. The word SACRED, last I checked, means set apart — for worship or for a single purpose. Maybe this year I can seek out sacred spaces instead of common space for everything. We’ll see if I can stay on the beaten path with this one! Thanks for sharing your word, Julie 🙂 By the way, I love the song you shared too!

    Other JG

    • Other Julie,

      Wow. I think your word might just top them all. I’ve never heard of that for a yearly word, but isn’t it just gorgeous?

      I keep thinking, Sacred, Set Apart. And any space can be sacred if we dedicate it to Him. Even our thoughts while washing dishes. I love how you wrote this. I was right there with you on that starry night. Love the honesty. It’s beautiful, Julie. It really is.

      Sacred. Wow. Sacred. I love it. Can’t stop saying it.

  11. El Shaddai ~ The All-Sufficient Provider God.

    What a beautiful theme for 2014. It is so hard for me to rest in His “Enoughness” — I usually feel as if I have to bring something to the table for it to be sufficient. Thank you for the reminder, Julie, that He alone is ENOUGH.

    (…one of these days I shall make the time to blog on my word for the year…) 🙂

    • Ohhhhhh, yes, Melody!! El Shaddai–I’m loving everyone’s words. When our 32 year old daughter was a teenager, this was her favorite song, “El Shaddai” by Amy Grant. I never listen to it w/out thinking about daughter Jamie and praying and remembering.

      Sounds like you and I are a lot alike. Resting in His Enoughness. That’s it!!! That’s where He’s leading me.

      I’d love to read an El Shaddai blog post!!! You could probably do something creative and artsy craftsy too to go along with it.


  12. I woke up this morning on New Year’s Day and immediately was hit by fear of being another year older, fear of failure, fear of not being well enough prepared for retirement when it comes in the next decade. I felt the fear deep in the pit of my stomach. I’m not normally a fearful, anxious person. Not five minutes later I read your blog and this hit me “You’ll never need more than I can provide.” God used you to speak so clearly to me! I wrote it immediately in my journal so I won’t forget. Thank you so much.

    • Ohhh, Elizabeth. I’ve had all those fears too.

      You’ll never know how much it means that my word spoke to you.

      Thank you. A teary-eyed grateful thank you

  13. Roxann Crane says:

    I’ve so enjoyed selecting a word each year. Thank you for this fantastic and spiritually enriching idea Julie! It’s studying and applying these words through God that I’ve received a full understanding of the way that He wants to apply them in me and/or through me. The daily awareness and application has truly strengthened my walk with The Lord. I started out in 2012 with SURRENDER. 2013 brought FORTITUDE. And now 2014 is PERCEPTION; “determines emotion; perceiving reality outside of ourselves and through others, through unconditional giving and love; to notice or understand something through use of the senses.” Thank you for sharing your word ENOUGH and motivating the rest of us to do search our hearts for our word as well.

    • Roxann, I love how you think!!! Fortitude–now that word took guts. Yay!! What a great word choise.

      And perception–plenty to chew on for sure. Isn’t your definition just priceless? Who knew this word meant all of these things??? And to have perception about/for others, we have to rely on Him.

      Love it, love it, love it. Thank you. How’s Alex doing?

  14. Kathy Richardson says:

    Hi Julie,
    I so enjoy your blogs. In this world now days, it’s so good to hear good music and read your upbeat blogs. Several words come to mind for me…I guess “Peace” is the one I think of most. Not only for myself, but, for my family and everyone everywhere. It’s hard to find in this noisy world. Thanks again and God bless you and yours. Kathy R.

    • Hey Kathy,

      Peace. A one syllable POWERFUL word. Makes me think of the peace that passes all understanding. And how He says, “MY peace I give unto you,” and how He’s the Prince of Peace.

      And when we have His peace, nothing can steal it.

      Wonderful word. You came to my heart so often during Christmas–praying for you and your family.

  15. Stopping by via a link from Elizabeth at Just Following Jesus. I’m so glad I did. I loved your thoughts (His thoughts) and the word choice for the year. I don’t usually give out my word ahead of blogging it, but since I’m anonymous here, I will say that mine goes with my color of the year, and it is “balance”.

