Having Fun…101

Some people just naturally know how to have fun. I love people like this. They don’t take themselves too seriously. They go with the flow. I’m going to become a fun person. Seriously. I mean it. I am! The problem is, sometimes I’m too busy checking things off my list to have fun.

Last week–and this was huge for me–I discovered the Countdown to Christmas | Hallmark Channel.

I’d always assumed light-hearted movies were a waste of time. If I was going to watch a movie, I wanted a complicated plotline–something deep, that made me think.

But late Thursday afternoon, I took a break and discovered this movie…A Very Merry Mix-Up | Hallmark Channel.

At first I felt sort of self-conscious. Maybe a little guilty.

Watching a Hallmark movie on a Thursday afternoon.

It wasn’t on my calendar. 🙂

But there’s something about these movies…

And Saturday, my husband and I were in the North Georgia mountains in a quaint little town called Dahlonega when I noticed a sign.


“Look at the small letters,” I said. “‘The Art of Having Fun.’” The words stole my heart.


We walked past a decorated wrought iron arbor.

Hmmm. An entrance. Maybe its welcoming me to a new way of living.

I asked a random teenager to take our picture.

I wanted to remember the spot where I decided to do something fun every day.

Even something as simple as smiling for a goofy picture.

Just like the sign says, having fun is an art–one I’m acquiring.

The new Julie…

1. Lives in the moment.

2. Doesn’t mind looking silly.

3. Doesn’t waste time worrying.

Does having fun come naturally to you? What’s something fun you do this time of year? Are you watching the Countdown to Christmas movies?

P.S. We’ve also watched Snow Bride | Hallmark Channel, Catch a Christmas Star | Hallmark ChannelHoliday Engagement | Hallmark Channel and A Princess for Christmas | Hallmark Channel.











  1. Anna Haney says:

    No tears this morning. Cried enough yesterday. Loved this. Thank you for reminding us all that it’s okay to have fun. I think that God wants us to take the time to enjoy life and one another.

    • Sorry you cried yesterday, Anna…..unless they were happy tears. Thank you, my friend, for reading and tweeting and writing to me. Means so much!!

      Praying for you right now.

  2. Patricia Martin says:

    Thanks for inspiring me, Julie! Now, I will try to find a little something fun to do with my family every day.(; Love watching Hallmark Channel Christmas movies and a few” thinking” movies as well. Happy soon to be Thanksgiving!

  3. My two daughters and I started watching the Christmas Hallmark movies the day they start showing them which happened to be the beginning of November. My favorite is, “The Christmas Ornament”. I’m looking forward to watching, “Let It Snow” too. If the movie is my favorite, I’ll buy it on Amazon so I can watch it anytime during the year. We enjoy relaxing and watching light-hearted movies. I’ve also been reading some light-hearted books as well! They all help me to take a deep breath, relax and have some fun!

    “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine”~Proverbs 17:22a

    • Eileen, I’ll have to check out the schedule for these two movies. I’d never thought about buying them! Great idea. And light-hearted books–yes! I’m always drawn to the heavy ones, but I think I should go light for a while. Why not!

      Love, love, love your Scripture. Perfect. Just perfect.

  4. Georgia says:

    As much as the Hallmark channel is on at my house (when I am not at work) you would think that was the only channel my TV picks up. LOL Love the Hallmark Christmas movies too. I used to feel guilty too when I did something “non-constructive”; but I have decided that I am not going to anymore. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!

    • Yay, Georgia!! We’re in this Fun thing together. No more guilt about it! It’s okay to have fun. Wo-weeeee! We’re free!!

      You have a wonderful Thanksgiving too.

  5. I feel guilty when I read fiction–like it’s a waste of time for me not to be learning or improving. I don’t mind watching fluff movies because only a 2-hour investment, but a book takes longer. I’m trying to look at it differently, and one day I hope to be have time to curl up under a quilt and read for pure pleasure.

    Glad you had a fun day! My hubby and I have a day trip date planned to the Amana Colonies in December for their Christmas Home tour. Sooooooo looking forward to it! I think I’ll have somebody take a picture…. 🙂

    • Really, Marie? Your guilt comes with fiction. And mind comes with TV. PLEASE let me know when you take time to read for pleasure. I sort of see it as learning–actually, I write all over my novels, since that’s my goal. I study how novels are constructed.

      Yes! Yes! Take a picture of the two of you smiling!!!! Lots of pics!

  6. Ahhh…the sweetness of having fun. I find it most often when I’m with my children and grandchildren and the extended family. THEY know how to have fun, and they do it all the time. Laughing, joking, teasing…it’s nonstop when I’m with them. Seems like when I’m not, though, I’m not such a fun person.

    Like you, Julie, I come from a more serious, deep, problem-oriented life. It’s hard to shrug that off and just live in the moment, but I’m willing to give it a try even more than I do now when I’m with my family. Let’s celebrate life! Let’s look at life as a gift every single day. Let’s give THANKS for the ability to smile and laugh. And even if it doesn’t happen all the time, and every single moment, I think if we add a few smiles and laughs into each day that will be building the blocks, don’t you think so?

    Love and hugs!

    • Are you kidding me? B.J. You are the essence of fun! I learn from you. And we’ve never talked when we don’t laugh.

      Love how you said that–a more serious, deep, problem-oriented life. Maybe that’s it….that’s why I’ve been drawn to heavy-duty stuff. Never thought about it. After a while, that gets…well, old. Not so fun anymore.

      Yes! Smiles and laughs are incredible building blocks.


