Lord, Bless the Banjo Players

(If you’re receiving this post twice, please forgive me. Some of my dear readers emailed to let me know my blog didn’t arrive as scheduled yesterday. I’m reposting. Blessings on your Thursday! Love to you all.)

Every morning my husband Rick and I start the day out rocking and talking on the front porch having a PORCH PARTY. Sunday morning I was in a talkative mood. Surprise-surprise. 🙂

“Do you ever think much about banjo players?” I said.

“No, can’t say I have.”

“You know that song ‘I Will Wait’ by MUMFORD AND SONS?”


I ran and got my laptop. “Watch this.” I found the song on YOUTUBE. “Most people notice the guitarist or the lead singer, but check out the banjo player. Look at his passion.”

“Um-hmm,” Rick said, rocking slowly while I danced in my chair.



“Good music,” he said. “So, what’s your point about banjo players?”

“Where would we be without them?”

He gave me the woman-I’ll-never-understand-you look.

“Not just banjo players. I mean, quiet people. Background people. The ones who give their best and rarely get noticed.”

“You mean, quiet givers?”

“Exactly. Like people who knit baby booties and hats for the PREGNANCY RESOURCE CENTER where I volunteer. You should see the mamas’ faces when they get a handmade gift.”

Rick nodded. Sipped his coffee.

“I know a woman who paints recovery rocks for AA members. Can you imagine how that must feel? To find out someone cares. Maybe someone you’ve never met.”

“Quiet givers,” he said. “They don’t do it for show.”

“And they can light up a room. Or a life.”


“They have no idea how deeply God’s using them,” I said.

Lord, bless the banjo players–the background people who give quietly.

Because of their faithfulness…

 The rest of us can dance.

Do you know any quiet givers?

(Pic of booties Flickr Angela Schmeidel Randall)

















  1. Katie says:

    You are a quiet giver!! Love you <3

  2. Love you, Katie.

  3. Anna Haney says:

    Katie is right. You are a quiet giver! I hope I am! Have a wonderful day!

    • Anna, you are SUCH an encourager! Which is probably identical to a quiet giver. 🙂

      Hugs, my sweet friend!

  4. Awesome…thank God for quiet givers. He makes His way known through His people…even the quiet.
    Blessings as you gaze in the quietness

    • Thank you, Tom.

      Love what you said. His makes His way know through His people…even the quiet. I’ll remember that.

  5. Brenda Greene says:

    Always wanted to be a “quiet giver” Julie Girl, but I just get too excited when His blessings start pouring in, I gotta share ’em….whether anybody wanted to know about them or not! LOL!

    • Brenda, Sounds like you’re a quiet giver who is also grateful–and doesn’t mind saying so!

      Great big hug to you this morning. 🙂

  6. Your posts so often bless my soul…..thank you for this one.

    • You’re so welcome. Thanks for letting me know it touched your heart. And thanks for sharing it. Love you!!!

  7. Quiet giver–that’s my dear husband. A friend once compared us as a couple: She said that I’m a colorful helium balloon, bouncing all over the place, while Gary is my string-holder. I love that. He’s my quiet giver. 🙂

    • Sitting here going, “um-hmm” Vonda. I understand. Where would we be without string-holders. Love your analogy!

      Thanks for reading and writing and being you. 🙂

  8. Jan Olson says:

    Those booties are so sweet! And the rock is dandy!

  9. My daughter has taken up banjo because of Mumford and Sons. 🙂 But yes, the quiet givers are the ones who bless and bless and bless.

    • Ohhh, Flea, your daughter and I are just Soul Sisters! Can’t believe she was inspired to take up the banjo and loves that very same song as me! 🙂 🙂

      Give her a hug from Julie in Georgia.

  10. Quiet givers are never unnoticed by God. It’s us who are spinning and running through life who must stop and appreciate what is given quietly. Thank you for the reminder!

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