    • Ohh, thank you, Debbie.

      BALANCE. Yep. I haven’t specifically chosen that word but I’ll never forget the year that I allowed myself to get WAY out of balance–never did me it. It took a good writing friend pointing out the truth before I began to see it.

      XOXOXO checking out your blog now!

  16. Brenda Greene says:

    Julie Girl….

    Don’t think I will ever look at the word “enough” the same way again!! God gave you some beautiful thoughts and words to describe it. Thanks SO much for sharing.

    Woke yesterday morning without “a word” for the New Year. Actually had not even thought about one. Sitting quietly and reading a devotional by Dr. Charles Stanley (In Touch magazine) his parting words were: “Train yourself to stop and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal whether each choice will bring God glory, help to develop Christ’s character in you, and keep you in the center of God’s plan and purpose. Wait on Him and do not step ahead until you have an answer.” There it was, one syllable, four letters, leaping off the page into my heart: WAIT…I even circled it! Started thinking how this year I discovered my very own prayer closet, a really tiny space but it has quickly become my “decompression chamber” for when life gets really hard, I go and sit quietly and “wait” for peace to return to my heart. Sometimes talking to My Father, sometimes not. Either way it has been an awesome experience!

    Then this morning I woke early and was excited to hop out of bed for day two of reading through “The Message” for 2014. Laying there before rising, these words from “You Raise Me Up” began meandering through my mind and heart: “When I am down and oh my soul so weary, when troubles come and my heart burdened be, then I am still, and wait here in the silence until you come and sit a while with me.” There it was again…wait! Almost laughed out loud! Yep…think that’s the word that will help me stay close to God, keep my thoughts within until I’m sure He wants me to share them, and “wait” to be surprised by Him!! (If you haven’t heard the song my favorite is on YouTube by Josh Grobin!)

    Thank you Sweet Julie for helping us stay focused on the important things in life! A blessed New Year to you and all those you hold dear. Much love! Brenda

    P.S. Had to chuckle when I saw the picture of your devotional books…I also read more than one a day and repeat them often. Excited this year to begin “Diamonds in the Dust” written by Joni Eareckson Tada in 1976(!) and uncovered at a local thrift shop!

    • Brenda Greene says:

      Oops…needed to correct something. The “Diamonds in the Dust” by Joni Eareckson Tada was written in 1993 – not 1976! Also wanted to add that Isaiah 40:31 has been a favorite scripture for me for many years: “They that “WAIT” upon the Lord shall renew their strength…” “Wait”ing to see what God wants to do in me this year!

    • Brenda, Brenda–

      WAIT!!! Isn’t it just wonderful? Oh how I love WAIT. And the way He’s speaking to you. It’s taken me a lifetime to learn to do what you’re doing–being still and quiet and waiting. And so many times I still blow it and rush ahead of Him. I also love the song you’re talking about. I remember reading Joni’s writing years ago and loving it. She has a new book out, I believe.

      And what about your Scripture…they that WAIT.

      Just perfect, Brenda. Thank you for sharing your word and your heart! xo

  17. Jane says:

    Hi Julie-
    This is the first I have commented to you, though I can truthfully say I have “followed” you and your family for years. I have been a faithful subscriber to Guideposts and Daily Guideposts for more years than I truthfully say I know – since the 1980’s at least.

    I have followed your blog, but not always on Wednesday. I have been fascinated by your selecting and selection of your annual word. This year I am choosing the word TRUST as my word, as in “trust and obey”. May I trust that I am enough- and not always feel the need to prove myself.

    In closing – my best wishes for the year to your family, with emphasis on your mother, who I have been “with” since before your father passed into God’s arms.

    Grace and Peace-

    • Hey Jane,

      It’s so nice to “talk” to you. Thank you for letting me know what you’re thinking. 🙂 TRUST and OBEY brings me back to my childhood–to my roots, and the old hymn about “Trust and obey, for there’s no other way, to be happy in Jesus….but to trust and obey.”

      I love your word. Actually, I love everyone’s words.

