The Tinsel Moment

Last weekend, my husband came home with something I hadn’t seen or even thought about it since I was a little girl. I didn’t know they still made it.


“Thought it might be fun,” he said.

“I can’t believe you found it.”

What if tinsel could take me back in time?

Childhood Christmases flashed through my mind. Not all of them were merry, but there was always that magical moment when we finally finished decorating the tree. I’d tiptoe into the den all by myself, and squint through the darkness letting everything blur except for the lights and the tinsel. By then, the nativity scene had been placed under the glow of the Christmas tree.

Could we recreate that kind of moment?

After Rick and I added the lights and ornaments, we draped the fragile silver threads, one at a time.

When we finished I surveyed the tree.

Pretty, but something was missing–maybe from my heart.

After dark, I squinted like when I was a little girl.

Just to see…

And then it happened.

Everything blurred except for the lights and the tinsel…

And the meaning of Christmas, which shone like the Star of David.

I moved in close and buried my face in the aroma.

The name “Jesus” hung front and center near the nativity scene ornament. 

This is it. This is what I felt as a child.

It wasn’t the tinsel!

It was Jesus!

When we focus on the miracle of His birth, “the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.

*** If you need prayer this Christmas, I’d love to pray.

*** P.S. Since Christmas comes on a Wednesday this year, I’m going to take a blog-rest next week. I’ll be back Wednesday, January 1, 2014 to announce my word for the year. Can’t wait to hear yours!! xoxo





  1. Christmas Magic…if it’s not the tinsel …if it’s Jesus – then we can keep that magic all year can’t we? xoox

  2. Mike says:

    Tiptoe ~ Squint ~ Blur ~ Glow ~ JESUS.

  3. That’s one of my favorite songs. It always makes me stop and do exactly what it says. 🙂

  4. anna haney says:

    Beautiful. Just visited Biltmore Mansion and their beautiful trees. But as opulent as they were, none really said Jesus like this one. Merry Christmas

    • Bless you, Anna. You always know just what to say. You gotta write me and fill me in on your world. xoxo

  5. Patricia Martin says:

    Love your Christmas tree,Julie! Cannot wait to find out what your new word will be(; I think your Christmas ornament with Jesus’ name written on it has inspired me to buy ornaments with “Jesus is the reason for the season.” My word for 2014 is going to be “rest”- I will start after Christmas is over! Merry Christmas to you and your family!
    P.s. Please say prayers for my family as my aunt from California will be spending Christmas Day with us.):

    • I LOVE your word, Patricia–kinda jealous. Kinda wishing that was my word. So far, that’s not the direction I think God’s leading me.

      Okay, I’ll be praying for your family. Please let me know how it goes!!!!

  6. Kim says:

    Oh Julie. I have been trying to keep my thoughts and emotions in check for the last 3 hours. My parents let me know they would not be coming for Christmas after all. Various circumstances with other family members. In my brain, I get it. I understand. But, my heart does not agree. My kids have never had Christmas without them. Then I remembered your message. It is all about Jesus. Thank you for the timely reminder.

    • Oh, Kim. I’m so sorry. 🙁 And everything feels much more profound at Christmas. I’m praying this news won’t take your Joy.

      And you’re so very welcome. This is exactly why I write. I pray, one idea comes to me heart, and I always, always pray for my readers.

      All my love, sweet friend. I have a feeling His Peace will cover you in a really special way this year.

  7. Julie- beautiful tree- beautiful words- beautiful simplicity! Blessed my heart. I was drifting off to sleep the other night thinking back the “magic” of Christmas past- and the acronym popped into my head- 🙂 Miraculous Arrival God Incarnate Celebrate! I had to smile- as the seasons of our lives change and Christmas can never be the same- it was good for me to be reminded the magic is Him! Have a blessed CHRISTmas to you and yours! hugs

    • Thank you, Cindy. Thank you so much.

      How in the world di you think of that acronym? That’s brilliant. I don’t think that fast. 🙂

      Love right back to you and Merry CHRISTmas!

  8. Kathy Richardson says:

    Julie, I so enjoy your blogs. Your tree is so beautiful! I used to hang all kinds of tinsel on our tree. I guess I haven’t seen it in the stores anymore. I have read your pages in Daily Guideposts for years. You definitely resemble your mom. Beautiful!
    My brother-in-law is battling stage 4 cancer so we’ll take all the prayers we can get. My son lost his 45 year old fiancee Oct. 1 to cancer. It’s a sad Christmas for us I’m afraid, but, we will keep the faith. Your blogs cheer me up. You are delightful!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    • Kathy, I’m so sorry–am writing these prayer requests down right here beside my computer. I pray Joy will come in unexpected ways…praying God will hover close to you and yours this Christmas. I can’t even imagine–I know if will be different.

      I’m praying when you’re still and quiet, He will fill you with the peace that passes all understanding.

      Sending you my love…

  9. Tinsel. What a throwback memory for me, too.

    Love the little girl in you. Love the feelings you share.

    Thank you.

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