God and Me … and My Husband’s Screwdrivers

Friday, I’d worked myself into a jam–literally. Early that morning, I gathered my courage and decided to replace my veneer office desk with an old oak table. I woke up thinking, today’s the day. With God’s help, I can re-do my office without asking Mr. Fix-It (my husband) to help me. But the desk had lots of screws, and I’m not mechanically inclined.

The week before, I couldn’t unscrew the kitchen soap dispenser to refill it. Mr. Fix-It had to do it.

“Does everything unscrew in the same direction?”

“Yep. Righty-tight-y, lefty-loose-y. Unless you’re working on the driver’s side wheels of an old MOPAR.

So Friday morning, I scrounged up three screwdrivers, knelt beside my desk, and whispered, “Righty-tight-y, lefty-loose-y.”

But none of the screwdrivers fit. Mr. Fix-It has plenty of power tools, but I don’t know how to use them.

Maybe I can bounce the desk down 13 steps.

But it got wedged in the hallway.

Great. Now look what I’ve done.


About a stuck desk?

God, You made the whole world. Will You help me out of this mess?

Logical thoughts came.

Move it an inch to the right. Flip it on its side. Try the t-shaped screwdriver again.

Miraculously, a few screws came loose.

I slid the desk in the spare bedroom and tried to drag the oak table toward my office. Same thing happened.

I’m going to be stuck here all day. Or fall down the stairs.


Lord, I need You again. Help me.

More ideas came.

For someone who’s never used a screwdriver (well, maybe once or twice) this is quite a feat! 🙂

Then I celebrated with a tall glass of sweet tea and got organized.


I have this feeling God’s leading me into more adventures with Him. My word for 2013 is FOLLOW.

Is He calling you into something new?

The first step always seems impossible.

Take it anyway.

Say, “Help me, God.”

Then be still and listen.




  1. Laughing with you! He is indeed taking us on a great adventure and I’m learning to lean on Him more and more. I pray you are blessed and inspired at your new desk and surroundings! hugs Julie!

    • And our blogging is quite an adventure, isn’t it, Cindy? It’s how you and I met!!!

      I love my new surroundings–and especially the lesson I learned getting them in place.


  2. I love Wednesdays! I get so excited when I see your blog and I laughed out loud so many times. What a wonderful work (the desk and the blog). Awesome, thank you for brightening our day:) Keep on following.

    • I’m laughing, Tom. I actually crawled on top of the desk–not sure why, but I was desperate.

      Maybe that’s when He steps in to help. 🙂

      Thanks for the encouragement. Means so much to know people laugh—and sometimes cry when they read my words.

  3. Anna Haney says:

    Very wise words “That first step appears impossible. Take it anyway and say, “Help, God.”

    Then be still and listen.” Been there, done that. Still doing that. Love ya!

    • Love you, too, Anna.

      I’m telling you, I put off doing this for weeks! Told myself I couldn’t do it. Even during the process, it felt impossible.

      But I’ll never forget that exhilarating feeling of Him working through me, helping me to the end!!

  4. Patricia Martin says:

    Hi Julie,
    I love that you have a new word for each year and “follow”is a great one! I think we all need to follow God, especially as we draw closer to Him and each other!
    Patricia Martin
    P.S. Such a pretty and organized office. You have inspired me to keep my desk neat! (:

    • Patricia, I’m telling you…organization is NOT one of my gifts. I so admire it in others, and when I check out to pay at the grocery store, I get in a panic because I can’t ever find my debit card.

      But for today, this new office feels pretty darn nice. I’m going to work to keep it this way. At least for the rest of the week….but am noticing some notes gathering around me now…

  5. “Take it anyway…” yes! Brilliant! I love how you showed us step-by-step how you ask for God’s help in going about your day. Sometimes its just that spark we need, a moment to slow down and tune into the One who is always by our side, listening. So honored friend, to follow YOU!

    • Vicky, that’s exactly how it happened. It came in the slowwwwwwing down. In being desperate enough to stop and pray.

      In needing Him. When I knew it couldn’t do it on my own.

      Love you. And you’re so right. He’s right by our side. I’m just now beginning to understand this. Took me so many years…


  6. I love to do it myself!! But I don’t always end up successful. LOL You’ve encouraged me, Jewels, to straighten my desk up again … before my edits come in!

    • Send me a picture of your “look”, Ane. It does feel pretty good!!!

      Edits!! Even that must feel wonderful to say.

      Edits. Edits. Pray I’ll be saying it one day too.


  7. Brenda Greene says:

    Ah Julie Girl…Love this post and pictures of your office loft…I can relate. It is very much like mine which could certainly use some “organization” right now! Fortunately don’t need to change out a desk/table just clean out some clutter. Soon, I promise, soon.