      You can’t even imagine how my 2012 word undid–and remade me. That year, it was Surrender. Whew. Heavy duty, for sure. Can’t wait to see where Trust takes you this year.


  18. Sandra Walker says:

    My word is BLESSED, although I have heard more messages on HE IS ENOUGH than I can count.
    But it all ties together! So glad to have you back on! I read each one several times each week and see something different every time. Blessings to all you family.

    • Sandra, it’s hard to beat “blessed” isn’t it? Such a lovely, lovely word. No matter what, this one word will return to you and remind you of so many good things, I bet.

      Let me know how your word goes this year.

      Great big hug!!

  19. “Still” Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God.

    For one that tries to do everything on their own this one word is going to be a biggie for me. In my heart I know that he is “enough” but I fail to call on Him. Love your post. So perfect to go right along with my word. Thanks Julie. Happy New Year!

    • Felicia–You’re speaking my language. I know what you mean. My natural response in life is to try to control, fix, be my usual Type A self.

      But He is Enough. And without Him, I can do nothing.

      Still. Still. Still. It even sounds peaceful, doesn’t it? Ohhh, if we could just learn to be Still and that He is Enough.

  20. Gail says:

    Thanks for sharing the truth of “I AM enough”

    • You’re so welcome, Gail. Thank you for letting me know you’re reading.

      It matters to much to know people actually read my thoughts! XOXOXOXO

  21. marci says:

    I so like having a word a year! Mine started many years ago when my daughter was in middle school and would come up with a word for each year- and I guess it caught on for me. I do not know where she got the idea from, maybe a class project! Since she will soon be 35, that was some time ago! I am amazed at how far back the picking of a word for the year goes. I truly have gotten so much from your words for each year. Each time I will think- WOW! What a good word! Last year, after the sudden death of my dearest / and longest friend, I thought my word would be gentle/ or rock– but as it turned out, my word for the year was unique, and there was no day- none,, last year, that some time, some where during the day I would not see that word- unique . With this new year, so many words seemed like they could be the right word for me- it was hard to know– but as you pointed out, when it is the right word, we can feel it! and just know! So now– I have my word for the year. GRACE, was one that stood out, .. then I looked to the side of my prayer chair, and there was a jounal a dear friend had sent me in the summer, but as I already had another journal going, I didn’t start using it right away.. Well, when my eye caught it– The word on the front jumped right out at me, and I sat there like I had cold water splashed on me!! That was it! It also had on the front the verse, 2 Corinthians 9:8.. which also kind of fits in with your word. “And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work” — having all that we need! God, by His GRACE, had even already provided the perfect journal to use for my word this year! I am always interested in others words and I get so much from your words for the year.. I guess it is like a potluck– we all bring our words (like dishes) and we are all fed!! Thank you for yours!
    God Bless!

    • Marci, Marci, Marci,
      I loved reading this!! How so long ago your daughter was doing this–even before it became popular. And that’s exactly how it feels–being splashed with cold water–when we get our word.

      I LOVE your Scripture.

      And what about Grace? I keep thinking, hmmmm, she chose the perfect word. Maybe they are each uniquely perfect for us. There’s your other word again.

      I’m so very sorry about your best friend dying. So sorry. Hugging you from here. And isn’t it like God to give you a word like Unique?! And then prove it to you.

      All my love and thank you for reading and understanding.

  22. I love your word! It reminds me of one of my favorite books, God, the Enough by Selwyn Hughes. My word for 2014 is LESS–less of me, more of Him!

    • Ginger,

      Your word makes me tear up. Seriously, it does. Again, I keep thinking everyone has the perfect word.

      Beautiful. I’m praying for each of us–that He’ll show us an extra measure of Who He is.

      Jotting down the book title. Thank you!

  23. carol says:

    Hey Julia, I know I told you my word was faith but after praying this morning the Lord gave me his word not mine. When ever I need an ear, a voice, a friend, a shoulder or someone to pick me up and carry me, he is present. My word is PRESENCE. I never have to look for him , he is always there.

  24. Love how He does that–gives us His word not ours. 🙂 🙂

    Beautiful, Carol. You have His Presence. What more is there?



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