Message in the Morning Light

Early one morning last week, I began writing in my prayer journal. I’ve been praying about several requests for years. Sometimes I’ll just list the first names of people on my heart. Or one word of a situation. That morning I wrote out my list in a long line and whispered, “You know, God. Same things I always pray.”

My mind began to drift. And doubt.

I don’t understand Yours ways. Looks like all You’d have to do is….

I made a few suggestions as though maybe He’d gotten confused. Or forgetful.

Leaning back in my recliner, a long rectangular beam of morning sunlight fell across my journal.

We’d had rain for several days–first day of morning sunshine in a while.

Studying the of light on my journal, my heart felt warm–you know, that gentle way God gets your attention.

What are You saying? I’m listening.

With only a flicker of faith, I snapped a picture hoping if I captured the light, I’d understand His message.

Deep in my heart, it seemed He spoke something like this:

If I revealed the answers to your prayers right now, you couldn’t handle the glory.

It would be too much for you. Too bright.

I know what’s best. I haven’t forgotten.

Trust Me, My child. I’m Your Father.

I noticed the Scripture at the bottom of the page, and the way the little girl is skipping.

Full of expectancy and joy.

“Okay, Lord. I get it. Thank You. Back to dancing in slivers of Light and trusting.”

Do you have a prayer request? I’d love to pray for you.



P.S. Thank you, Roberta,  for this prayer journal. See how much I love it! XO



  1. This week some unanswered prayers have been like a cobra squeezing and wrenching my heart. Thank you for this post. It really touched me where I am. xxoo

    • Oh, I know that cobra feeling, Marie. I’m lifting you in prayer right now, my friend. I’m so grateful I was still and quiet long enough to hear Him…

      Love to you today.

  2. Thanks. I needed to read this. By the way, would you share what the prayer journal is? Would love to get one.

    • Thanks, Christa. I LOVE this journal. A writer friend gave it to me. It’s made by Dayspring. It’s called “Butterfly Journal” number 57838. Every page has a scripture listed. Let me know if you need a picture of the cover.

  3. Leigh Ann says:

    I’ve had that answer too! The “Trust me, Small One…you can’t handle it; I’m too big” answer.

    And I think God loves to answer prayers right in time for Easter. First crucifixion–His and ours–and then Resurrection–His and ours. I believe it’s the season of Resurrection and God is moving…it’s up to us to allow the Crucifixion in our own lives to then allow Him to resurrect us, ya know? I LOVE this season.

    Thinking of you! Coffee soon? Love you.


    • Love your words, Leigh Ann. SMALL ONE. Love it, love it!

      I hadn’t even thought about it being right before Easter. Happy Tears now. XOXO

      Yes, coffee soon. Talked to Ricci yesterday. She wants to too. She said she’d talk to you about a good time.

  4. slivers of light…love that Julie, and if we keep dancing in the slivers of light, perhaps, just perhaps we’ll find ourselves moving forward…sliver by sliver, without even knowing we’re close to where we wanted to be all along. It’s the journey not the destination isn’t it?
    love you and dancing, although slowly, right along with you my friend.

  5. Good morning, Julie! Your post blessed me (after it pointed a finger & convicted me…) 😉

    The doubting me always says, “I don’t understand Yours ways. Looks like all You’d have to do is….”

    “I made a few suggestions as though maybe He’d gotten confused. Or forgetful.” — ha! I’m always dropping hints for Him, leaving little notes here & there; hoping He’ll figure it out so I can stop nagging Him.

    Oh! but the revelation glory WOULD be too much for these poor earthly eyes, wouldn’t it?

    • Thank you, Melody, for your rich words. I’m um-hmmming with you right now. I love “poor earthly eyes.”


  6. Julie- I love this! I want to live- dancing in the slivers of light! Wow! hugs and thanks

    • Hugs right back to you, Cindy…my new friend. Thanks for understanding this one and “hearing the music” ~~

