The Driveway to My Heart

For years, I let fear and worry run all over me. Those two wicked step-sisters nearly did me in. Sort of like my walking path. I used to walk the loop that circles through our woods. Last summer, I paid the price–ticks, chiggers, and my first case of POISON IVY. After my poison ivy cleared up, guess what I did? I went right back to the woods. More poison ivy. Crazy, I know. But I can be stubborn.

Finally, I decided no more.

Clyde knows when we walk, we stay away from the loop.

Just like I can’t hang out in the deep woods, I can’t entertain certain thoughts.

Now I walk on our wide gravel driveway.

I listen to music to keep my mind where it belongs.

You know, it’s impossible to worry and praise at the same time.

 My son gave me my first ITUNES gift card for Mother’s Day and downloaded songs for me. Three of my favorites are…

“I Surrender” by Hillsong

“Grit, Sweat, and Love” from JOHN HENRY AND THE RAILROAD , a short film by Whitestone Motion PicturesI fell in love with this song at 12STONE CHURCH. Can’t get enough of it!

“Break Every Chain” by Tasha Cobbs

I always stop at the cross and pray.

Nothing fancy.

“Help me walk with You today,  Lord. Stay close to those I love.”

Every day, I have two walking path choices and two choices in my thought-life.

The dangerous loop through the woods.  Or the wide open driveway.

Faith or fear.

So now…

I walk on the driveway, SURRENDERING.

Because I know what’s it’s like to wander through the woods.

And I don’t want to go back.
















  1. Running back to the driveway from the deep woods this morning…thank you

  2. Thanks Julie. Praying we keep our thoughts on Him and seeking Him along our paths.

  3. Mary Ann Chidlow says:

    Thank you, Julie –

    Words I needed to hear today.

    • You’re so welcome, Mary Ann. Thank you for letting me know you’re reading. And it touched your heart. That’s why I write!!

  4. I love that cross amid the trees. Such a constant beautiful reminder of all our Savior conquered & vanquished there. Such a perfect place to leave the burden of fear.

    • Amen, Melody! I love how you say it–a place to leave the burden of fear. And fear IS a burden. It’s huge. Consumes our worlds. Our lives. Our minds. And we don’t have to carry it!!!!

  5. Ahhhh…sweet, blissful, beautiful surrender. I love how you choose what is good, and you surrender to the path that is right for you.
    Blessings and love.

  6. Listening to Surrender. Surrendering all to Jesus.

    Love you, precious friend.

  7. Brenda Greene says:

    Oh my, Julie Girl…you got my attention! I can SO relate….I also walked a two-mile path thru our woods for many months, and with all the rain recently those little critters have been rabid!! Dabbing ointment on the bites just the other night, I lost count at 39! UGH! It’s been SO easy to sit, let the pounds pile up, and be lazy. No More!!

    Our driveway is a quarter-of-a-mile long and I walk it often to go to the mailbox. Never considered walking it four times to get my two miles in. I also have an i-pod loaded with praise songs and will take it with me.

    Thank you Sweet Friend for just the “nudge” I needed this day!! Keep your thoughts coming, you are always amazing us with your words! Be blessed! Brenda

    • Brenda! I can’t believe this!! Last year I found 5 ticks on me. And sooo many boo-boos. Our driveway is long too. I’m telling you–this has revolutionized my walking. Staying on the SAFE driveway.

      Let me know how your new path works out. As long as our iPods have great music loaded, I think we could walk in circles and do just fine.


      • Brenda Greene says:

        Day four and still walking!! Forgot my i-pod last 3 days but enjoyed the quiet and praying out loud. I expanded past our driveway…we live off a dirt road where only one other house is beyond ours…so have been walking in the middle of that dirt road…walking 30 minutes right now, hope to walk 45 next week. Lots of aches and pains from muscles that have sat too long, walking thru them and amazed at how much better I’m sleeping at night and the energy I’ve got. Thanks for my nudge….!

        • Wo-hooooooo, Brenda!! love how you prayed even though you forgot your iPod. I’m cheering for you!! Let me know how next week goes. I believe you’ll make 45 minutes for sure!

          So much love to you. Cheering from my little loft office in the woods!!

