Love from a Leaf–a Single Yellow Leaf

This is a strange question, but have you ever spotted something and wondered if it was some sort of message for you? Please say yes. This happened to me last week. Clyde, our yellow Lab, and I were walking down the driveway like we do every day, and a single yellow leaf appeared to be suspended in midair.

I’d just taken a beginner’s photography class at MONROE ART GUILD and decided if the leaf was still there after my walk (four driveway laps), I’d take a picture for you.

Even with Clyde darting under and around my leaf, it didn’t fall.


Common sense said there had to be a spider web supporting the little leaf, but I sure didn’t see one. I zoomed in closer.


How peculiar. Nothing appeared to be holding her up.

A breeze blew and she twirled, putting on a show for me, yet still clinging to her invisible cord.

Why am I so drawn to this leaf? There are so many others in the woods.

I know it sounds was weird, but I felt kind of sorry for this lonely yellow leaf.

She was different from the rest.

God, what is it about the leaf? 

Then last night I heard this song…

“So I Can Just Be Me.”


That’s it!

This little yellow leaf is just being herself.

Who she was created to be.

She’s trusting God to be God.

And that, my sweet friends, brings Him glory.

Each of us is unique.


A masterpiece.

We are “…fearfully and wonderfully made…” Psalms 139:14 KJ

Do you ever think about leaves? Please tell me you do!




  1. anna haney says:

    I do. And I’m sitting here in my bathrobe bawling. So beautiful. Read last week that for each kernel of cirn on an ear, there is a corresponding strand of corn silk. So yes, I think about leaves and cocoons and cobwebs, dust floating in sunlight,and cornsilk. God is indeed awesome.

    • Oh, Anna. Starting your day out in tears!!!!!! I had no idea about the corn!

      And I’m so glad you think this same “weird” I do. Sensitive hearts, I guess.

      Hugs, my dear friend.

  2. Tom says:

    I LOVE THIS! Just be who God created us to be and He holds us up although we or others can’t see how!
    Thank you Julie!

    • Thanks, Tom. I know–I’m so glad I kept hanging on until the Truth came to me.

      And maybe He held this little leaf. I sure didn’t see anything else. 🙂

  3. Beautiful story, beautiful message, beautiful song. Thank you for sharing the truth today. I needed it, too!

    And yes, I see what I think are signs, too. Isn’t it exciting to think that God allows little things like a leaf to speak volumes of truth to us?
    Love you!

    • Thank you, Vonda. My heart was going pitter-pat when I posted this one. I wasn’t sure if anyone else thinks this way.


      Yep. I guess I talk to leaves and sometimes they talk back. 🙂

  4. I do, I do, I do think about leaves. All the time. Trees and leaves are one of my favorite things for their majesty and glory. They bend, they grow around obstacles, they reach high into the sky toward the heavens and sprout new limbs and flowers and all colors of leaves.

    What a gorgeous thing to happen upon. A suspended leaf just for you, seemingly without support (but we know the support was there…just like we know God supports us even when we don’t see it). Twirling? That would be our lives. Golden? That would be us at times, but crinkled and blackened in some spots like your leaf sometimes too. Thank you for sharing your suspended leaf! HUGS!

    • YAY, B.J.! So much to learn from trees!

      Yes, support. What a wonderful word. “She” was supported.

      Beautiful insight, my friend! Golden! So true.


  5. keith says:

    Julie – Why does the leaf have to be a “she”? It had recently been “out on a limb” and now it was “left hanging” so it sounds more like a guy than a girl to me! Although girls do put on their best colors before they venture out – so I guess it could go either way. . . . . . Just kidding. Love your blog and your heart. Keep it up.

    • Keith, Keith, Keith. You have me laughing. Good point. She, or he had recently been out on a limb. Ha! I guess I felt sorta connected to her. And I’m a girl. So she had to be a girl too.

      Thanks for reading. And letting me know you read it!