  7. Great to see how He reminds us He is there and we can trust in His will and His light! Thank you Julie!

  8. Anna Haney says:

    As you know, the last six weeks have been very trying for me and not just because of the surgery. I am very concerned about my mom’s health right now. It’s to the point where I feel there is nothing I can do but pray and it’s one of those circumstances in which I do not know how to pray or what exactly I am praying for. And for some reason, (well, I know it’s Satan) it seems like God is away from me now. It’s like He’s telling me “honey, I love you, I’ve got this, but I have to be in Rome with the Cardinals right now. Don’t sweat it.” And while that seems funny, and slightly accurate. in many ways, I feel someone who managed to catch a lifeboat from the Titanic and now I am adrift in the icy Atlantic, clinging desperately to the hope that help is coming. This is temporary.
    At the same time (and this just hit me) it’s like when I went to Waimea Canyon in Hawaii. We arrived to find it covered in misty clouds. Then slowly,. He lifted the clouds a layer at a time, telling me, “honey, I knew if you saw all this majesty at once, it would be too much for you to take in. So I’m showing it to you a little at a time.. SAVOR IT. I AM HERE.” Maybe that it what he is telling me now

    • So beautiful, Anna. I LOVE your words…and I think you’re right…what He’s telling you. Surely He’s here with us too.

      Praying daily for you.

  9. Thank you so much for this, Julie! We all struggle with doubt and when my prayers go unanswered, that tends to be the time my doubt arises. One prayer that has gone unanswered for a long time, has caused me to question and I do not like to do that. But, reading what you wrote today, bolsters my reassurance that God knows best and His timing is always perfect. All we need to do is TRUST!

    • Ohhh, thank you, Eileen. Sounds like your faith rose just like mine. Means soooo much to know our hearts are connecting with His. XOXO

  10. Sandra Walker says:

    LOVE this one!!! We have three situations that we don’t understand, have been going on a LONG time, and He just says trust me. I like the saying about dancing in the rain, but your phrase dancing in the slivers of light really spoke to me! We have had just a sliver lately and I didn’t feel like dancing. I had seen several things about a particular dance lately and now I get it! Have to help my mother today – so I’m dancing off to Tucker! Thanks, Julie!

    • Hey, Sandra. Hope your dancing day has been good. And isn’t our sunshine gorgeous!! Hope y’all got to eat at Matthews.

      Thanks for letting me know you “got” this one.

      Keep dancing, my friend. No other way, is there!

  11. The light shines in you and on you, Julie. Thank you for sharing the light!

  12. Brenda Greene says:

    Sweet Julie….what a difference a sunny day made in my heart, too! Hubby went to his nearby “fishing hole”, I pulled out some Bill/Gloria Gaither Gospel Videos from the 1990’s and had my own personal praise session while working on a 1,000 piece puzzle in that glorious sun!

    Prayer requests? Did I have any? Can’t remember! I was praising Him out loud, singing along with Vestal Goodman, and at that moment…all my prayers seemed to have been answered! Amazing!

    Thanks for sharing your heart! Brenda

    • Ohhhh, how precious, Brenda. I loved reading this. Singing and praising your prayers to Him!! So beautiful. And thanks for sharing your heart too!


  13. Thank you, Julie for sharing this. The scripture at the bottom of the page is His message!!!!!!!!!!!! He speaks to us in so many ways. Sometimes it is a simple sliver of sunlight!!! Please, if you have time, say a little prayer for me. Going through some tough times right now. XO, Pinky

    • I’m smiling from the bottom of my soul, Pinky–just loving how that Scripture was your message. I’m praying, my friend. He knows and He understands all the details.

      Big hug to you right now… XO

  14. Shelley Elaine says:

    Thank you so much for sharing such an encouraging message! I have definitely felt His presence through the warmth of the sun before, too…and am facing the 16th year of praying for a lost loved one…thank you for breathing hope into my weary prayer life once again.

    • Oh, Shelley. My heart is lifting your loved one in prayer right now. Thank you for having the faith to even type the request. I’m praying for this one who is so dear to you and to our Father.

      All my love,

  15. Yes, He has to remind me (more often than I want to admit) that He has things under control and it’s my job to trust Him.

  16. Roberta Messner says:

    It thrilled me to see you using that journal, Julie! Love your words and you. Roberta

  17. Georgia says:

    Hi, Julie! Once again, your blog speaks to me. I printed it out and am going to paste it in a book in which I keep writings that inspire and help me. Love the journal too – on my l ist of things to purchase. Weekend blessings to you!

  18. And Georgia, your comment speaks to me. And makes me say, “Thank You, Lord. Your Light shining on my prayer journal brought a message.”

    🙂 Hope you can find the journal!!


    • Georgia says:

      Hi, Julie! I found the journal at Books A Million. It was 30% off and I got another 10% off with my membership card!! I got the jounal and a bargain to boot.. 🙂

      • Wonderful, Georgia. You will absolutely love it! Thanks for letting me know. I just wrote on the last page of mine. I should get a new one. 🙂

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