The Driveway to My Heart Part Two

Saturday morning, several people were heavy on my heart. Walking down my DRIVEWAY, I thought about their situations. A broken sobriety. Possible jail time. Infertility. Divorce. Someone feeling beaten down in her job. A young mother, 36, died unexpectedly.

My prayers quickly shifted to, God, hello? Where are You? Have You forgotten?

He didn’t offer any explanations, so put my iPod on and hushed my thoughts.

This song came on.

It was as though I’d never heard it.

As the music played, a feather-soft suggestion landed in my heart.

It seemed ridiculous.


Awkwardly humbling, actually.

Open your fingers.

I glanced at my hands. They were tight like a boxer’s hands. Why should I open my fingers?

I didn’t feel like it.

Open your fingers and stretch out your hands.

Such a silly idea. A tiny act that couldn’t possibly amount to much.

I ignored the thought for a few seconds.

And then that music–those sweet words–their gentle persistence filled me.

When I said yes, when I unfurled my fingers and slowly turned my hands over, opening them toward heaven, I’m telling you the truth.

I felt the Power and the Presence of The Great I Am.

The Great I Am!

The Great I Am!

There was something supernatural in the unclenching of my fists.

And my will.

The power of the song was so much stronger than my concerns. My worries floated up, up, and away.


Here’s where it happened.

This is the very spot where The Great I Am met me.

The place where I opened my hands.

And let go. Again.

Praying for you, my precious friends.





  1. Anna Haney says:

    You never cease to amaze me. Actually, God never ceases to amaze me. This, as usual, has me awash in tears. Like you, I have some friends on my mind. One has major financial issues and a job concern that I afraid may trigger her sobriety. The other is dealing with so many losses–a grandfather, her church family, struggles at work. One is a Christian, the other not, but in both cases, like you, I was starting to wonder where God was in all this. Thank you for this reminder. And Praise be to Him who is working through you to remind me. PATIENCE. SURRENDER.
    Love you

  2. Oh, Anna. Anna. Anna. It’s Him. It’s not me. I’m stubborn. I doubt. I’m afraid. I have pride.

    But when I open my fingers, He fills me. He’s weak when I am strong.

    You’ve got it! You said it all. Patience. Surrender. There’s no other way. Something happens in the heavenlies when we let go.

    Love you. Thank you.

  3. One of my favorite hymns has always been, “How Great Thou Art”. I too, was worrying the other day about a family member and her family, as they struggled with one disappointment after another and a job loss. I continued to pray about them but did not hand my worries over to God. I continued to worry.

    About 4 days later, I received a message from her thanking us for our prayers, because out of the job loss came a much better job with much better pay. I thanked Him for this answered prayer and then realized how much doubt I had held on to. Then those words from this hymn came to me. “With rapture filled, my soul thy name would laud, O mighty God! O mighty God!”

    He is mighty and He is great! Instead of worrying and not handing it all over to Him, I need to remember the words to my favorite hymn, “How Great Thou Art”.

    • You and I speak the same language, Eileen!!!

      And look what happened!!! You get a message that He was faithful to answer the prayers of your heart.

      Even when we don’t pray with perfect faith, surely He hears us.

      XOXO Love that song, too.

  4. That made me weep and worship. Thank you. How I wish we could hold that very moment before our eyes and hearts always!

    • Ane, as I was writing this, I just kept thinking, We don’t have to wait until Sunday mornings at 11 to worship! We can do it anytime. Even on our driveways.

      Love you, my precious friend.

  5. Rita Smith says:

    Thank you for your words, Julie. They touch my heart.

  6. In your comment to Anna you said, “Something happens in the heavenlies when we let go.” So very true. Surrender is key! God and our heavenly family can work wonders in our lives when we let go.

    And this from Eileen’s comment, “I continued to pray about them but did not hand my worries over to God.”

    Get the part: “hand” my worries over to God? Unclench the fist, unfurl the HAND, and open the fingers, just like you did, Julie.

    Loved listening to the beautiful song. Makes me feel close to you on your walk. Love you!