  7. Arie says:

    At first I was feeling sad for you with your challenges in having fun. Then I realized, I have some of those also. That is why I like physical activities so much. I really can get into the moment when running our sharing. But I don’t do too well in the house when there are SO many constructive or work things I SHOULD be doing (challenge of a home office). My poor daughter when she wants me to play dolls, I cannot relax into that. But I can relax and enjoy an art or craft project with her. As my circle says, we are not a glum lot. Happy Thanksgiving, Arie

    • Arie, at least I’m aware of it. And I’m working on changing. Part of it is and oldest child kind of thing. Overboard with being responsible. I can tell from your FB pages, you are a FUN person!! For sure.

      That’s what I’m talking about–that feeling you get I your house of so many other things you should be doing.

      Love your circle’s motto!!

      Happy Happy Thanksgiving to you too! XOXOXOXO

      • Arie Strobel says:

        Last night we took an old roll of architect drawings and two 3-year old twin girls recently adopted from China, traced them on the paper and colored with crayons. They got into peeling ALL the paper off the crayons more than anything. After about 16 (1600) times of telling them they didn’t need to remove the paper, said the heck with it and let them peel away. I, too, am oldest of five and have much younger twin brothers. Love, Arie

        • I love it, Arie!! The heck with it–peel away! So precious.

          Oldest Child Syndrome in both of us. For sure.

  8. Judi says:

    Thank you, Julie. I needed to read this today! The “New Judi” is going to work on the art of having fun and follow your three suggestions. I look forward to your Wednesday messages.

    Love, Judi

    • Awwww, thank you, Judi! I LOVE to find out my words make their way into people’s heart.

      Thank you. Thank you. If no one read, I’d have no reason to write.

  9. Julie Gilleand says:

    We don’t have the Hallmark Channel (wish we did!!) but we always love watching lots of Christmas movies as the season draws near. Just yesterday I saw where someone posted a listing of lots of Christmas movies coming up on many different channels. I copied it to my computer so I could keep a watch out for these movies coming up! And just the other day, for whatever reason, I was in the mood to watch “A Christmas Carol”, the old Alistair Sim one, my favorite. So I curled up under the covers over the weekend and watched it. In our family we are a bunch of goofy people and love being silly, so no shortage there, but for sure life can get way too serious and it’s sometimes hard to break out of that heaviness. Laughter is SO good! I went through a period of depression years ago and the very thing that broke me out of it was watching the Cosby Show! Thanks for sharing your story and I hope you have lots of fun!!

    • Other Julie, another commenter said she buys Hallmark movies off of Amazon. I had no idea we could do that.

      Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, you were in the mood, and you just let yourself watch A Christmas Carol. Love it!

      That’s exactly what I’m doing–breaking out of the heaviness–for me it’s duty. Busyness. Yuck.

      You’re kidding–The Cosby Show broke your depression! Wow–that’s huge. I love that.


      • Julie Gilleand says:

        Yep, the Cosby Show! Much cheaper than therapy or meds and tons more fun, lol! Have a funtastic Thanksgiving!

  10. I’m definitely a love to have fun, quirky, silly kind of gal! The Art of Having Fun…love it!

    • Elizabeth–that settles it. You make my list of FUN people. Wish we could go antiquing (sp?) together!!!!! XOXO

  11. Sandra Walker says:

    Oh my! I do think God tells you what I am doing and thinking! I so identify with you and B. J. Taylor!
    I decided a while back to read a series of “fluff” books and I started watching the Hallmark movies.
    So far I’ve watched the ones you have, and even picked one up last night from Lifetime (The Christmas Crash). Paul has even watched a couple with me when he needed to chill out! He would never admit to it in public, though! But it has been nice to have that time together. Before he would watch any kind of sporting event on another TV. Been meaning to tell you, too, that I was jealous of your “porch parties”. After confessing that, and not trying to force anything, Paul started coming out in the sunroom with his coffee in the mornings to join me. Now we have “our prayer time” every morning! My family had told me about six months ago that I was too serious and not fun any more, so I have been working on it! Also, I started going back browsing the antiques stores which is fun and relaxing to me! Let’s keep breaking out of the heaviness!!!

    • Sandra, I’m bouncing around in my chair–I’m so excited for you!! Porch Parties!!!!! I love it!!

      We’re so much alike–having to learn to have fun and just chill out.

      As far as the Hallmark movies go, Rick flips back and forth during commercials to check the sports channel, and yes–he does occasionally make fun of the movies–just b/c they’re so….so sweet, but still, just watching them together is new. and FUN.

      Haven’t yet seen The Christmas Crash Now that sounds like a winner! Will have to look for it.

      Thanks so much for writing me–Soul Sister!

  12. Hallmark Channel! Light comedies where good ALWAYS wins are my favorites.

    Don’t mind looking silly? Ha! Ever taught school in the elementary grades? That’s a basic requirement for a memorable lesson. 🙂

    Love the photo op under the arch — so full of life & love & promise! ♥

    • Well, the new Julie is LOVES light comedies, Melody!

      No. Haven’t taught elementary school–but taught lots of years of high school Sunday school. Maybe that counts. 🙂


  13. My daughter and I LOVE the Hallmark Christmas movie countdown. If you miss one, you can probably catch it another day. Aren’t the the corniest but sweetest? LOL Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and I’m glad you’re having fun.
    Making Memories http://fifisfilosophies.blogspot.com/

    • Felicia–I can’t believe the people who already knew about these adorable movies. Corny? Yes. But still, I’m drawn in.

      Going to check out your blog now! xoxox

  14. Jan Olson says:

    Definitely an oldest sibling, can remember someone (an older gentleman I worked with) (in a library) say something to me about just being a human being (didn’t get it). Fun? That’s something my “baby” brother requires. Not me, mostly. Missing something!

    • Jan,
      You and I are going to start requiring Fun. Every single day!!

      Happiest Thanksgiving to you…Hope it’s full of FUN!


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