  8. Anna Haney says:

    Oh, how I needed to hear this. My spouse needs to hear this, too. He has so much on him right now that I wish he would surrender. But I am being patient. Thank you dear friend

    • I’m smiling, Anna. It’s such a paradox, isn’t it? When we surrender, we have the grace to let go of others who are still in the process. God’s ways are so different! Amazing how He does that.

  9. Such a great reminder!

    • Thanks, Sherri. Always means so much to know you’re reading. 🙂 XOXOXO And I’ll never forget–your husband sometimes reads my blog too!!

  10. Sue says:

    Those darn woods! It seems I have been wondering around in them for quite sometime. Trying like crazy to surrender. After a trip to my physician yesterday it was the Black Forest the remainder of the day. Today it is surrender….

    Much love to you Julie,


    • I know! Those darn woods, Sue. And I kept going back and back and back–thinking, this time, I’ll be just fine. This time, the mosquitoes won’t eat me up. Etc.

      Sending you prayers and a hug. You said, “Trying like crazy to surrender.” Ohhhhhhhhhh, how I understand. It was HUGE for me. Big time emotional when I finally said, “I give up. I can’t do it without Your help.” I think I let go in bits and pieces. I still surrender every day. No other way for me. But oooooooh what happens on the other side of surrender………..:-)

      Love right back to you. Thank you for letting me know this touched your heart.

  11. Vicky says:

    Julie- there is such triumph in this scenario and I love where it takes you. I feel the power in your words and sigh when I feel the sense of peace that always follows that surrender. Learning right along with you!

    • Vicky, I’m smiling down to my toes–that YOU feel what my heart feels. 🙂 🙂 That’s my goal as a writer. To share my heart.

      We gotta stay on this surrender path together. No Other Way to make it.

  12. Love this. Yes, we all have choices every single minute of the day. Thaks for the reminder.

    • You’re so welcome, Pinky. I fought this for years…didn’t even know what I was fighting.

      Thank you, my friend. You understand. ~~

  13. I always get a word of encouragement or a lift form your posts, Julie. This time it was both. I’ve got to drive out there and walk that beautiful drive with you.

    • Ohhh, Ane, you should. We’ll put on our sunscreen and take off! Thank you for letting me know you’re reading. Means sooo much. XOXOXO

  14. “Think what you’re thinking about” is what Joyce Meyer says. It’s so true how unruly our mind can be, going down paths it oughtn’t too, running here and there willy nilly. I love that we actually can choose the path our mind takes. This post says it beautifully.

    • Amen, Elizabeth!! That’s it. My mind is prone to misbehaving. I’ just now (after turning 50) realizing I can choose my thoughts!

      Thank you. Thank you.

  15. Julie,

    Love your blog and I really love this post…boy did I need this today! thank you !


    • Thank you, Donna. This makes me so happy–to know that what I believe God is leading to me share, people understand. Yay!!!!!!!!!

      Your encouragement blessed me, big time.


  16. Sandra Walker says:

    It is so amazing how God speaks through every post of yours – right down to the details of paths, crosses, gardenias, music, everything! Your posts mean so much to me as He speaks to me every week through your words and pictures! THANK YOU!

    • Sandra, we’re just two peas in a pod, aren’t we. Soul Sisters, for sure!

      These comments ALWAYS make me tear up. Because it means God is faithful. And He cares. And when I write as He instructs, He’s working.

      You blessed me today. Thank you. Praise You, Lord.

  17. Take every thought captive … what a great reminder! Thank you. 🙂

  18. Love this! It is impossible to worry and praise at the same time! AND it is our choice. Sometimes it feels like I have to worry- I’m locked into a certain way of thinking. Thanks for pointing out He gives us good paths to walk and directs our steps! Love ya Julie! hugs

    • I know, I know, Cindy. I couldn’t believe it when that Truth hit home. I felt like, really, I should have known this–we can’t worry and praise at the same time.

      I know also–that heavy feeling of, I have to worry, like surely God is soooo honored by my….worry. How ridiculous. It’s like saying, Surely He likes it that I don’t trust Him–and I think I can do a better job.

      Love you right back. And love Bethany too! Wish I could meet her.


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