    • Yep, yep, yep, B.J. Something with the HANDING over the worries. I’m telling you, I felt the shift when I opened my fingers.

      How I wish we could walk together. Either in our woods or your beach!!

  7. Beautiful Julie. We are all learning and growing all the time. We learn through prayer. We learn through song. We learn through each other. In this case, all three. Thank you for being YOU.

    • And Meggy-Peggy, thank you for being you. You and I “get” each other, don’t we! Grinning all the way from GA to you.

      Learning and growing ALL THE TIME. I don’t think it ever ends. Hope not!

  8. Sue says:

    Thank you my dear friend.

    XXOO Sue

  9. Oh how this speaks to me! When everything overwhelms- I pull inward- retreat to find protection- curl up into a fetal position spiritually- It is so hard for me to open up to Him- uncurl my fingers and lift my hands to praise- Everything in me wants to shut down and shut out the problems. Thanks for reminding me to stay open and surrendered- expectant and looking for what God is doing and what He will do! hugs Julie

  10. Kim says:

    Wow! Beautiful. All of it. Thanks Julie.

    • You’re so welcome, Kim. Thanks for letting me know you read it and it made a home in your heart.

      Big Blessings!

  11. Sandra Walker says:

    Thank you Julie!!! Have so many family and friend situations that I have asked the same questions lately. Keep getting the same answer: Just trust Me. We never stop learning to do that! Even all the comments are so encouraging! God so speaks through this blog!

  12. Mary Thomas Wilkins says:

    This is lovely! Thanks, Julie.

    • You are soooo welcome, Mary. It means a lot to writers to know someone is actually reading!

      Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  13. Ginger says:

    Wanted you to know God used you today to help me. I’m going through a health crisis this week and have been questioning where my Father is in all this. Tears poured while I read your latest post. My hands are open wide now. Thank you for being obedient to our Father. He used you to help me remember HE is the great I AM. I need not fear.
    I enjoy your blog just as I have enjoyed your lovely mother for many years. God bless you both as you serve HIM.

    • Ginger, we just must be on the same wave length…I understand. I’m lifting you in prayer. You can’t imagine how doubt sometimes hits me before I post.

      Thank you. Going to your blog right now!!

  14. Written (in long-faded pink ink from my college days) in the back flyleaf of my blue leather Bible, are these words:

    “Speak to us, Lord, till shamed by Thy great giving
    Our hands unclasp to set our treasures free;
    Our wills, our love, our dear ones, our possessions,
    All gladly yielded, gracious Lord, to Thee. —Anon.”

    • Melodyyyyyyyyyyyy, I love this. There’s something SO huge in unclasping our hands.

      So grateful this morning, my friend.

      Thank you. Thank you.

  15. Beautiful post, Julie.

    • Thanks, Elizabeth. Hope your morning’s off to a good start. I can just see you in your beautiful, welcoming kitchen!

  16. Oh my, I have a God smile going on…I did not get to see this yesterday due to a crazy work day and I can’t believe that the message God gave to me today was Do you remember where you were when_______? You found this place on yesterday’s post. The Great I AM does draw us to Himself with open hands and open hearts. Just beautiful Julie!! Thank you for sharing! Blessings and openness to the Great I AM!

    • Thank you, Tom!

      That’s exactly right. Open hands means an open heart. I’m finally connecting the two. 🙂

  17. Tricia says:

    Sleep was hard to come by last night. Learning of 2 sudden tragic deaths and of a missing child in the same day, even with prayer and TRYING to give it to the Lord, still wanting to clench my fists and “hang on” . Glad I wasn’t able to read this until this morning, very timely for me Julie. My hands are open now.

  18. Tricia, I’m praying for you. So very sorry…

    There was something so big about opening my hands. It led to the opening of my heart.

    So much love.

  19. And I missed this last week but I need it today, right now when my hands are balled into fists…opening them and letting go…sigh. xo

    • No other way, Rob. I do it at least once daily. Usually a gazillion times daily!! Deep long sighs are good too. 🙂

  20. words. Just a deep Amen.

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