    I smiled big at your reference to screwdrivers as it reminded me of recently checking out at Lowe’s and seeing a display for a small electric hand-held screwdriver that was pink no less!! Told hubby I wanted to buy one for myself as I had not been able to locate his in the basement recently when I needed it (another area of organization needed!). He rolled his eyes (as he so often does) but just nodded. I’m loving having my own electric screwdriver and even found a small pink/black pouch to keep it in (lunch bag on sale for $2.00!)…that got an even longer eye-roll.

    I, too, look forward to “Wednesday’s with Julie”…you always brighten my day and most times give me “food for thought”. Thank you Sweet Julie!

    • Brenda, want me to put it on my calendar to double-check with you about your desk?

      My problem, I can overlook clutter. I just don’t notice it if my brain is busy. But I wanted to have a new place–sort of a sacred place to work. Something about an old oak table (which was our old kitchen table!) sounded so….inspiring. Genuine. Real.


      Okay, I want one too. And I had no idea where he kept his and was a little bit afraid of it–even if I’d found it.

      Means so very much to know you look forward to Wednesdays. You’ll never know…

      Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  8. Ahhh….we writers can be a stubborn bunch, huh? Like the time I wanted a sofa moved from the living room to my home office room. Got it all the way to the doorway and it wouldn’t fit through (no screws to take out…this piece of furniture just would NOT go through the doorway). Hubby wasn’t home…I was determined to do this remodeling project on my own (sound familiar?). So I took the sofa out the back door, opened the office window that looks out onto the backyard, and shoved the sofa through that open window. Plopped it onto the floor of the room with a satisfied grin. Upon closer inspection, the material on the back of the sofa had been shredded (the window casing did a number on it), but it was in there! I just stuck the back side along the wall. lol

    Oh, yes, we can be stubborn, but I think that’s a good trait in some respects, as long as we remember when to surrender, accept, and follow. <3 Hugs!

    • NO YOU DIDN’T, B.J.!!!!!!!! I’m grinning all over myself.

      There was this…peace that come over me before I did it…like God would be with me, and even though I don’t do things like this, that He’d help me.

      Soooooooooooooo invigorating to be a DIY-er. 🙂

      And I definitely had to surrender during the process…God, I can’t do this w/out You.

  9. I am always one who has to try it first myself. It doesn’t always turn out well but at least I know I tried! And, I do need to be still and listen. It’s something I tend to forget to do. Thanks for the reminder!

    Your loft redo looks very nice! My heart has always belonged to log cabins.

    • You do???? Eileen! Maybe I’ll start trying things.

      I know I’m not “allowed” to paint anymore. I’ve spilled several gallons of paint. One, in my husband’s truck. :-0

      Thank you. My heart is so at home in my loft office. I look out and see trees, like a bird sitting in her nest. Now I have this new/old table desk. And I’m grateful for what I learned in the process.


  10. Julie, I have a hard time asking for help. Moved entire rooms around using hip action and a throw rug. Just want to get it done, but on reflection, I would have benefited from my husband’s help and definitely God’s direction. Would’ve saved dings in the furniture and aches in my back. Blessings, Bev

    • We’re a lot alike, Bev!!!

      I only scraped on place…on the door…when the desk got stuck.

      Hugs to you and yours. xoxoxo

  11. Oh! How I ♥ your lovely oak table! I am sure your writing will be ever so much more creative sitting in front of that. 🙂
    “Righty tighty, lefty loosey…” Can’t tell you how many times I heard that from my dad, the hubs, & now my sons. Can’t tell you how many times I turn the screwdriver/socket/faucet whichever way it gives the most. <> Pretty sure the mechanical part of my brain is dyslexic! (…and am quite glad that’s not how I have to make my living!)

    • Melody, it was our old kitchen table. I’m just loving it! That’s exactly what I’m thinking–surely sitting here, I’ll have to be filled with constant creativity. 🙂

      So…..you’ve heard that saying? I never had. I know I’ll never forget it. I’ve been whispering it all day today–just because I love the words.

      Thank you for letting me know you understand!


  12. Sandra Walker says:

    I, too, get on the computer for your blog as soon as I’ve had my first cup of coffee. LOVE your writing as much as I always did your mother’s! Maybe a bit more, but don’t tell her! I smile, laugh, cry, and
    ALWAYS know God has spoken! I can’t move stuff around or try things myself the way I used to do (let’s just say “age-related”); I called it determination! I really like your office!!! So glad you put pictures in the blog. Blessings!

    • Makes me smile, Sandra. Yesterday, something weird happened. Just as I was pressing the button for my blog to go live, it fell apart. Had to hurry and re-write it!!! Hope it didn’t arrive late. 🙂

      Bless your sweet heart. You made my day. My week!

      And He only speaks to me when I’m sooooo still and quiet–hushing up my busy mind.

      Thank you for reading and for taking time to peek into my world. I’m lovin’ this new/old desk. It was our old kitchen table.


  13. I think we are birds of a feather. I have so gotten myself in jams like this and had to pray my way out of them!

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