      Maybe next week I’ll write about a boy leaf. 🙂

  6. I do think about leaves! I wonder if they’re sad or excited to let go of their limb and flutter to the ground. I wonder if they love the new color they sport for a short season. I wonder if like being raked up and tossed in the air and jumped in by children! I love your lesson- each leaf- UNIQUE- hugs Julie

    • Cindy, we just have to meet one day. I’m not alone in my…….weirdness. 🙂

      Sad leaves. That’s what I was thinking!! Feeling sorry for her. And just as soon as they get all dressed up, it’s time to fall to the ground and die. 🙁

      Oh, I love it. Then the children play in the leaves!!!!!!!

      Hugs my friend to you and yours, and especially to Bethany!

  7. Colleen McAllister says:

    Oh, my, this is so me! Are we sisters along the way? (well, sisters in Christ!) I would so be taking photos and wondering about how that poor little leaf got there! Well, to be honest I would probably have waved a finger about until I founde the web – congratulations on the self control! Such a pretty photo and such a lovely devotional! Now I will be out looking for leaves!

    • Colleen, I’m jumping up and down in my chair! You understand!!!!!

      You’re right. I allllllmosttttt tried to “force” finding the spider web, but I didn’t let myself.

      Thank you, my friend. Let me know what you discover, talking to leaves. 🙂

  8. Patricia Martin says:

    I love leaves! They are so beautiful and I think each leaf symbolizes each person in the world-no two are ever alike. God shows me how even His simplest creations (like leaves) are meant to serve a purpose and remind us of Him! Your photography looks so professional. (: I wonder if that “she”leaf is sailing millions of miles across the ocean now? Blessings to you and your family!
    P. S. I always wonder about leaves–maybe the yellow leaves are the girls and the green leaves are boys?

    • Great point, Patricia. And for sure, that little yellow leaf drew me into His Presence.

      I can’t believe it-professional photography. Me????? I still don’t know what I’m doing. Took a gazillion pictures to get one good one.

      Goose bumps. You’re right! She could be sailing over the ocean. Had never thought of that.

      Yeah, and I thought maybe brown leaves were boy leaves, but I do love brown!
      Thank you. You get me!!!

  9. Julie Gilleand says:

    I love leaves! Love the shade they provide, the sound of the wind rustling through them, the crunch beneath my shoes as I walk on the fallen leaves and especially the beautiful fall colors they put on this time of year. I wrote a children’s story once called “Little Leaf”. Told from a leaf’s perspective — a little leaf wondering at the sight of leaves around him falling to the ground in Autumn, asking Mamma Leaf why it was happening. I remember what inspired me to write it. I was sitting at an intersection waiting for the green light when in the middle of everything, one lone leaf floated gracefully down to the ground in front of all the cars. Don’t know if anyone else saw it, but I did. It made me wonder what it would be like to be that leaf. To have gone through budding and growing. Springtime with birds making nests and the luscious green of summer and onto the beauty of fall — before the barronness of winter. Guess I’m weird, huh? Any other day something like that I’d never notice. Why I did just then, I don’t know. Maybe because I was stopped at that intersection. Not much else to do but think, and see!

    Thanks for sharing your sweet leaf story 🙂

    Other Julie G.

    • Other Julie! How are you? I wish we were having coffee right now. Can’t believe you’ve written a children’s story about being a leaf!!!! I wondered the other day if that might be a good idea…not that I’m going to attempt it.

      My Dear Friend–we are so much alike. I just can’t believe it. I guess we’re Leaf Sisters, or something.

      THANK YOU. Loved reading this–especially as I’m glancing out the window from my writing loft at all my leaf friends. 🙂

  10. Oh, Julie! I remember hearing Beth Moore speak how she was hiking in woods and asking God to “delight” her and she came across a baby bear. She quickly took pictures then took off running down the path the way she came (knowing there must be a mamma bear nearby) screaming “Delight! Delight!”

    So glad God delighted you without you asking and in a much safer way with a leaf!

    And yes, I DO think about leaves–much to learn! I think about how the colorful pigment is in them from the start and how it is harsh circumstances (cold air, shorter days of light) that bring that pigment out. Kinda of like how people reveal their true colors under trials. And I think about how it is just before their life span ends that they are the most beautiful. Again, kinda of like some people, and how I hope I am growing to be.

    I wish you a wonderful week full of many more delights!

    • Marie, I’d never heard the Beth Moore Bear Story!

      I’m totally amazed at my readers’ insight. I didn’t realize harsh circumstances bring out their pigmentation! So. Like. Us.

      Thank you.

      This is so precious to me.

      Blessings, my friend.

  11. Sandra Walker says:

    This may be the best one yet!!! Yes, I think about leaves and other signs and ways God speaks.
    Thanks for the Laura Story song. It is my prayer! This post sort of summed up in a nutshell what God has been saying in the past few weeks. Thanks! Even at 64 and 34 years walking with Him, there is
    still so much to learn! So nice to be able to share with you and get insight from the other posts too.
    Really ministers to me!

    • Sandra, Sandra. No way!!! I was nervous when it went live. I’m just floored that other people understand. Blows. My. Mind!

      Yes, I so agree with you. Was talking to Mother the other day. She’s 77. We’re both wondering when we’ll learn all our lesson. 🙂

      Thank you. Your note feels so good down in my heart. XOXOXOXO

  12. Candy says:

    That is so great! Sometimes when things like that happen, it reminds me to slow down and appreciate all that I have.

    • Thank you, Candy! So glad you got a little message out of my one yellow leaf!

      Blessings to you and yours.


  13. Brenda Greene says:

    Julie Girl! My very first thought (and chuckle) was God “dangling” this week’s blog topic right in front of you and you “grabbed it!” Had you been praying for one…how cool is that?

    I LOVE trees and their beautiful leaves, too…especially this season of the year. I was out walking with our dog (Belmont) down the dirt road the other morning. With the bright morning sun shinning thru the trees, I was awed by one that had blown over and was almost laying on the ground. Growing from that bent trunk were five branches reaching toward the sun and full of leaves!! My “lesson” seemed to be that no matter how hard life gets, keeping my mind and heart growing toward “the Son”, I will survive and be an inspiration to others. At this age (65), when I have more life behind me than I have ahead of me, that was a comforting!

    Keep writing Sweet Julie…you bring out good things in all of us!!

    • Oh, Brenda, of course I was praying for my blog this week. I always do! It’s just that they don’t always come to me in a neat, tidy package. They never do! I didn’t put it all together until the night before I posted it and heard the song.

      I just knew there was something about that yellow leaf–just couldn’t forget about it.

      Brenda, we could have the best time walking and talking! We think a lot alike–and sounds like we both talk to trees. 🙂

      Blessings, and thank you, thank you for letting me know you’re reading!!

  14. Kim says:

    This is so beautiful. I feel closest to God when I am in nature. Thinking about nature and all His beautiful creations. Leaves, wind, butterflies… So blessed in reading others posts too. Thank you, Julie.

    • Ohh, Kim, me too! Kim, you’re so sweet to let me know you’re reading–and you connect with my writing.

      That’s why I write!! to connect with hearts like yours.

      Big Blessings and Happy Friday!

  15. Arie says:

    Guess I will stand out in the criwd and say I rarely think of leaves! Living in always green south Florida leaves are not on my notice list often. But the majesty of a local tree filled park, wild and scenic river, unbelievably blue skies above, kite surfers at the beach fkying above the ocean, amazing shadows from constant sun….those get my attention. Love, Arie

    • Oh, of course, Arie! You’re in Florida!!

      Love your words–amazing shadows from the constant sun. Exquisite. Such lovely insight.

      Thank you, my friend.

  16. Sue Kuster says:

    Wonderful message Julie! The Laura Story song is a real comfort as the “Big Surgery” is coming up quickly on 10/23. How beautiful the little leaf message is !

    Love to You My friend,


    • Love right back to you, Sue. It’s now on my calendar. Hope you have an iPod and can take this song with you.

      I want to hear from you as soon as you can….will email you a few days later.

      Keep twirling!

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